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Friday, October 28, 2016

Power Rangers 2017 movie toys first look

Sources: Tokunation

yes today which came very quickly and suddenly out of no where where we gotten the movie Morpher, the Red Ranger's sword and the Red Ranger's T-rex Zord, with also each one having a description for the toy itself

First off is the Ranger's Morphers which looks like a combination of the ghost Drive from Kamen Rider Ghost (more proff of that is how organic it looks), or other people have had suggested the Agito Driver with the Core Metals from OOO's, and also those Legend Ride Belt with that handle.
and it's descriptions is "This is the mysterious device that will allow the new team of heroes to transform into Ranger! The Morpher will be sold with 5 Legendary Power Coins and feature special lights & sounds."

Next up is the red ranger's sword (because despite the tone of this movie the Red Ranger will always get the toys made after him) we can see it can glow up like an energy blade can. More detail is that the design of the sword itself is that it has bone trail like bones from a T-Rex tail would have. and for a while now it was confusing how you can put your hand to hold this sword till now with this video. so my theory of being a 2 handle Axe like blade is gone but it is now this arm blade like weapon, WHICH while not being MMPR... is still a cool looking weapon (even more cool if it did a whip like weapon as well just like Zyuohger did). Here is the description for the sword "The Red Ranger Power Sword! Red Rangers’ signature weapon, has two modes- Training and Battle."

Finally is the T-Rex Megazord which is big like a very big toy (more on that in a bit) and before i continue more it look similar to this T-Rex Zord right here. and with this being a prototype it won't look as good as the final version will which is why it look a bit cheap. but I got to say this is not a bad design to be honest with a giant robot T-Rex with a freaking laser on it's back it's not that bad (maybe a bit over design maybe but still nice). Now getting back to size this is a big Zord and it can also house the head of the Zord as well and you can see it here. And YEAH this is a VERY BIG ZORD (with also probably a big price as well) and might as also well go down in as probably one of the biggest Megazords their is, will need to beat the Pyramidas megazord/ King Pyramider from Zeo/ Ohranger and also the Magma Base from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. The description for toy is "T-Rex Battle Zord! The Red Rangers’ personal Zord has special launching missiles and comes with a miniature Red Ranger figure. This Battle Zord can connect with other Zords to create the mighty towering Megazord!".

Overall this is rather nice and actually giving some hope this movie could do well, or i am still optimistic so it can bring the power rangers franchise to some good light and make it actually good and not a mockery that it is.  

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger new scans for November

Sources: Rangerbord

GODDAMN KUSAKA! I of course do know for a fact that Bud's is not really the bastard Black Sheep of the Kamen Rider franchise  Masato Kusaka but DAMN IT all I see just by look at Bud's face IS FUCKING KUSAKA! I MEAN he just have that recognizable face, that you just want to punch over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, until he dies because i hate Kusaka... A LOT!

Anyways onto the real news, in this scans here we get what ZyuohBird suit in person and being real here I don't like, it looks like it was badly Photoshop from the normal ZyuohEagle suit. Maybe because it's just the scans and it could be better in the show we will just to have to wait and see. But actually onto the ZyuohBird himself we finally get Bud's backstory and spoiler alert here.
"A long time ago, a human came to Zyuland and met Bud. They quickly became friends but an uncertain incident happened to this man. Fearing this past will come up again, Bud doesn’t want to return the Monarch Cube.

It is possible that this man is Yamato’s father, thus explaining why he was never here for him and why he hates him so much. It would also explain why Bud protects him despite his bad boy attitude. He would in fact protect his friend’s son.
Thanks to Larry, Bud will accept to help the Zyuohgers and will finally become a Monarch. His duo with Yamato will be fearsome !"

But besides that there is also Cube octopus which can combine with Zyuoh King they can combine to make Zyuoh King Octopus. And his final attack is Octopus Zyuoh Giri !

And I should bring it up the Zyuohger vs. Ninninger crossover is underway which I'll give it a chance because I love Zyuohger but HATE NINNINGER (also Fuuka is a shit Waifu)!

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger ratings are now the WORST?!

Image result for spongebob coffee meme
Oh geese, like Geese... I was hoping this was just a bad dream but NO I'm wrong, very wrong. So Yesterday is when some ratings for Zyuohger came out and it showed that they were bad like some of the worst in a long time. here is the actual picture detailing this (this picture with Spongebob better helped how I feel).

