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Monday, May 22, 2017

Gekisou Sentai Carranger Review Part 1

lack of photos will be explained at end of review
The Intro

Gekisou Sentai Carranger (Racing Squadron Carranger) is a different kind of Sentai, you see after the nightmare that was Ohranger Carrangers was intended to be both a light-hearted series while also celebrating 20 Years of Sentai. As such the Head Writer of the show was Yoshio Urasawa a comedy writer who's written shows like Ranma ½ and more famous Lupin the 3rd (and you thought Ex-Aid was the first show to get a Lupin writer). With Yoshio Urasawa writing the show Carranger is a parody of Super Sentai. Toei hoped that this would help Super Sentai ratings to improve and WOW audiences how did it go over? Eah... it was better than Ohranger if this chart is to be believed.

HOWEVER, Ratings never make a show and as such Carranger over time has been getting more positive reviews by people over time. So then How come the ratings were still admissible? Exactly what is the appeal of Carranger? And finally is it Funny? Buckle up for this is Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

Episode 1: Fighting for Traffic Safety
The show begins in outer Space with a plant named Hazard getting destroyed by a gang of aliens known as the Bowzock. The Bowzock, while they did just destroy a plant, are not really an evil army but more of a Biker Gang with them doing things like stealing, causing a ruckus, and their recruits leave because of reason like family or age. I talked about is in my thoughts about Yu Yu Hakusho post I did some time ago but basically at the time in japan this was a trope in Japan culture because of the events of WWII (look it up). The main villains for the show are President Gynamo, Deputy Leader Zelmoda, Inventor Grotch, and finally the Beauty Zonnette and fun fact Zonnette's actress Rika Mizutani is a Porn Star, during my research that was something I found out when I was looking her up... And that wasn't the only thing that went up during my research!

After blowing up Hazard they look for a new plant to blow up, and it's just so happens that they arrive on Earth (although call it Earsh for some inside joke reason God only knows). On the way there they see some star constellations of cars with a hooded figured saying that those are the Gekisou Sentai Carranger they will find 5 youths to protect the world and keep order to it. The Hooded figure saying all of this is Dappu the sole survivor of the recently destroyed planet he gets away from the Bowzock using his Carmagic. What is Carmagic, IDK? It is whatever it want's to order by the writer is my best guess.

On Earth, were introduced to the Carrangers. Red Racer Kyosuke Jinnai, Blue Racer Naoki Domon, Green Racer Minoru Uesugi, Yellow Racer Natsumi Shinohara, and Pink Racer Youko Yagami at an auto repair place called Pegasus. Dappu comes and wouldn't ya know it finds out that the 5 youths with different color coded cloths are the Carrangers. Dappu is more than thrilled about this news while the others could give less none of the what to do with this shit. The Bowzock arrive on earth and they still don't care about what Dappu is saying and as such Dappu just drags the Carrangers to the battle, Dappu tried to fight the Bowzock but losses and on the verge of dying. The 5 are Made at the Bowzock and decides to take up the mantle of becoming The Carrangers using the Accel Changers.

The Accel Changers are nice Changer, a simple design for a Changer, yes but it does what it needs to do I also like it with the person misses when Transforming and you pause it to see where they miss, that is why I like and they Transform into the Carrangers. The Carranger suits themselves are not really all that great. It took me some time why I did not like these suits but it's the helmets, the helmets are overly complex helmet design with too much going on with them look like the head of their car zord. That clashes with the more simple suite design which are meh-OK. I never got why the yellow was on the chest of the suite, the white on the arms I question as well. The number and the logo on there are I get because NASCAR does the same thing also.

Now since the Awesomeness that is Shout Factory released this legally on DVD I can now see the detail that I never have seen before in good quality. For example, the suits themselves have black lines all over the suits and also a big black area around the belt. Under the helmet where the visor piece is I believe there was intended to be more chrome added in that area but scrapped at the last moment, my proof for that is this picture right here.

Now I bet you are all gonna say the same thing why are you saying this now "It's only now you seen this detail? I seen that detail for year at this point!" Which my rebuttal is this I never had glasses before and was unable to see this detail for.The rest of the episode is just a fight scene and it ends and no talking with the teammates or anything it ends and I will get back to this in a moment.

