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Monday, June 5, 2017

Gekisou Sentai Carranger Review Part 3

The Music
No Surprise from me Carranger has a funky beat to it since funk is like the same a goofy which i was expecting from this show. that's not to say it's bad but I knew I would hear something like this.
The Opening Full Accel best describes the show with a funky feeling and also be a ear worm with the tone. Giga formula theme is very funky very quick feeling with ready to go feel.Signalman’s theme Shirobai Yarou Signalman is what you would expect from a police officer themed suite being and is satisfying as well with it's horns and  drum beat. Vehicle Trailer giving off a grand feeling of power or feels like you are hearing the Russian national anthem. The only real songs i have a real complain about i the Songs that Dappu sings because well it sounds like a little kid is singing them is the thing

If the music did anything Right it was the BGM's are all fantastic giving off a very Heroic feeling and it gives off the feeling the Heroes are gonna win with no sweat and I could even see this this being used in other shows as well. RV Robo's theme Gekisou Gattai!! RV Robo is super catchy/ funky with the keyboard that steals the scene and could even sound like it would come from a SNES Game. Digital-Ranger's Jukebox Recommendation: VRV Robo theme Zettai Shouri Da! VRV the beginning lyrics are basically saying we are going to be victorious and it gives off this victorious feeling, it get's you pumped and ready for battle.

The Good
The  Mecha Fights
While the Mecha as i said before are not the best design the fights themselves are amazing and some of the best Mecha fights for it's time. For Example you get a lot of fancy and experimental things like different Camera shows, wire shots, a Mecha on Mecha fight, Mecha fights underwater, not to mention the Mecha fights themselves last for a long time. it's not like today here you get Mecha for 1 minute and the fight is over. You get full fleshed out fights with the Mecha and you see it in all of it's glory.

VRV Master,
VRV was pretty awesome, a lone wolf Mentor for the Carrangers,While yes granted he had a ton of questionable at times like leaving the earth because of the bright sun. His decisions it paid off in the end with the Rangers learning from what VRV Master aside and the understood and helped move the Carrangers to keep going forward. well that and also he also did it for his son which hat is just sweet.

Red Racer and Zonnette relationship
This was by far the greatest thing from the show. And again this golden gem with some mature o it was covered in the goofy comedy of the show, I still can't believe it! From going from blind love to going to anger to finally love but want to know the person first this was handy beautifully. Unlike (insert what bad relationship in Tokusasu you can think of here (I am going with Jake and Gia from SMF).

The Bad
The Comedy
I know this one is a more subjected option here BUT the comedy did not do it for me. I said it before and I will say it again but the comedy of the how just did not do it for me. while yes I would enjoy Yoshio Urasawa writing in Abaranger I just did not enjoy i here, and the worst part about this is that I can no describe why the comedy is so bad because it is well COMEDY AFTER ALL!
disk 6 episod 35

The Designs
Just about all of the design of the show are BAD. I truly mean i with most of these designs being awful. the designs of the heroes I already went into detail with over complexity but the villains are also bad if not worst looking than the hero designs. the Design of the villains are bad with them looking ugly with such a grim look which I think that is what they wanted. up ended up being like an adult animated show levels of ugly, you know the one I am talking about. pushing the boundaries of what they can get away with and just looking like pure sin because the art director and the comedian thought it was funny but turned out to be the stuff of nightmares with Animation that is beyond Lazy out can basically count the Frames of animation. But if you don't know what I am talking about then just look a bad Fox or Adult Swim original animated program.

The Bowzock
disk 6 episode 33 for the image even an episode with them as idiots
The Bowzock sucks and are freaking idiots! while RitchRitchhiker and Exhaus  were good villains for the show, I like no one else from the show.while yes funny villains but I did not find them funny I found them stupid and annoying when they were on screen. and did not accomplished a thing in fact they lost more valuable resources like losing RV Robo  the Carrangers. The only why they won was through sure luck in the final episode and help from Exhaus and if he was not there then the Carrangers would have beat them.

The Grey Area
The Charters
The charters are not horrible I am getting that out of the way right now! They are not insulting or anything like that, but They just don't do heck of a l except red because of course #AllHailRedRanger! Which is a shame with Red having a good relationship, Yellow being a tomboy and Dappu being a child mentor and Blue being quite frankly a good charter. But all of them are also flat as paper which that sucks and by far the most disappointment aspect of Carranger.

Final Verdict
This show is just OK
Carranger is a mix bag for me since this show had moments, very good moments at time and you would not expect it from a show like this. But to get to that 2nd half you have to endure a boring first half which may may not be funny depending on your tease with a lot of nothing happening. It must feel awful binge watching and even worst if you were watching I a week by week. But like I said his show is Ok. It's fans and supporters and I can see why people would like Carranger. But also at the same time I can see people easily see people getting frustrated with anger to worse this show at the same time.

But I did give it an OK after all because HEY sometimes a show doesn't have to be the greatest show of all time or even the worst show of all time sometimes a show can be OK or down right middle of the road for people. But regardless I was more than glad to support Shout Factory with me giving them my money if it means more Sentai like Megaranger.
So now some impotent news I am taking the summer off because I have some major back issues. to summon it up with my back problems are this. My Back Bone is crunching nerves I have and to cure it i need needles to cure it. and to help the process I will need to be a couch potato to properly heal my back.

I'm getting the injections soon and as such I am taking all of the summer off because I lean in front of my computer while typing these reviews. Well that and also my computer is also not working for some reason and it will be 3 weeks before it is fixed. I was able to do this review with the help of my baby sister laptop. Now I am also not sure how long I I'll be taking these needle injections for but until my back and legs are fully healed I am done with review for a while. until when i return I will start up the review for Power Rangers Turbo.

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