I mean just WOW that's bad like REALLY BAD! And for extra salt in the wounds the toy Sales for Ninninger were garbage as well (we don't know anything about the Zyuohger toy sales yet but just word of mouth it's doing OK). I don't get it honestly like this show is fantastic since like this show has fantastic writing in it (and also a red who I love and don't think is dumb and hogs the center of attention from the other rangers). BUT for SOME REASON we this show is like now the worst then Go-Busters? I don't know what's going on people I really don't that's all I can say. and If Kyuuranger does not pull in the ratings or even toy sales I don't know is the thing I just do not know.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kamen Rider Agito Review part 3


Shouichi/ Agito
I’m getting this out of the way right now I am not a fan of Shuichi at all. At best he's is a dumb idiot and at worse he's a selfish control freak (he does that too often for me to give a good example). It also took me a while for me to realize why Shouichi didn't work for me as a main charter and that would be because he is hardly in the show. For A long of time he is hardly in this show and he is the main charter. I know people will say "What about Kenzaki from blade?" which I reply with yes you got me their but the thing is I like Kenzaki more is the thing.

I know I would not compare to Godai since this is more of a spin off then sequel but since this is a sequel series I have to do it. Godai did not have too much in charter (and argue he was bland at times) but he was a badass who sacrifice himself for everyone else. Shouichi on the other hand felt more like a Gary Stu at time (not like Takaharu levels but still) with powers coming out of nowhere and being praised. Hell Godai worked to get to his badass levels as he did.

Also add in the fact he gave his Agito seed to the OverLord for real no good reason what so ever you can see why I do not think to highly of him. While I may not have seen every single rider series yet I can’t say he is the worst main rider of all time but I can say that he is not my favorite.

Hikawa/ G3/ G3-X
Hikawa's my favorite Rider in the show, while being brash and hard headed him had a determined and never give up attitude. At times while the show makes fun of him (and hurts a lot actually) he still manage to say awesome. I mean heck even when his body is badly bused he works out because he still manage to prove he is the proper user of the G3 user. And even without the Armor he is a fine dative as well solving a bunch of cases and using deceive work it was such a delight seeing him over come all the obstacles to prove his is the proper user of the G3 armor. You know if Agito was a real sequel to Kuuga i could totally see Ichijo would have had ended up being G3 but for what we did get Hikawa is still awesome in his own right.

Ryou/ Gills
POOR, POOR, POOR, RYOU! I do mean that, out of all the 3 riders Ryou had it the roughest with the world keep kicking him even when he's down. I mean from the very start of the show you can tell he would hated him from all his friends abandoning him, his swim coach leaving him too, and just about all his love interest dying on him as well. the world truly does hate Ryou and even the normal Gills suit is destroyed from heavy water Damage as well so that explains why we keep seeing more Gills Exceed more than normal Gills (do question why doesn’t Toei make another Gills suit Oh yeah that's right that show). I mean the only good thing that does happen to him is he get a puppet at the end of the show so 2 good thing for him. I mean it gets to a point where so much bad stuff happens to him you want to punch someone (me it's Shouichi for too much good stuff happens to him).

The Good

Image result for kamen rider agito
The 3 rider’s styles
Agito rider’s suits were a highlight for the show with having 3 unique distingue with having the machine police by G3, The organic and violent/ brute powered that is Gills, and finally the standard form change rider costume of Agito. All 3 are different but the contras is great with hem all. And it even shows in their personality’s the one who is stuck up, the one with the world hates them, and finally the on that fears to be a monster all Showa rider personalities, mind you they fail at doing so but still I see what they were going for.

Agito TV special
It’s sad when just 44 minutes of screen time can do charters more justice then like about just 10-20 episodes. I hated Shuichi but after this special I actually somewhat like the guy. The charters in here had more growth then the show itself with also the shining form making more sense and how Shuichi earned it. Also Houjou punched in the face, AGAIN! And Shouichi is punched as well.

The Bad

The writing
The writing in this show is very poorly written, what with a ton of plot points that over stay their welcome, plot points that come and never explained and also a feeling of this needed another draft. And at worse at times this feels like I am watching Faiz just slightly better though.