The first episode was OK, we got a good idea about out Villains and how they relate to Dappu. Dappu is the mentor for the show and is unique with him being A KID! The whole Carmagic and constellation are never explained at all are are their for I assume for the laughs and the weirdness.

but probably the biggest thing that bugs me is The Rangers as Charters we know nothing about. I know in some first episodes we don't know some or even all about the characters which is a good seaway to my next point.

In the first half of Carranger their isn't too much of a story and is mostly filler episodes so yeah it is a show about nothing. And in said show there's an overabundance of fight scenes in this show. Which normally is fine but shortly becomes a problem early on when all you get is a lot of action sequence a and little on charters, I only really bring this up only because the characters aren't characters but they are more like charter troops since this is a parody after all. You got the hot-headed red leader (before you think about it now he's not a Right Suzuki, Takaharu, or Lucky he is not although he is a jerk), the smart one, the Funny guy and the girl, the only one that feels any different is Yellow Racer because she is a Tomboy.

Since this is a comedy show I feel like I should talk about the comedy since this is the main gimmick of the show after all... It's OK. I did chuckle once in awhile but that was too far and to in between for this to be a funny show, Listing off some of the comedy that did happen in the show there was a gun to make people get naked, car horns for noise pollution to make other aliens destroy the earth,  yellow destroying the bike with just her reaches alone, a monster that orders things like Wile E. coyote does from AMCE, a spray that makes you fat and then explodes, 1 of the Carrangers becoming or quickly becoming a dentist and change little alien bunny teeth. Funny stuff but it just did not make me laugh. It should be noted I never seen anything Lupin related so I can not compare the 2 however what I can compare it to is Abaranger!

That was a thing I found out about this show Yoshio Urasawa wrote on Abaranger and if you ask which episodes they are they are the ones involving the more wacky episodes like the hair one. But Abaranger was more crazy and outlandish. I a really sorry on this one people, the comedy in the show just didn’t do it for and since comedy is a hard thing to describe, critique and talk about this review is super jaded and please do not get mad at me, PLEASE? While I wrote all of this I know full well I like this guys comedy.

So with the show being more comedy filler of the week in the beginning of the show it lost a lot of viewers early on and as such that is why I believe is why Carranger ratings still had low viewership. this is just me speculating all on my part. BUT if there is too much humor and not enough serious then you lose a person I mean it happen with me and Kyuranger (and from what I hear Kyuranger is just keep getting worst with just dumb filler episodes as I am writing this 5-19-17). Although contrary stuff did start picking up as the show went on which I will talk about.

Episode 5: Up Ahead, Gekisou Fusion
In Episode 5 the Bowzock found out that can make themselves grow bigger by eating and for the Rangers they are no match for a giant Bowzock. So Dappu uses his Carmagic to create the RV (Ranger Vehicle). I am once again not to fond of the Mecha with it's head overly complex design. and the body looks like it is wearing overalls (am I the only that sees that this Mecha looks like it is wearing Overalls)?

Episode 12: The Signalman Who Came From Space
In episode 13 we are introduced to Signalman the shows Extra Hero. His design in a Robotic police officer or a RoboCop as it were. To show you how much he was inspired by RoboCop he has a wife and kid... ALSO he comes from the planet Police because that makes sense. Since he is a robotic cop his design is quite good with looking like half a robot and half policemen, although his shoulder pads are a bit to bulging to the point of ridiculous when he starts to run.

His Mecha Sirender is more particle looking Mecha but I do not like it. Purely on the grounds of when I was a kid I saw this thing all the time as a kid at a Dollar Store I went to. It was not the real to mind you it was a cheap KO and to me I can never stop unseeing this thing as a cheap KO of a PR toy. As a character he's a real stick in the mud and sees the and believes the Carrangers are evil then good all because Red Racer went over the speed limit. He's also a goofy Extra Here, however, with him being the butt of the joke at times.

Episode 15: Evil With a Learner's Permit In Love
In Episode 15 Zonnette is in love with Red Racer. However Red Racer does not feel the same as Zonnette does so he breaks her heart. I will go into more detail on this latter but  you'll see why.

