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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Digital- Ranger's Kamen Rider Ghost adaption

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I don’t know somehow I manage to write a bunch here (BUT DON’T EXPECT THIS anytime SOON) but I manage to basically make my own version of Kamen Rider Ghost. The reason why I did it was that Ghost was such a bad show that I wanted to try to write my own Ver. of ghost for my own webcomic 1 day. Now keep in mind this is I just used the names and terms of the ghost cast because I didn’t feel like creating new names and this adoption idea took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Also, give me some feedback on this so I can grow as a writer (AND don’t point out spelling and grammar errors I know I gotta fix for sure). Hope you enjoy this and again still do not expect any new post anytime soon.

"For thousand's of years the elite Ganma task force that their sole duty is to conquer the world for they have always just done it (more on that later) The the main character is Prince Alain with the current most powerful weapon the Necrom Mqega Uloader. However 1 day his younger brother Adel announces he will be taking over as the next king and not him vanishing him to another planet, that planet is Earth. On Earth, he meets a Buddhist Priest named Takeru Tenkuji who befriends him and let him stay at his house. Besides Takeru, there is also his best friends,  Akar Tsukimura, and Onari Yamanouchi. All of a sudden The Ganmas coming in to attack. Alain now with his leadership removed will be killed the Ganma's. Before that happens he meets a man by the name of Sage who gives Alain a prototype of the Necrom Mqega Uloader the Ghost Driver. With the Ghost Driver, he becomes Kamen Rider Ghost protecting Earth and his friends.On his journey, he also uses the Legendary Eyecons of past and great Ganma warriors who weaponry were placed into the Eyecons. The Ganma's can only attack once a week because they see Ghost (and don't know it's Alain because Adel makes sure his father does not know it's Alain) as a spec and just a small obstacle in their way. But when Adel starts to grow impatient and sends out one of the Ganma's most powerful weapon's Makoto. Makoto is a chaotic evil man for he has the most powerful warrior Makoto, a powerful man who has committed all of the 7 deadly sins but is then recruited by alien and they become partners to fight against Adel. His Brother Adle has finally had enough of it and decides to finish things off once and for all with Alaina's old more powerful Necrom Mqega Uloader and proves to be powerful. BUT through the show it's shown (just like a Shonen anime/ manga) Alain is fighting the odds with the less powerful Ghost Driver against the clearly superior Mqega Uloader evolves and changes becoming a more powerful person by using his "Human Potential" and becoming a Kamen Rider Ghost Grateful. Alain takes the Necrom Mqega Uloade for himself so the Mqega Uloade won't be used for evil again. Aldel is now pissed by losing so much and goes crazy killing off his dad, mom, and almost his sister but being saved by The Sage who is then found out to be their grandfather. Adel makes a new plain giving Makoto a new Eyecon called the Deep Specter Eyecon becoming Kamen Rider Deep Specter. at first, they think this is all weird with Makoto getting an Eyecon from Adel but it is soon revived after being used to transformed with 7 times there is another Makoto created by the Deep Specter Eyecon. Clone Makoto is the manifest if his own sins formed into an Eyecon which then real Makoto fights his clone it becomes a whole new monster all tougher. Real Makito realizes that the true path to redemption is accepted your sins but learning from them to not do them again and become a better person. His deep Specter Eyecon becomes the shin Specter Eyecon and he defeat clone Makoto The series final battle is Ghost Mugan, Specter Shin, and the Kamen Sentai Necromgers (with Takeru as Necrom Green and his other friends with Jabel and Alain's sister being apart of the other Necromgers) to fight against Adel. Adel is defeated but something pops out just after he said help brother. What comes out of Adel is The Great Eyezereye explains that it was a being that constantly drifted through space until there grandpa capture it for the good of their people however it wanted revenge and after decades of waiting it attacked and the grandfather was too weak to continue fighting so when it took over Adel he was the one to rescue Alain. The Great Gamanizer was throughout the whole show pulling all of the strings for it got tired of getting used as the Ganma's power source for everything. The Great Eyezereye implanted itself into Adel but intended to implant itself into their dad but missed. The Great Eyezereye made all of Adel's impulses come true (it was how Adel still felt throughout the show but The Great Eyezereye cropped his vision and just saw all of the negatives of life). The final battle happens with the Riders and The Great Eyezereye with  The Great Gamanizer taking everyone out with ease. Alain uncouncious sees his brother in a white room and he says he is sorry for everything he has done and want his to defeat the Gamanizer and that was the final push for Alain to defeat the Gamanizer. Hemanage to defeat the Gamanizer giant form and before he defeats him he spares the Gamanizer showing him that people can change and grow and the Gamanizer just to then betray Alain. BUT Alain knew something like this would happen and Alain proceeds to finish off Gamanizer once and for all by human potential. In the end, Alain and the rest of his friends leave earth to make a brand new world where he becomes king with finding a new source of power for him and his race. it's a difficult one but they know they will find one some day and the final shot is Alain seeing his brother in a ghost form and Adel saying he is sorry for all of the bad he committed as his soul moves on to the next life".

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