Image result for kamen rider agito the overlord
The OverLord
The Overlord is a joke of a villain like I swear everything that comes out of his mouth is a contrition. At first he says he wants to save humanity from the unknowns and then kill the humans, he wants to save Agito but then wants to go ahead want’s him dead. Again have not seen every single rider villain but he is in the top tear.

Image result for kamen rider Agito G3x
Just fuck Houjou he really got me so mad at this show that just he alone made me watching this series unbearable like he was just bad like really bad. He is an asshole, and liar, a low life, a manipulator, a shack of shit, unpleasant, deceive, a wanker basically he sucks. Now the reason why I do not consider him like any higher in the list is because people tell him in his place. Like yeah people tell him off and all the crap he does because of this alone I do not put him higher in my books. And believe me he could have been much worse… MUCH WORSE!

The Grey Area

Image result for kamen rider agito characters
The Charters
There is a ton of charters in this show and unlike Kuuga where there is an abundant amount of charters that are useful or just likeable. But here a majority of the supporting charters are either assholes are not useful. Don’t get me wrong there are charters I like such as Hikawa and Ryou but there were charters I hated like Hojou and Taichi or even kino, hell you could get rid of like Taichi a more annoying charters that would be wonderful things would be better in the long run. But it does not matter in the end though everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is at some point cruel as hell and have a dark side to them  as well till very latter on in the show and like Ttaichi another one would have to be with gills and Agito fighting because if looks like.

Image result for kamen rider agito unknown\
The Unknowns
I’m sorry but I’m putting them on the list. While yes the Unknowns are on the list I did praise them in the beginning that they were handled well with their origins but through the show they are their origins are rather screw over at 1 point they are they are either Humans beyond human evolution, the OverLord Hates them but yet are able to create them. I’m sure there is a better understanding of their origins in some expanded medium out their but still its head scratching with their origin.

The Music
This is very objective option right here BUT the music did not do it for me what so ever. While not all the music is bad mind you but theirs problems with how the soundtrack is utilize, and some legit problems with the music as well. Take the opening, probably one of the weakest openings in a Kamen Rider openings I heard, the singer sounds bored out of his mind and the lyrics doesn’t make any sense either. And on top of that how the sound track is utilize like they play the song and then cut out I mean that would not be so bad… if it did not happen 3 times. And on top of that like the first theme of the show Believe yourself play in the first half of the show and then Deep Breath plays as well proving a better transition but they screw that up with playing Believe yourself AFTER Deep Breath. I mean it’s like imagine herring Ranbu Escalation and cuts out 2/3 the way in just to play Never Surrender and instead of seeing Kaito it’s Micchy being showed in the scene. But defiantly the one that takes the cake is when Shouichi is eating and they play half of Deep Breath I started to laugh more than anything else

Final Verdict 6/10
This show is disappointing despite all my negative I gave to worse this show I do not hate it because there is a good show in here somewhere but the thing in there is just too much stuff to get through to actually enjoy it. I know I am a minority to not enjoying this show compare to others but that’s how it is. I mean you could say that I may like Kuuga more than this show so I am being bios which you’re not wrong by the way but still the fact of the matter is that I just find the show to be just… OK.

And so ends my last review to come for quite some time. You see for the longest time I have always wanted to do comics and after a lot of LIFE EXPERIENCES as it were I decide to go ahead and start on my ambush project. Not sure if it will be what I hope it will be but I’m going to try regardless and so then I will devoting more of my time to worse that instead. So sorry to the people that does see these reviews and thoughts but I have my own dreams, but I will still report the news however. and I also say thank you to the people that do read these reviews I do appreciate  it 

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Power Rangers 2017 movie first TEASER TRAILER

Image result for power rangers movie poster

Yes finally, at this year’s NYCC we finally got our first look at the new Power Rangers movie TEASER TRAILER, so what I am going to do is give a rundown of the trailer with my thoughts and at the end give the backlash of what the fandom thought. The link for the trailer can be found here

The TEASER TRAILER with the red ranger and a wreck car and him saying this is to remind him of his screw up and then he is spending dentition during the weekend  just to graduate and other people are picking on the rangers themselves because the thing is teenagers are assholes and then go to this rock place and see their power coins and then come the morning they have civilian powers and then some action shots with then Rita saying she killed Ranger before with then the TEASER TRAILER ending with the rangers suites coming onto the Rangers themselves. I know i did not go that much into detail but there are people better at it then me.

