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Monday, February 27, 2017

Digimon Tri: Loss Review

YUP we are now already HALY WAY THERE done with Tri movies and SO much stuff was in this movie so let just start this review (I could not come up with a proper intro this movie).

Part 1
Tri Loss begins with begins with something different. It begins with the original Digi-Destined, yes the very first original 5 Digi-Destined are here. Which also confirms that both Maki and Daigo really were MAYBE the original Digi-Destined which is not concrete evidence of that now. ALSO even Daigo had GOGGLES! Wich really does make Masaru the only one not to have goggles. The original Digi-Destined are fighting aginst THE DARK MASTERS!? it's been forever since I last watched Digimon Adventure so I thought that the Dark Masters were created when the Digi-Destined left the Digital World, AGAIN I could be wrong. The Dark Masters are about to finish off that is until Maki is possessed by the light, the same light that possessed Kari from Adventure.

I should now talk about the original Digi-Destined Digimon partners now. From what we see they are Megdramon with Maki, Loaderleomon for Daigo and the other 3 are Hippogriffomon, Orochimon and finally Triceramon. Miraculous instead of them about to die they are turned into the Digimon Sovereigns. Although The Digimon solvers have no prior form (except for Orichimon becoming Ebonwumon, that is fact from DigimonWiki). Megadramon is the only one who does not become a Sovereign but instead becomes a ball of energy that defeats the Dark Masters.

Back to present day, the Adventure Digi-Destined's reunite with their Digimon. it goes surprisingly well as they all get along with one another quite well, well that is except for Sora Yokomon. The reason why is that Sora steps on Yokomon's hair which she gets mad at her. This is Sora's arc in the movie Sora trying to be best friends with Yokomon again well that and also 1 more thin.

Sora needs to take better care of herself and yeah it was more so said in the previous movie and she just needs to express how she feels. Which is true for her charter since Adventure thinking about other people before herself. Now Yokomon/ Biyomon seem harsh to Sora in the movie BUT it's understandable, I mean first impressions are an important thing. And if someone steps on my head for of course my first impressions are WHY you bastard? It's made only worse when everyone is getting all buddy, buddy with one another while Sora and Yokomon are at a strange relationship.

In some bushes, Meicoomon sees all of the Digimon with their partners and she feels sad and wishes that Meiko was with her still. The others see Meikoomon but she escapes. Tai decides that although she caused a reboot the others are determined to after her for Meiko's sake, and Part 1 ends with everyone going back into their Rookie form.

Before I begin part 2 I should say this, when everyone is eating I swear in this scene Izzy was saying how awesome Oolong tea is. It felt like I was watching a commercial for Oolong Tea and just how amazing it is to drink that stuff.

Part 2
Agumon on a log, nothing of importance at all. But just looked funny to me.

Meicoomon is still upset that Meiko is there with here and goes in a berserk-like state which somehow summons a Machinedramon (more on that in a moment)? He attacks, Tai and the others just assume that there Digivices would make their Digimon Ddigivolve, but nothing happens. Machinedramon shoots at the Digi-Destined's but instead of dying for some reason, they are all transported away from one another (for some reason). And this is where the title of this movie comes from, Loss as in like the TV show Lost! Although I never saw a single episode of lost, mostly due to never being a fan of JJ Abrams and his whole Mystory Box gimmick he has. and when everyone is separated Maki arrives in the Digital World for some reason.

Digo is wondering where Maki is to ask where-where Meko strumbled upon that Maki has been working on trying to reboot the digital world. The reason why Maki is doing this is because she wants her partner Tapirmon back. Maki has been feeling this way for partly forever because when both Daigo and Maki were adults in college she was looking for a way to bring back Tapirmon. Daigo tells her to just stop and move on with like, he can't bare to see her like this. He feels sorry for her and he asks why can't h be her new partner? Increasable sappy line yes and even maki makes fun of this line, but I like it and they also date.