Ep. 16: Bad Wisdom, Merging Caution
We are introduced to Ritchihiker who well will became impotent in part 2

Episode 25: The mysterious intruding Girl!
a shooting star but that shooting star is really a girl in a car in the morning she goes to a beach in search for the Carrangers but that would have to wait with the Reckless Driving Sentai Zokuranger with their own theme song but the girl from before comes and here once again girl name is Radietta a faingirl of the Carrangers and is the unofficial 6th member of the Carranger white racer.which explains why her costume looks like the Carrangers suite but in cloth. She even has her own Mecha Radicar Robo which is an robot cat (say what you will about the design but still a better designed Mecha then Toq-oh). She is also important to let the audience know that she has a sister Zonnette. So yeah there are some plot threats and some plot elements here but not an overarching story well that is in the first half!

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Digimon Tri Determination Blu-ray Preorder

Sources: With The Will 

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With Digimon Tri Reunion coming out soon on both Blu-ray & DVD in just 2 more weeks Shout Factory has already have listings for Digimon Tri Determination Blu-ray & DVD bundle. The Cover Art for Determination is the poster that was used in Determination with not an orange but a purple magenta color that is the same on Imperialdramon. Links for both the Blu-ray & DVD will be listed here and will be slated for an August of this year.

Blu-ray/ DVD bundle

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge Review

Digital-Ranger here doing a special movie review because today is MY 21ST BIRTHDAY... WAIT it's the 1st of May...DAMN IT MY INTRO IS RUINED! By the time you are reading this I am probably so drunk I won't be waking up until Tuesday night (Actually that's a lie I hate the smell of Acholhog in general, and I know that smell because a lot of my family are drinkers). So in honor of my birthday of my 21st birthday, I decided to review something that (will not get you Drunk (debatably) but something that I really like to celebrate this occasion A Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge!

Ah Yes Dragon Ball Z, this truly is the first time I brought up Dragon Ball on this blog (and only took me 4 years to do so). My experiences with Dragon Ball Z was the best things I ever saw as a kid, as an adult I can respect this series more than just action (although Super still doesn't have any interests in watching Super). And I will probably never talk about the series on this blog because other people are more experience in Dragon Ball then I ever can like Blackenfist, Qaaman's Land, MistareFusion they handle Dragon Ball related content that only I could dream of.

For me I quite enjoy almost every Dragon Ball Z movie that there is and would gladly take them over series that get constant 1 off movies like the Pokemon Movies (most of them put me to sleep) and definitely most of the Digimon movies (I love Digimon to death but the Digimon movies believe it or not make me frustrated). The reason why I chose the cooler movies is because NOSTALGIA MOSTLY I saw this movie a lot growing up. But after rewatching this movie again I find more enjoyment then I thought I would.

The movie begins with a recap of Goku's Dad Bardock fighting against Frieza as Frieza kills off the Saiyan race and Goku is the only one left alive, off into the distance we see the movie exclusive villain Cooler the older Brother of Frieza. Cooler while only being a movie exclusive villains in anime movie is a pretty awesome villain. I will, of course, explain later on why he is such a good villain but for now, I will focus on the review at hand. He sees the baby Goku and instead of killing him he doesn't bother because it’s his brother's problem, not this will surely not bite him in the ass later.

Years latter Cooler finds out that his younger Brother Frieza was killed by a Super Saiyan Goku and sets a course to kill Goku and restore honor to his family. Although hasn't he heard anything on his Father and how a Saiyan killed him? He hasn’t oh… OK THEN! On Earth Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, and even Gohan's pet Dragon Icarus are all camping out (this is the last movie that Icarus appears in BTW) when all of a sudden Coolers Armor Squad arrives to get Goku. Cooler just like his just like his younger Brother Frieza have his own NOT Super Sentai Squad and are named after food puns. The Blue-Skinned alien is Sala a pun on thousand island Dressing, Dore the green, not hulk guy is Sara pun on salad dressing, and finally, the brown buggy looking alien is Nesi a pun on mayonnaise (a creamy egg yolk dressing).

Coolers Armor Squad is on par with Goku, well that is until Cooler shows up with Goku mistaking him for the dead Frieza. Gohan arrives but only to get in the way because Cooler uses his eye beams that Goku intercept leaving Goku badly injured and Cooler never using his eye beams again after this fight and those eye beams could have had come in real handy later on in the film.