So my thoughts on this TEASER TRAILER are just OK. It's really not saying that much since Trailers in general suck, I can't pick a center 1 that comes to my mind because well that's just how it is Trailers suck in general. Now you have seen thought this post that I have been using TEASER TRAILER all in caps. Well I'm doing it since most people don't seem to realize it and just been saying trailer which explains why the suites are not completely showed but then again having 1 TEASER TRAILER come out 6 months before your movie is bad marketing as well. 

SO fan Backlash, it's rather positive if you can believe it. Going to Lionsgate Movie on Youtube page we can see at the time of making this post the trailer currently has 7,775,984 views with 93,328 likes and 7,014 dislikes which i think is rather good and a lot of Power Ranger YouTubers have been saying good things about this trailer. Then again I think they had the mind set of they knew this would be grim gritty and this came out so much better then expletive which is why they are saying good things about this TEASER TRAILER! And the same can be said for me as well.

I really do hope this movie does well because Power Rangers as a Franchise is a good one it's just that it has ALWAYS had a poor budget and also just poor management of the franchise which makes Power Rangers a Niche Market which should be bigger than it actually should be. And I really do hope with this movie it can change all of it. Either that or become like Michael Bay movies where they are dumb and boring and dark and the real money of this movie is made from China, because that is how movies make money these days.

Also an update Goldar has been announce to be in the movie and on an unrelated note yesterday on Twitter Ron Perlman RT the movie trailer and insistently removed it strange don't you think?

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Kamen Rider Vs. PAC-MAN!


.....THIS IS A THING! So waking up this morning I see on my usual websites for news the Tittle for Kamen Rider Movie War 2017 Revealed- Dr. Pac-Man VS Ex-Aid & Ghost With Legend Riders! and it's real. YES in the next yearly Kamen Rider Team up with the new Rider and the old Rider tougher in a Rider War movie and this time it's with Bandai's Namco Pac-Man which is more then real since their is a trailer with the like for it here. But also for the movie we also have Wizard, Gaim, and Drive teaming up tougher which makes it more of a Taisen Movie. and yet this already sounds better then a Taisen movie (PLEASE LET IT BE BETTER THEN A TAISEN MOVIE). The movie will be release December 10th this year and no other news on like who's writing it or things like that.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kamen Rider Agito Review Part 2

Episode 26: Restored Memories
When both Gills and Agito fight one another Shouichi is knocked into a bay of water and remembers, remembers he had a sister that committed suicide and she had a boyfriend named Shouichi Tsugami. You see the Shouichi we have been following is really not named Shouichi Tsugami but really named Tetsuya Sawaki and the name of Shouichi Tsugami, but for the rest of the review I will still call Agito Shouichi Tsugami because it is much easier on writing this review. So back to Agito's sister the reason why she committed suicide is the fact that she had an Agito seed in her body. YES you see she was the first Agito and after finding out about this she could not bear it anymore so she deiced to end it.

This was very emotional and made Shouichi start acting more serious FOR THE 1 EPISODE THIS HAPPENED! YEAH after Shouichi found out about this he then out of the bloom he has amnesia AGAIN because I really do not know why from what I got it was to show off Agito's Trinity form just the buy the Souchaku Henshin Agito figure (and that form was also never showed again after the 2 episodes). I'm not going to lie this really pissed me off and this was a lot of bull shit to take in I do think! But also from this we learn that the real Shouichi is partner with the overlord.

Episode 30:
 At this point we finally learn why Shouichi has amnesia is that on the ship that his sister got tickets for he went instead and their the white OverLord was there and gave Shouichi his powers and the Unknown came and knock him off the boat which ended up giving him amnesia (which still does not explain how the Agito can control his actions). I bring that up because that very same Unknown comes back and defeats everyone with no ease. And from the same monster that attacked Shouichi he says they must kill humans because they will become more Agito's. And again out of the bloom Agito get burning form. Like comes out of nowhere which I should expect at this point.

Burning Form looks good going for a next stage evolution with it looking like he is evolving and also I want to say that Agito is the first to have the super form and not Faiz Axel but I think that at lease. Also he get shining form which comes out of YOU GUESS IT the bloom. Well that is if you saw it in the show because there was a made for TV Special called the Kamen Rider Agito Another transformation where it had where it goes into detail also how Shouichi lives with the Kazaya's how we got his bike and also an great  anniversary special as well. It had Kunieda Higashi was played by Masaki Kyomoto who was also Ryusuke Taki in Kamen Rider Black and even had the same bike he did have in the show as well. But we also find out that Shouichi was not the only one on that ship who became an Agito.