Hackmon appears to tell Daigo that balance between the Human World and the Digital-Word are now in danger. Gennai is now corrupted and he is the one now in charge of maintaining the balance between everything. Maki was the one who insisted the reboot and as such because of that Ygdrasil will do whatever is necessary to stop here.  Why yes I did write Yggdrasil as Ygdrasil because for WHATEVER REASON THE SUBS I WAS WATCHING did not add in an extra G for Ygdrasil. ALSO, I swear if the final boss in the Tri movies is Yggdrasil I am going to flip over my computer desk.

Part 3
Meikoomon sees Sora and Miko and tells them to get away for she is an unstable killing machine. This is made worse then Digimon Emperor arrives comes and reveals himself and he is actually a The Corrupted Genni. Genni then gets to Sora and... LICKS HER FACE, THIS SCENE. THIS SCENE RIGHT HERE. That scene just put a sour taste in my mouth when I first saw it I could not handle it. Biyomon saves sora and even sora is surprised by this, and so everyone else meets up with one another as well. This is because when Meikoomon ran away she created a distortion ironically where everyone was and so everyone meets up with one another soon after.

Everyone escapes to a ship where they need time to recover but the Corrupted Genni arrives to attack them all and matters are made worse yet when Metalseadramon also comes to attack everyone. In this moment of them all regrouping and going to the 2 of the Dark Masters, is finally Biyomon finally is kind to Sora after being saved by her,. so the 2 are now partners.

Part 4
At this part of Tri Maki finally sees Tapermon once again after not seeing him in forever. But Tapermon does not recognize who she is and something SNAPS in Maki. She's has been working on this project for God only knows how long and it was all for nothing. And now because of what she has done she has doomed herself and the Human World now
Biyomon want's to protect Sora and Warp Digivolves into Hohomon. Where we get a NO JOKE, 6-minute long sequence of just seeing Digivloutions including 

Tai and Matt are aginst Metalseadramon but now fall into the water. Both Agumon and Gabumon go to get their friends and with both of them having a strong relationship they Warp Digivole defeating Metalseadramon. Although Metalseadramon death here is nowhere near as awesome as his death in Adventure.

With the others, Machinedramon gets Sora and NOPE, Sora is DEAD GUYS! Or at lease crippled from the waist down worse. Because Machinedramon putting so much pressure on Sora's body should have killed her but NO it leaves her fine as is.

 6-minute long SEQUENCE OF DIGIVLOUTIONS with Hohomon, Herculsesekabuterimon, and also FREAKIN SERAPHIMON! YEAH, I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER GUYS! And the reason why is pissed me off is that it is not a simple Warp Digivloution sequence but showing each initial Digimon in that sequence, I MEAN WHAT HAPPENED TO JUST WARP DIGIVOLVING? I SWEAR if they don't do that in the final episode I will get pissed! Also, there was this 1 guy who told me that Hohomon only had 2 wings, BUT NO Hohomon does have all 4 wings. Just that the animators were lazy animating the other 2 wings (BIG DIFFERENCE). 

So The movie ends with Corrupted Genni creepy (AGAIN) and killing Meiko. Except but not really because NEXT MOVIE! And Meikoomon Digivolving into Meicrackmon and presumably going to the human world to destroy it.

Over Digimon Tri: Loss is a 3/5
 Digimon Tri gets better with each passing movie, on the grounds that the 2nd one was OK but added nothing, and the 3rd one fumbled in its execution. let me get with the bad first. That scene with Genni licking Sora again just felt so wrong. How Did Meiko get to the Digital-World? sometimes the art in this movie was off at times, like with Tokomon eating a sandwich and it disappears, or how 2 dark masters switch spots in the begging (see the opening to know what I mean). Or we are still not getting answers on things.

BUT ALSO This movie felt just right, what I mean by is that every single episode in this movie had something going for it. and not 1 single moment of filler.

Part 1 had the revelation of the original 5 Digidesign's. Part 2 have the revival Mechinedramon Separating everyone. Part 3 have the team separated and trying to get back with one another, and the truth of Ken is a corrupted Genni. And finally, Part 4 had Hohomon defeating Mechinedramon and Meicrackmon going to destroy the human world.