Cooler in a smart act demands his Armor Squad to get Goku because he knows Goku is not dead from his laser eye beam attack. So his Armor Squad just decides to destroy the forest in order to find Goku turning the forest into nothing more than a desolate wasteland. Since Goku was hit by Cooler Laser Eye Beams he’s unable to do anything so now it’s up to Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, and Icarus to do something to fight off Cooler. You would think that they are all doomed for but no because they can just go and get some Deus Ex Machina Beans or Senzu Beans. There was a time where the Senzu Beans just refiled a man’s hunger before they revealed you to physical health you know… JUST SAIYAN!

Gohan and Icarus go to get the beans from Korin and Yajirobe and when they do Icarus feels tired so Gohan gives him a Senzu bean which makes Icarus go faster but by doing that Colors Armor Squad finds Gohan. I bring this up because when Icarus speed up before he wasn’t caught... But he does it again and he is caught, even though all a Senzu bean does do is reveal your energy and gives you no additional power up a boost, you see the problem here right or is it just me? It looks like Gohan is done for BUT THEN Piccolo arrives saving Gohan and is here to Kick Ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum. YEAH, Piccolo was my favorite character and me seeing him basically him defeating all of Coolers Armor Squad is so satisfying to see for me personally. Piccolo even got to use his stretchy arm powers which are more useful than you might thing like you know getting Gohan in a case of danger although piccolo (that always bugged me in the Saiyan Saga). Although not even Piccolo is not matched for Cooler as Cooler defeats Piccolo with ease.

Just as Gohan gives The Senzu Beans to Goku the beans are destroyed except for 1 Gohan had from Yajirobe, so now Goku is back to peak physical condition. Cooler properly introduces himself to Goku and now both of them have 1 on 1 battle it’s a pretty even match for one another that is but cooler has an edge, he has a 4th transformation that lets him go further beyond. Cooler's 4th form is pretty Damn Badass with spikes, blue translucent parts on his body, and just being more massive looking, Cooler looks like some demon looking monster in this form. He already looked cool but here he is just badass, he even has a visor I would love how that organically works but never the less this form is still awesome.

In this new form, Cooler is just a giant curb stomp to worse Goku and defeating him every chance he get’s. For the longest time, I always wonder why I like the fight between the 2  but I think I know why that is now. You see the whole fight Goku is using his Kai attacks while Cooler is using just pure straight alone. The animation also helps with this as some shots present Cooler’s punches and kick with so much force and energy it’s pretty damn affected every punch on screen. ALSO, he even goes into Goku’s Kamehameha blast and just punches Goku in the face which is pretty COOLER! OK, that is the only time I will make that joke I SWEAR!

It looks like Cooler has won but that’s not going to stop Goku as he goes Super Saiyan (this was when Super Saiyan was still something new and awesome and before everyone and their grandmother could do it) and even review a bird. Yeah, that’s the more infamous moment of the movie where Goku Brings a bird back to life like Jesus Christ. I also found it weird how also Goku was resurrected in a cave when he got fully healed, then again also while not being Jesus related but Goku made the water rise like how Moses did for the Hebrews traveling to Egypt, maybe I should have had review this during Easter with all of this Christianity Imagery?

Now that Goku is a Super Saiyan Cooler decided screw it with his that giant death ball which he thinks Goku is Defeated and starts monologuing like an actual movie bad guy. BUT Goku uses his Kamehameha to finishes off Cooler and send him to the sun where I assume he probably sees the Phoenix Phantom from Kamen Rider Wizard. In Cooler's final thoughts he now realizes that Goku is the same child he let get away all those years ago and it is his fault he is now dead. So the movie ends with Sala still alive but is thusly killed off by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and drinking water LIKE A BOSS!

Overall Dragonball Z: Cooler's Revenge is a
I really like this movie as you could tell.

Cooler is a badass villain Compared to his younger brother He’s more intellectual, stern, and his Ego isn't like Frieza, on Paper this would sound like a horrible idea making him a boring evil villain for evil sake. However, it works through Coolers personality and actions Cooler is a menacing villain. What’s more impressive is also he is pretty smart, always going 1 step further to ensure his victory. Although near the end with his new form he does begin to act just like a 1 off anime movie villain with him proclaiming that he will be destroyed because he says so, which is a damn shame really. but other than that he was a blast to see in the movie.

