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Friday, December 12, 2014

Super Hero Taisen review

When this movie was first announce if you either new to Tokusatsu or forget the hype there was for this movie let me take you back in time when this was first announce, this was the first time ever in movie history there is finally a crossover between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (if you don't count the Mask Rider and Power Rangers team up for MMPR season 3 that is) and it really happen when Decade and the Shinkenger. There was a tremendous amount of hype towers this movie, this happen after the anniversary seasons and the Super Hero time block (the block that runs both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. and when it aired it was rather with mix feelings, some people calling it not so bad and others calling it worst of the worst movie there is, it has been over 2 years since this movie have aired and there have been 2 more movies that shared the Taisen name and it's time to see is it really bad or is this film better than the sequels or worst then it's sequels.

The movie begins with Marvelous fighting against the 7 legendary riders (Ichigo, Nigo, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon and Stronger) and already we have a problem with the movie you see looking at the statics of things a rider is more powerful than a single Ranger, but a team tho can defeat a Rider tougher but the key word being TOUGHER and we have Marvelous fighting the Legendary 7, the Legendary 7 oldest riders there is, the Legendary 7 that have defeated a giant monster on their own WITHOUT a giant robot and these 7 have been fighting for DECADES. Also this fight scene proves what the movie will be a lot of taking out of waves and waves of riders and Sentai teams alone and on their own and this could have been awesome seeing the struggle a Rider and Sentai could have done to try and fight back against the Rider or Sentai but no it's like a dynasty warriors and it's just Decade and Marvelous doing all of the work. Also how did Marvelous get the powers of Bioman and Kakuranger, in the end of Gokaiger the Gokaiger give back the powers of all of the past Sentai powers back to them, Marvelous then  defeats them and are absorb into a purple vortex of purple power and sating all Riders must die. Decade appear and says that all Sentai must die also why didn't Decade stop Marvelous from attacking his fellow riders to falling to their doom in a war where they need everyone to stand a chance (DUCH).

We then cut to Kamen Rider Fourze (Fourze was the Rider show of that year and the fandom has mix feeling about the show and I'm admitting I lost inters and then just skipped the show in general) with his supporting cast when the Zangyack empire appears not to far off from them and now re named the Dai Zangyack empire and then their grunts come and Fourze fights off the grunts when Marvelous appears and says he want the Rider ultimate power Fourze thinking's friendship (but it's not) and then the 2 fight. Marvelous switch into Denjired and Fourze into Elek states then Majired and Fire states, another problem in Fourze the Fire State can absorbs fire and Majired creates a fire phoenix attack and it knocks Fourze out, Fourze is then surrounded by more Zangyack foot soldiers but is quickly saved with the rest of the Gokaigers come, they ask the obvious question "why are the Riders the enemy of the Sentai?" he doesn't give a clear answer and we see older monster suites from past Sentai series and the most notable of these enemies is Bio Hunter Silva from Bioman and Warz Gill.

We are then Go-Busters part of the movie (Go-Busters was the Sentai airing that year and Go-Busters is most notably known for having the worst ratings in Super Sentai at that point and would not even get a Power Rangers adaption. also note I said at that Point, we will get to that latter) and with Showa Rider monsters Decade appears and...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, O GOD LOOK AT TSUKASA HIAR, THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS PEOPLE. Tsukasa is now the leader of Dai Shocker and alongside him is DR.G (a showa era villain form Kamen Rider V3 but is an in caginess Narutaki) and I do admit seeing his performance is a very funny over the top performance that is given and is good to watch (also his design is a redesign of the Showa era costume). Then Decade fight the Go-Busters as Faiz but fail and then we are shown the biggest debate of all when Decade turns into Kabuto he matches the same speed as Red Buster who is also super-fast but not getting into that since people have talked about it for so long. Then the Gokaigers come to the rescue, again. Decade gets ride of Goaki Yellow, Pink, and Silver leaving just Blue and Green. Also I wana touch apron something we see the Orphnoch King with them, and he's like dead and yes I'm taking time out of the review to point out the faults Kamen Rider Faiz has.

Then we are in the world of Kamen Rider OOO (pronounce O's) with 4 Buredoran! There is a difference from bringing back old enemies and then there is just time traveling. Alongside with OOO is also Hina his love like inters, and also with OOO is Birth and Proto Birth his 2 panther riders but both of them and OOO are destroy also this fight with OOO and the Goseiger monsters describe a majority of fights in the movie being to close up and can't see a thing and is to cluttered and to fast paste. Marvelous is smart to remember that OOO power comes from the Core metals that Hina has and then tries to destroys them but Kamen Rider Diend/ Kaito comes in and saves her.

Then both Joe and Doc meet up with both Kaito and Hina and these 4 are the main part of the movie and they discuss after a violent encounter with both parties that Tsukasa and Marvelous are killing off the Riders and Sentai and this scene with the 4 is a good scene with both of them Joe missing Marvelous and Kaito missing Tsukasa, and it comes a bit more of a bromance with Joe and Marvelous.