This is better compare to all the other Tri movies where there is at lease 1 fitter episode in the movie, or the movie is just stretched out with some things going on in them or nothings going on in them. everyone acted how they should with Tai commanding, Joe wanting things to go smoothly, and Sora having feelings and also here finally having a say for herself. 

Seeing we now have a face for a villain in Tri is refreshing because up to this point all we had were nameless Digimon attacking the Digi-Destined's got pretty boring at this point. seeing the original Digi-Destined's was awesome to see (which now debunks that the Frontiere kids were the original Digi-Destined's (which only I have brought up from the looks of it). and I really can't wait to see how Maki will be from here on out, THAT WILL BE SOMETHING TO SEE ALRIGHT!

Now The REBOOT... I will get back to you on that one, I know it seems like a copout but I need to see the rest of these movies before I can properly judge that, to be honest. Also the 02 kids, yeah nothing of them again, all we see is the D3 and that's it really. Which I have come to expect from Tri at this point (which is now sad for you 02 fans out there). Although with the Reboot happening I am pretty sure they are all dead now? But, not like it matters or anything like that SINCE Jesmon is in the movie. So I assume he could just bring them back to life so the 02 kids can have their own Tri movies. Becuase Jesmon can do anything.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger to get new episodes made by Korea?

Sources: Tokunation

This is a... SHOCKER for sure. In Korea, the run of Kyrouger or Power Rangers Dino Force has finished airing BUT it is getting a 2nd season, YES a second season made by Korea because it was so successful in Korea. which is when there were new suits of the Kroger's from way back when this is what those suits were made for, a power up version of them, and even a brand new Kyou in, with a Gatling Gun Head. 

So this at the very lease will be inserting (and I already have more faith in that this will do good than whatever the Neo Saban show is doing already). which leads into my next point, this guy on twitter (@willyjcoesaid the following "If fucking Korea can commission more sentai footage, then I never wanna hear that America is limited by sentai footage ever again...". Which Yeah he's right, Saban in the past and to this day STILL have been cheap and if KOREA is willing to do something like this you would think that Saban would do this, especially next year being POWER RANGERS BEING 25 YEARS OLD! Well regardless if this show is good or bad at the very lease this looks like something interesting.

NOW when this came out it screwed up my review schedule because I was all ready to review both Zyuranger and Kyrouger's back to back but now this happened and I think I could do something fun regarding how there are 3 versions of Kyrouger. so YEAH my review schedule is all screw up now. 

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Digimon Appmon Offmon's AppliDrive

Sources: With The Will
A Brand new AppDriver is shown today called the AppDrive Duo and the user of this AppDrive Duo is Haru's Best Friend Yuujin. The AppDrive Duo will be released in April for roughly $55.00. This new AppDriver will also have a function like Appliarise mode, the Encount System, Applink, and finally, Collect mode. Yuujin's Partner will be Offmon who then becomes Logamon, who then becomes Shutmon, who's final form is Charismon.

But he is not the only one getting an upgraded AppDriver everyone else will get a Duo AppDriver in June (just like in Digimon Savers. for the others, they will be released in cover sets just like how the normal App Drive Cover Sets were released. The Duo Cover Sets are as listed

-Gatchmon Version- includes Gatchmon and Globemon Appmon Chips
-Dokamon Version- includes Dokamon and Oujamon Appmon Chips
-Musimon Version- includes Musimon and Entermon Appmon Chips
-Hackmon Version- includes Hackmon and Revivemon Appmon Chips

and each one will cost $8.00.

Finally here are the new wave of App Chips coming out soon enough.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Digimon Tri Movie 5 Poster

Sources: With The Will

Today was the release of the 4th Digimon Tri Movie and as expected there is a poster at the end teasing the next Tri Movie, Digimon Tri: Part 5- Symbiosis, or Paragenesis, or even Union, because of Japanese Text and translations are never accurate. On the Poster it has a picture of both Kari with NOT Magnadramon But instead is Ophanimon in her Falldown Mode. With Kari is Meiko and also Mmeicoomon's presume Mega Digivolution which is a giant Hulking Cat Monster with Wolverine claws. the only thing about this is that this will be release in 2017 also but other than that nothing else on date and day has been announced. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Digimon Tri: Confessions review

WELL this one took a long time to make but, yes I finally got it just before Tri-Part 4 came out, So let's begin shale we. Digimon Tri Confessions is the longest part out of all of the Tri movies being 5 parts longs and may I say it's also the saddest part of Tri as of now. What do I mean by that you'll see the short intro, YES but I just want to start this review.