Piccolo was a badass and awesome as always, Goku being paralyzed for most of the movie was a good movie on the writers with Goku being overpowered at this point in the Dragon Ball Story. The fights and animation are pretty good for the time it was made in.

Now Don’t get me wrong there are flaws like why didn’t Cooler use his Laser eye beams more because it could cripple Goku like it did before? Or how did Coolers Armor squad find Icarus even though it didn’t before? While there may be problems with the story for me there is too much good in this movie I can look over and I can still find so much enjoyment from this movie and it’s not just nostalgia talking.

Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler
YEAH doing a double feature here because I there was so little to talk about in the 2nd movie Return of Cooler which is also why I did not do a blog post last week. like this movie is so short for me to talk about I can summarize the whole movie in a sentence.

Goku and company are traveling to the Plant New Name when all of a sudden they see this giant robotic alien life form which turns out to be a Robotic Cooler, so they fight Cooler and win.

Yeah, there is not a lot to talk about here and the answer for that is because most of the movie is full of fight scenes between Goku, Cooler, the others, and Cooler's robot minions. Although while it has nothing but the action. To give you a perspective of what I mean the total amount of action in the movie begins from 15:52- 41:45 meaning that there is nothing but 26: 9 seconds fighting!

Now just because there is nothing but action in this movie doesn't mean I hate it I quite enjoyed this movie as well. I like this movie as much as I like Digimon Saver movie in the same way. I still enjoy watching this movie even if it is nothing but action and I also give this movie a 4/5.

Although me saying I only like the fighting in Dragon Ball means I am a uncultured swine that only like things that have pretty flashy pictures, and to that I say I don't like Kyuranger which means I have some culture to me. But speaking of Sentai next time I will finally give out a proper Series Review Gekisou Sentai Carranger!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saban Brands have new Trademarks for Beetleborgs and VR Troopers

Sources: Tokunation

Well, this was a Surprise! It has seemed that Saban Brands as of 4-19-17 has register trademarks for both Beetleborgs and VR Troopers for TV, pre-recorded DVDs, and random clothing apparel items. Although nothing for Kamen Rider yet (although no matter how bad that show is it's at the very lease not as bad as Kamen Rider Taisen which is still the worst thing period). This could be nothing or could mean these shows will get a reboot TV show and eventually a Live Action Remake movie. My Sources for that is the new Voltron cartoon and that is now getting a new movie so maybe Power Ranger's cinematic universe crossovers? Anyways nothing new yet regarding these properties but maybe at the latest SDCC with a Power Rangers movie sequel is my bet.

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Digimon Tri 5: Symbiosis Summary

Today the summary of Digimon Tri-Chapter 5 has been released today which goes like this

After witnessing her partner Mochizuki Meiko is hurt by a mysterious man who dresses like Gennai, Meicoomon begins to rampage once again.
“It would have been great if you weren’t born…”
Meicoomon disappeared into the Real World, who’s the distorted itself. With her holding such overwhelming power, it’s the key to destroy the world…
Hackmon appears in front of Nishijima Daigo and Professor Mochizuki, and reveals the truth.
He says Homeostasis itself is trying to maintain the harmony of the worlds, it considers Meicoomon has become way too strong, a very dangerous existence right now, they are trying to cut it down.
As the rampaging Meicoomon appeared, the count down to collapse of the Real World has begun.
Everywhere has incidents occuring one after another. Digimon who appears through the Distortion has been waiting for that time to come…
The Chosen Children return to the Real World, alienated the abnormal state of the Digital World, but they and their partner Digimon are being chased by people. While they are isolated with no support from people and desperately looking for breakthroughs, Meiko continues to worry alone.
For a girl who’s overloaded with too much burden, the voices of her comrade and the Digimons can’t reach to her.
Then harsh fate approaches to Yagami Hikari, who has the lightest and most delicate soul than anyone…
Right now, the adventure evolves once again.