Episode 36: The Forth Man
Another Rider appears named, Another... Agito, I know crappy name even though the suit is rather nice looking. He is Kino Kaoru, Doctor Kino Kaoru who is a brilliant surgeon (like word on 2 patients at once) and he does this because of his younger brother when both him and his brother went hiking in the snowy motions his younger brother die and Kino got frost bight in his right arm for thin him to get his dead younger brothers arm which yeah that's fucking morbid I think. 

Image result for kamen rider agito all riders
Unlike Gills he does not join Agito and the other but just work aside them just to fight the overlord because he attack the others for there should be just 1 Agito and that is him. and he is a beast on the other riders and even attacking Gills which then gives him another transformation Kamen Rider Gills Exceed which is super badass with the reds on it and tentacles BECAUSE... Kino is a charter who steals the spotlight of the show like when he appears Shouichi vanishes from the show almost entirely from the show. He did as much as he could do with what being introduce late into the show as possible and he was an inserting charter. Sad I could say the same about the normal Agito and i'll explain why that is now.

Image result for kamen rider agito the overlord
Episode 46: Warriors Bond 
IT TAKES THIS LONG FOR THE OVERLORD JACK TO FINALLY A THING... Oh I mean The Overlord gets off his lazy ass and starts to get all the Agito Seeds for Agito pissing him off and he get both Gills and Another Agito's seed (yeah he could do that the whole time, I would complain but from just images alone we see that it takes a tole on his body so that is understandable).

But now come to the part of Kamen Rider Agito where it just dropped the ball for me, Shouichi gives up his seed for the OverLord (gross) but seriously I have problems with this. with good intent in mind Shouichi is doing something good because he really does think he could act violent and harm others, only thing is that he has never done that what so ever at all in the show itself he never acted out in range and hurt anyone at all. you could bring up the fact he did in A new Transformation but thing is it's not in continuity I think because Houjou saw who Agito is and it took more episodes in show to do the same thing all over again and he would so not forget because a punch to the face.

And this really comes back to get Shouichi because Mana is then attacked and he almost dies so he did this all for nothing I mean the OverLord did not say he would leave them alone or anything like that. This I believe is Shouichi at his worst him doing something stupid even though he has never showed any violent act to worse anyone. But I guess whatever G3-X comes in be a badass and takes all the seeds back so the 3 riders defeat an Unknown (like an average Unknown that 1 rider could have had defeated) and Sadly Kino dies. Like I said this is where the show drops the ball for me and I was just face palming myself the whole time. I mean Shouichi was just OK but after this episode I'm not a fan of him

Episode 51:Agito
1 month after the battle with the OverLord fight with the Unknown attack and police team thinking about getting rid of the G3-X since there has been no activity (I mean it's a better explanation over SMF and Orion leaving the show). Shouichi meets up with his old cooking teacher and wants him to help him with his restaurant he is opening up, and Ryou is going to be a maniac with this man who helped out with his bike because he's getting old for this shit. AND THEN they fight the overlord for the final time and then the show wraps up.

 I know it sounds like that was an abrupt subsistence but it is only because it is true. Like I was surprise that the show ended like it was not a great ending Houjou wore the G3-X armor which did not amount to a thing really and it is implied that him and Ozwa get tougher at the end which I’m like go to hell Inue but did not hate it because there is this scene where it played out like his sister committing suicide but he does save her again I know quick but that is what type of ending it had on me.

The overlord is now plan BTW to go ahead and move stars around and remaking humanity. SO WAIT... he was revive through cloning, wears black and want's to re make the world all over again I know who this guy reminds me of now. I have been playing a tone of Final Fantasy 7 lately and also I'm a Malenile wrap your head around that.