Part 1

Pat 1 begins with when a plane crash lands, both Daigo and Maki talking to one another about Meicoomon, Daigo is saying since Meicoomon was infected why not tell everyone else sooner about her? Maki just ignores him and leaves for another meeting (we will get back to Maki soon enough). At the school where the Digi-Destined are at, I was thoroughly surprised that we had some conclusion to Mimi's little arc from the previous movie. Her classmates telling her she did a fine job and wished they also did the same thing as Mimi. But where Mimi is feeling better about herself Meiko feels horrendous after Meicoomon killed Leomon.

After that, both TK and Kari actually going to Ken's house and asking what is up with him. Which actually Surprise me. Seeing that it is just NOW that some of the adventure cast are asking about the Zero 2 cast. Truly a Surprise since it has now taken a total of 3 PARTS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AT ALL IN THE SLIGHTEST!

This is also where we get some information regarding Miko Dad. Miko's Dad works at the same foundation where both Daigo and Maki work at. This is also where Miko found Meicoomon as a child and her father said that Meicoomon was a special Digimon. But they are now working on something called Project R (as in Reboot), so ends part 1. I know for a movie being 5 parts long, nothing that significant is here (in fact I took things later on in the movie and put it in this paragraph.) but after this part, this is when things start to become serious.

Part 2

It begins with Izzy sleeping and feels a bit responsible because of him working all night long to try and make sure no one is infected. But what happens next... is... when TK goes to see Patamon in Izzy office again he sees that Patamon... is infected! When TK sees this it only gets worse when Patamon bites TK arm (YIKES TK be grateful it isn't Tokomon). Tk asks Joe what if the Digimon are infected? With Joe replied with them having to fight them. TK Takes Patamon home with him thinking everything will be alright.

But no. Patamon knows that he himself is infected and Patamon says finish him off if he does attack his friends. WHICH yeah this is pretty depressing. A charter who was basically a guardian Angels that saved his Tamer and all his friends from harm will now be killed because of a virus. Until you realize that "WHY CAN'T TK TELL IZZY PATAMON IS INFECTED"? I get it he doesn't want anyone else to kill Patamon but he could at least tell Izzy and the 2 could have had worked on something tougher to fix this. All of the Digimon get out if the building because Patamon got out and they all want out as well and they do so... without getting spotted... or taken back inside the office. Kari then gets a phone call but then transformers he into Light Kari from Adventure. Which is a good segway for?

Part 3

Light Kari explaining to the Digimon that because of this infection The digital world and the human world are in grave danger. If the digital world is infected and die from the infected Digimon then humans lose their electronics and same for the other Digimon not infected. To avoid this it is time for Project Reboot. When Kari is about to fall down Maki saves Kari from falling and also says that the Reboot is last ditch effort. The Digimon all realize this and they then they spend 1 their partner and even telling their partner that they are infected. And all the while Izzy can not do a thing to try and stop this infection.

part 4 

No time is wasted with Meicoomon attacking Tokyo, so Greymon, Ikkakumon, Birdramon, and Togemon fight Meicoomon but Meicoomon suddenly Digivolves into Meicrackmon that just shakes off everyone like they are nothing. So the new plan now is that they will try and get Meicrackmon into this portal from where she came from. Angewoman and get Meicrackmon into the portal where she came in Patamon wants to go and fight even though TK does not want him to but Patamon goes off and fight Meicrackmon.