We are then into the Goseiger world where the Goseiger die just now and we have the best fight of the movie with Decade Vs. Marvelous it is really cool to see similar themes fight against one another like Blade Vs. Spade Ace, Hibiki Vs. Battle Japan, and finally Ryuki Vs. Gekired.

Back on the Gokai Galleon the 4 after another good moment have to find Akaranger (the very first red Sentai ranger) because that is what Marvelous said to Joe before they left. they try to figure out a way to get Akaranger but the Goranger was already defeated and they can't go back in time because the Timerangers were already defeated, so how do they go back to get Akaranger, Den-O cameo. no joke they use Den-Liner to go back and the really serves as a cameo for the Imagin from Den-O.

They then get Akaranger and bring him back into the future where him and the remaining Sentai teams and Kamen Rider Ichigo with the remaining Riders both say they cannot coexists with one another so they fight where it's just Ichigo and Akaranger but the plot Twist happens and it's really Decade and Akaranger. Also wana comment on something here, How Did GOKAI RED KNOW THE EXACT PLACE AND TIME THAT THE OTHERS WOULD ARRIVE AT TO PICK UP AKARANGER. AND ALL SENTAI MEMES OF GOING BACK IN TIME WERE GONE AS WELL SO HOW!?

Then it's just a battle between just Marvelous and Tsukasa with Joe and Kaito trying to stop them but it fails and both of the blues are dead, or it seems like it. After another fight both of them tire each other out. and then it's reviled that the Dai Zangyack and Dai Shocker have been working tougher this whole time and use Tsukasa and Marvelous to get rid of the Riders and Sentai so that both army's to rule the world. And they do this by combining both of their ships tougher to create a giant robot (fun fact that monster design is from the original Kamen Rider Manga I could not find a picture of it tho but if you find it let me know). They start this process but then stopped by both Marvelous and Tsukasa and they were on in on it the whole time. So your saying to yourself "WAIT so THEIR WAS NO ARGUMENT AT ALL?" and I answer yes and no, yes there is an argument between these 2 but I need to explain, the line that the conductor when he said "a place in the world" line refers to when the Kamen Rider time slot was moved to during Stronger and was replace by Gorangers (I'm not making any of that up by the way this is what happens).

And all of the Sentai and Riders come out of that world and did not really die but transported to another world and fight the Dai empires with the assistants of Fourze and the Go-Busters. Fun Fact that shot with all of the Riders and sentais that got a award for most student men ever, a total of 485 people in 1 spot.

And now a giant battle insides with all of the Rider & Sentais against the Dai armies. and a montage with the faction groups then battles with each show and their airing year like Hibiki and the Magirangers, Den-O and the Gekirangers, Kiva and the Go-Ongers, latter with Decade and the Gokaigers, Black and Makman fighting Shadowmoon (I will rant about that another time with Shadowmoon being back by the way). And now Kaito decides to put tougher the 2 piece logos to make the giant robot (cauz he if fed up with Tsukasa actions which make sense in this movie and the show) and it's HUGE, how HUE, it's so HUGE it can hold a stander size Mech in its hand, that HUGE.
Before I get to the final battle with the 2 mechs OOO give his Core metals to the Gokaigers and they then turn them into OOO Ranger Keys of his different forms and I really don't know how that happens and finish off Silva with a Tajadoru charge. This was really wasted poetical because we could have seen Rangers fight with the Power of Kamen Rider in suite form but no just use for a finisher move, also cool seeing all of OOO forms fight tougher. The them card riders with cards from the Goseigers defeat Dr. G and he reviles he is Narutaki and proving he is one of the biggest troll in Kamen Rider.

The Go-Busters are on sight to use their mecha but Yellow-buster is out of the fight and Fourze takes her place with the help of his super rocker switch and Super Drill Switch and taking that giant robot to space 9screwing science) and then defeats by it by going to Saturn using the gravity force of Saturn ring to then go and drill kick the giant robot back to earth totally screwing all law of physics & gravity (and I don't know 1 thing about physics and gravity). This should feel awesome and over the top but here it does not I guess it would be the whole gravity and physics I was talking about early.

The movie ends with Eiji reuniting, Marvelous making up with the Gokaigers, Tsukasa and Kaito making up in their own way (and yes Kaito survive after piloting that giant robot and it's destruction and I will so bitch and rant about that when I review Gaim and you see why), And Fourze teaching the Go-Busters his signature pose.

Overall I give the first Super Hero Taisen movie 2.5/5 just average.
Just because I gave a low score for this movie doesn't mean I hate this movie entirely it had a giant problem from the begging and that would be the plan. I man only Decade and Marvelous fought and vanish all of the Sentai and Riders but the big problem is like one of their monsters attack the Riders/ Sentais instead of them. another being the little use of charters there is and just action, action and more action and little plot, epically if you look up the writers that did this movie has done more Rider then Sentai, and of course it just dumb from a lot of more problems. And i can look pass that since there is some decent action, good charter interaction when there is, and just wanted to see what was in it. So from me it gets a pass from being the worst movie there is.
Next time on Supero Hero Taisen month is Super Hero Taisen Z the movie that declare better than this movie, also featuring the Metal Heroes, and quite possibly the most awesome finisher of ALL TIME.

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