Best episodes
Episode 12: Houjo get punch in the face
Episode 22-25: The G3-X Arc
Episode 28: proving indeed you can do a kid centrist plot without being awful (like this was a very, very, very good episode and go watch this. it's that good)

WORST Episode
Episode 26: The stupid of erasing Shouichi's memory
Episode 46: Where Shouichi gives up the Agito seed for no real good reason 

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Power Rangers 2017 movie Power Sword First Image

Sources: Tokunation
With NYCC 2016 being this week we already knew that we would get a trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers movie, But what we did not expected to see was the revel of the Red Rangers Sword today. AND it can work I think, like if the Red Ranger used both holes with his hands it can give him more power (HE... HE...) with his swinging just like an Axe would do. if that is the direction for the sword design then good on you creators (and even looks like a tail) and if not well then it looks kinda dumb. and also for some reason the Sword  is not called Sword... Weird or going with my Axe Idea. And also one does question how will the other weapons combine tougher and what the other weapons look like.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kamen Rider Agito Review Part 1

The Overview
Kamen Rider Agito The 30th series of the Kamen Rider franchise is a fan favorite series that a tone of people gravitate to worse too. And it's hard to find anyone who doesn’t like this show... well. I'm getting this out of the way right now I'M NOT a big fan of Agito, I'm not saying I hate it or anything like that BUT... this show will be nowhere near my top 5 (maybe even Top 10). Now Agito is a Sequel series to my favorite Kamen Rider Series of all time Kamen Rider Kuuga BUT really all that it has in common with Kuuga is that there is a police force, the riders looks a tad bit like Kuuga and the main monsters for the series the Unidentified Life Forms are now back, only they're called Unknowns.

SO really it's not really a sequel series but rather a spinoff of Kuuga is more like it and before I finally start the review I'm getting the Elephant in the room out of the room right now this was the first rider series that was written by Toshiki Inoue WHICH... Which I will be a bigger man and say I do not hate him as much as I used to if only because of people like ShinichirĂ´ Shirakura who keep giving us shitty Taisen movies. I Bring up Toshiki Inoue because this was regarded as his last true good thing he wrote before basically Making Faiz over and over again. So with all of that said how was the 30th anniversary of Kamen Rider, how does this compare to Kuuga and also, And why do I think this series is just OK? Well time to awaken the soul with Kamen Rider Agito.

Episode 1: The Warrior's Awakening
Before the show begins text comes up and saying celebrating 30 years of Kamen Rider which is a really nice way to begin a show. The show properly begins with this ancient puzzle box arriving on a beach which is then taken by some scientist to get open it to know what's inside. You know you would think there would be a reason why an ancient civilization sealed something off with a bunch of locks in the first place you assume they do not want what's ever sealed to be release, I'm not just talking about Agito either I'm talking about fiction in general. Despite that debacle we are introduce to our 2nd Rider of the show (but should have had been the main rider for the show) Makoto Hikawa as Kamen Rider G3. The design of Kamen Rider G3 is based off of Kuuga which is a Stage Beetle combined here with heavenly armed police armor which looks very functional and also practical, with also his finishers are guns (Bullets the Unknowns only weakness... WHO KNEW?)

Image result for kamen rider agito hojo
Now the thing about the G3 suit is that it needs a pit crew to help the maintaining the armor and the people to help with the suit are Sumiko Ozawa, Takahiro Omuro, and finally we also have Toru Hojo. OH WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS BASTARD, he is horrid, wrenched, unfathomable, unpleasant, a jerk, a douche bag, and a complete Wanker. Like this guy was the main reason why I did not like Agito, I mean he is up there with like the worst of the worst like Banno and Micchy like that bad. The reason why I hate him is he is under handed and does everything and anything to get his way and hardly care for others in the possess. GAH I hate him so much.

Image result for kamen rider agito the overlord
Well besides him and his support team we are then taken to a college quote on quote "Main Rider for this show" for the show Shouichi Tsugami (but not really you'll find out why). He lives with the Kazaya family because he is their house keeper and has amnesia (amnesia a writer's best friend and the audience most hated part of the show). The Kazaya family is comprise of Pr. Nobuyuki Kazaya the uncle of both Mana Kazaya the one who can't act and is a chore to listen to her, and finally the most annoying one of them Taichi, if I didn't already have enough of a reason to not have kids i found the answer because I hate this kid! This kid is assigning and he completely stops the progression of the shows plot and hinders the story, like this kid annoy me a lot and should have been left out if the show completely and as such I'm not going to be talking about him at all for the rest of the review.

Back with Pr. Nobuyuki he research people with X abilities or psychic powers, but having these powers is a curse to have because of the unknowns. The Unknowns are monsters that attack people with Psychic powers and who are related by blood because they don't want humans to Evolve. Pretty solid back story and purpose for the monster of the week in this show, but it gets screw over latter on in the show, you'll know soon enough. When G3 goes to fight an Unknown he is quickly defeated by one and then to appear is Kamen Rider Agito.