Meiko also arrives to help but does nothing to help at all. This is where they find out that Miku and Meicoomon came to Tokyo Meicoomon was the one carrying and spread the virus around to everyone. Immediately it starts to take its toll on all the other Digimon by infecting them all. The only one not infected by this is Greymon and the just arrived Kabuterymon. When Izzy was preparing for the reboot Izzy also planned to make up this backup for all of the Digimon to have some of their data saved but proves to be futile with even Greymon getting infected. The only hope left now is 

Tentomon going HerculeseKabuterymon getting Meicrackmon and just as the clock is about to reach 0 he says to all of them open your eyes and they do and they group huddle and this is where they all go into the portal tougher when the clock hits 0. Not even making it to the safe zone at all. Thus making the reboot occurs and concluding Part 4. (Ironically this movie occurs roughly when Appmon was just about to air, so the Reboot Idea is like a meta meaning in that way).

 photo snapshot20071109140122.jpg
WOW I mean WOW they actually went through with this I mean the only reason I think it affects me so much is probably because I watched and grew up with Adventure as a kid and see this as an adult is just so depressing. Especially more so since the Digi-Destined themselves also grew up just like me this makes it even more depressing. This was like seeing my childhood heroes die right in front of me. But I do have a question for you guys if you are either a Digimon fan but did not grow up with adventure or then please let me know if you felt sad during this movie? I would generally like to know do you feel sad watching this at all or nothing in the slightest? If you want to have an even sadder experience than listening to the end theme of this movie "Don't say Good Bye". So much water works from my eye

Part 5

1 week since the Digimon have left and everyone is still sad from the event and everyone is starting to the movie on. Izzy is still the only one still constructing on trying to get to the digital world soon everyone regroups where they all agree to go to the digital world again, which might be permit. They ask Mekio to go with them but her guilt from infecting everyone Digimon is still too great, and as such, she can not go with them to the Digital World.

As the Digi-Descends are about to go through the new Digital World Maki comes to show that she has Ken's D3. YEAH for some reason she has Ken's D3 and a D-terminal (I say a D-terminal because I am pretty sure he did not have one in the shown itself). Although the glaring problem is NO ONE ASK WHERE KEN'S DIGIVICE CAME FROM OR HOW SHE GOT IT!

When the 8 go through the through the new Rebooted Digital World they are in the fight between both Alphamon and believe or not also Jesmon! after escaping the battle between the 2 everyone sees their Digimon partner. But the DiIgimon themselves not knowing who they are at all.

The final show in the movie is both Ken and Maki tougher but it's not really Ken it's Genni! Now, this was a legit Twist that no one and I does mean NO ONE SAW COMMING unless your AO that is who surprisedly was right in his theory video!

Overall Tri Condessions get's a 3/5 it was a satisficing watch... BUT MAN it fumbled a number of times in its execution.

Now the name of this movie tagline is Confessions which I believe is Meiko saying that Meicoomon infected everyone. BUT it's only brought up only near the end of the movie. not to mention it feels only lampshaded for a while instead of being a foreground thing.another thing that got to me was TK. TK not telling anyone that Patamon has the virus to anyone is a problem, he could have had Izzy made one but it would have had been too late and not in time to do so and as such like that really bogged it down for me there.

Finally, another personal problem I had was Agumon just wanted more snacks in this whole movie which got annoying real quick. For being the longest of the Tri movie this sure did not feel like it accomplished a lot in this movie series itself.

But with all that said This was still a good movie to watch. Again they actually committed with this dire situation where the Digimon would either be corrupted monsters or Digimon not know who their partner even because of the Reboot. It felt like a bit of my childhood was getting torn apart from the inside. I mean clearly, they will be going like Mega again with Tri Loss having Hohomon on it. But what I can say that it was effected to approach with what it did.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger confirmed for Skip?