Agito's design is a very parallel to that of Kuuga for fact it's going for an Ichigo and Nigo vibe. Agito's design here is more based off an Dragon then Kuug's stag beetle design and also gives off this majestic flow as well with the Gold everywhere on its design. Now Agito also has a Storm form and a Flame form which comes straight right out of nowhere and is more frustrating latter on in the show. so that's 2 out of 3 Riders done so far and Yes 2/3 Riders, this was the first Riders show to have more than 2 Riders in a series, so let talk about our 3rd Rider shale we.

Image result for kamen rider Gills
Our 3rd Rider for the show is Ryo Ashihara after one day in his swimming team he starts freaking out and goes into the hospitable, but his body starts to change and lets him become Kamen Rider Gills. I really love Gills design the design of him makes Gills looks organic and natural and is a nice contrast to G3 with the mechanic and Agito compare to the normal rider design we are used to. There is another reason why I love Gills design and that is because Kamen Rider Gills is a homage to my favorite Anime of all time Bio Booster Armor the Guyver! If you know me you would know that I am a HUGE Guyver fan boy and seeing an actual Guyver Kamen Rider suit makes me so, so, so, happy I just wish that there were a Guyver Super Sentai or Power Ranger suit (OH YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT >~<)

So that is how the first couple of episodes are for this show from introducing the large roster of charters in this show, to giving us new riders and just the quick pasting of the show in general. But it is manageable, in the begging that is... because after the begging... WELL.

Episode 6: Sorrowful Monstrous Fist
Now come episodes 6 of the show and this is where I star to have my main problem with the show the pacing. Like the shows pacing is truly is bad at times, to the point of being horrible as well. Giving you an example of what I mean is this show would introduce plot points and plot threads early on... and quickly don't touch them until much later on in the show.

An example I will give is when Agito killed gill's girlfriend (even though it did not look like it what so ever because it was from an Unknown) which is then not brought back up again until almost 20 episodes latter. AND ALL OF THAT would have had been easily would have had been done away with if Agito talked to Gills (personal nitpick here Shuichi says only about like 10 lines in the whole show as Agito in the suit that is). And is insistently resolved as well. Or how about in the beginning when Shuichi finds out he is Agito he starts to act emo in case he could hurts someone which is what a normal personal would do. Excepted for not even 1 episode he was emo for about 15 minutes and then stops like... THE HELL!

But perhaps the biggest offender out of all of this would defiantly be the OverLord! You see he was the being sealed way many... many... many... a year ago and comes back and is basically a pompous jackass that does dick all until like the last 20-10 episodes in the show. I'll get to more why this guy sucks in a bit but believe me he is a crap villain. And that sort of describes the first half of the show with rushed elements, jackass charters, and it at felt times slow to watch this show. But you know what was awesome? The G3-X Arc.

Episode 22: Fateful Showdown 
After both G3 fights Gills for the first time Gills the G3 armor is damage beyond repairs, therefore Ozawa decides to build a new Rider armor called the G3-X. The look of G3-X is basically the same but just with added armor parts which makes it more ready for combat. Hojou being a douche nozzle as always wants to build his own advance armor with black jack and hookers called the V1 suite (Made up of a bunch of remaining metal hero costumes). that was created by Ozwa's teacher (who also played flash red in flash man) So Ozwa built's the G3-X armor But it put too much stress on Hikawa making him not able to use it making him go ballistic and destroying Hojou armor (and sadly not him). The reason for this is that the AI is too advance For Hikawa only because anyone else can do it even Shuichi can use it (even though he is Agito after all) therefore Kathiawar is depressed but he is given 1 last shot to use the G3-X armor and doing so he wins the fight with the Unknown and is now the proper user of the G3-X armor.

This arc was very great I think. It mainly focuses on the police charters and them trying to go ahead and make sure the G3-X armor is able to work. Seeing Hikawa struggle in order to be the proper wielder was such an excellent charter growth for him that it made me smile when he did concern the G3-X armor. Same could be said for Ozawa proving her professor he is wrong and she made the right call for making Hikawa the user. This was a great arc of episodes and yet sadly it’s a shame this is where the shows peak. As for the rest of the show well come back next week people.

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