Toyfair 2017 was today and at Toy Fair, there was an interview with Bandai about some things regarding toys (I will link you to the full Q&A right here). Basically, what the Main thing I want to talk about is.
"Have you taken a look at Kyuranger or Zyuohger for Power Rangers 2019?"
"We’re still awaiting a final decision, but the cubes from Zyuohger won’t be workable."
WHICH I am pretty sure is an indicator for a fact that means that the 40th Super Sentai Doubtsu Sentai Zyuohger will indeed, for a fact shale be... SKIPPED! You may call me a Zyuohger Fanboy for just reporting this I don't care but... THIS... THIS... I MEAN.... GAH! Really when they say that the we "Cubes from Zyuohger won’t be workable." What they really mean is that they can not work with the Zord Builder system. Which is just LAZY in saying that, but then again Bandai of America is pretty Lazy in almost the last 2 years most of their Zord stuff have been repaints when that budget from said repaints could be used to make the zords themselves much better in both paint and quality control. But they don't care since really all of Bandai of America put all of their budgets into their figures.

Yeah just think about that, with the Ninja Steel Figures they have improved significantly since the last year's Dino Charge Figures, while the Megazord has diminished Significantly in quality in just this year alone. BUT NOW I THINK I HATE THEM. Even the Legacy Figures are super over the Legacy Megazords beca
use the Legacy Ninja Megazords has Zord Builder ports with Dicast, but the Ports themselves are not Dicast just plastic. Before this, I was fine with Zord Builder Ports because little kids will connect with Megazord of the past with the Megazords of today. 

And You Know for a fact that Zyuohger will get skip for sure now for a fact that there was no gimmick, Bandai of America will not have Zord Builder in the Zord, No Zordbuilder gimmick for the Zords themselves means harder to sell the toys, harder to sell toys mean less money and Less money means both Saban and Bandai will lose money, which means both Saban and BOA will just play it safe with adapting Kyuranger instead of Zyuohger. 

I just needed to vent out on this blog post and if you think I am in either the wrong or just over reaction with a click bait article then let me know and I will make sure that this won't happen again.

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Power Rangers 2017 Toy Fair

Sources: Tokunation
It's that Year again with it being Toy Fair 2017 and there is a lot to talk about ( so much so I can not just fit it into 1 blog post so you'll... see). 

Ninja Steel
Basic Figures of the villains and the Rangers in their training suits

Us Exclusive toy vehicles

Roleplay weapons 

Now the biggest thing announces that the 6th Ranger Weapon is NOT the Star Burger but will instead be repaint of the Rangers normal Morpher. Which I am satisfied with  because that Burger Changer was just a 1 trick Poney anyways "HA HA  IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE HIS CHANGER IS A BURGER HA HA HA LOLZ!" 

Sources; Tokunation

Now we have a picture of the Lion Fortress Zord prototype here and WOW is it big, over 20" tall, and seeing the US Megazord in it is just WOW, so much length to this thing (NEEDS SOME MORE GIRTH) But the reason why this thing looks the way it does is because it is also a play set as well for the 5" figures and it is so big that you can put a 5" figure in the lion's mouth. now another thing to not is that the price for the Lion Fortress Zord is NOT $150.00 as it was said at UK Toy Fair but $100.00. 

Sources: @razzle1337 on twitter

Now from Raz On Twitter, he has higher resolution on the Ninja Power Stars and what we got is both Jiraiya and also Kamen Rider Drive from the Kamen Rider GP movie... YES, I would freak out about this and other things like this BUT the same thing happened many a year ago at SDCC 2013 where we got Ranger Keys of the Dairangers. So NO I will not expect that both Kamen Rider Drive and Jiraiya to appear in Ninja Steel If I am wrong on the other Hand I will.... IDK may a post saying and I am wrong. 

Sources: Tokunation
Legacy Items
For some Legacy Items, we have The Power Sword which is $150.00 and the Legacy Dicast Power Coin Set is $25.00 and out in stores already.

Black Gold Legacy Titans $150.00

Sources: Tokunation
Legacy Figures

there is finally a good way to get the Ranger weapons now and it is through these metallic variants and also Legacy Zeo Figures. With Buildable Zeo Megazord.

Sources: Tokunation
Capsule Figures

Sources; Tokunation
Movie toys

Legacy Red Ranger Movie Helmet

Lightsand Sounds Alpha 5

Movie Megazord Mask

Legacy Movie coin set (with Display case) and you would think that this is the end of things Right HA NO! I will be doing some ranting. 

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