This was translated by bokutachinodigitalworld.blogspot and it looks like things are starting to ramp up at this point in the story. especially with Kari and we now know why Ophanimon Falldown Mode is in the film and also what will be the main focus of the film is. Still no release date on the movie but it will be this year and maybe the final episode this year as well.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Denji Sentai Megaranger DVD announced


With Gekisou sentai Carranger releasing later this month Shout Factory has already announced that they are releasing the next Super Sentai Series on DVD Denji Sentai Megaranger release in August of this year. No other information regarding price or preordering yet but when updates are announced updates will be posted. 1 last thing, with Megarangers being announced so soon my review list will now be reworked on. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final Review

SO a while ago I had a poll on my twitter asking what I should Review next because I had no idea what to do this week. My poll was which Rider Movie should I review next? The choices were Project G4, Episode Final, and finally Missing Ace. Out of the 3, Ryuki Episode final was the victor. Now Fun Fact originally for my very first ever Review on this Blog was going to be Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final. The reason why I didn't go through with was because I just changed my mind at the last minute. I also wrote the review in a notebook.

Now Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final was intended to be the as the title of the film implied the Final Episode of Ryuki. Now Kamen Rider Ryuki ratings were pretty poor especially with the prior season Agito being the highest and still the highest of the Heisei era of Kamen Rider (sources). So because of the poor ratings, it was decided that the movie of Ryuki would end the show. But because the show ratings picked slowly the show had a proper season worth of episodes.

The movie begins with a bunch of Mirror Monsters attacking people while Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, and Ouja are fighting the Mirror Monsters with a new Rider coming in through the window. After the title of the movie we then go to a few days prior before with Shinji, Ren, Yui, and Yui's Grandmother talking about scary stories (although if you want to talk about scary stories talk about how Digimon is really Pokemon. NOT that it's scary or anything but for how scarily awful it is). Shinji tells a story about him playing with a little girl as a child and they would play again tomorrow, except the next day it was raining. But miraculously somehow the little girl still came over to play with Shinji but vanished soon after. This will be explained later on, TRUST ME!

In the morning  Shinji is taking a case involving this Marriage Swindler with a woman named Miho Kirishima. When they expose the Marriage Swindler guy in a clever twist it’s really Miho who’s the swindler. Miho escaped but Shinji and the not Marriage Swindler guy catches up with Miho. Only for that guy to be captured (and eaten) by a Mirror monster.

It's here Miho reveals that she is a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Femme. Kamen Rider Femme is notable for being the very first time ever we had a Female Kamen Rider in the franchise. Her design is a swan with a fencing sword as her card reader, while YES this is astonishing to finally have a female Kamen Rider in the franchise... HOWEVER, the execution is horrifically and I'll explain much later in the review why that is. Femme, Ryuki, and the just arrive Zola fight off the Mirror Monsters but are no match and even with the Riders Final Vent and retreat for being outnumbered.

After the fight Shiro contacts, all the remaining Riders left and tells them that there's now a time limit for the Riders and a there needs to be a victor within 3 days. All the riders fight one another and instead of this movie ending at the 30-minute mark, it's a draw between all of the Riders. Miho is pissed at everyone is alive, especially Asakura because he killed her sister so the only thing she wants now is revenge. Although Miho sister is still alive but frozen to 1 day be healed with the science of the future.

At the restaurant, Yui works at all of a sudden decided to go in this one place and dig up an old box which has drawings of the advent monsters inside it. Ok now try and pay attention to what I am about to say because this will get hectic and I think your brain will explode because of the logic here.

When Yui was a little girl and her brother was forced to be taken away she would be in front of the mirror drawing these monsters in front of a mirror to protect her with her brother not longer being with her. and for whatever reason a mirror Yui came out and told her she would play with her. HOWEVER, so much time has passed and the normal Yui is unable to go back to the normal world and if she does she will die. So mirror Yui allows this because she gives her own life but when she is 20 the normal Yui will die. In return normal Yui gives mirror Yui the monsters she drew for her and that somehow made the monsters alive and want to kill humans so that can live because they have no life at all. Did you get all that? GREAT let's move on now.

After that noise, the movie now catches up to the beginning with the Riders fighting one another. Femme and Ouja have a 1 on 1 battle but Miho is not a challenge for Ouja, and when Miho is about to die BUT here comes Kamen Rider Ryuga. Ryuga is the movie exclusive Dark Rider which would begin a tradition of having Dark Rider Repaints like Dark Kabuto, Nega Den-O and so on and so forth. He may just look like Ryuki but in all black, but it looks cool. He also knows how to be affected with his Final Vent has him with his him floating above the ground from pure force alone with his Dragon in caging the opposing opponent and Ryuga killing him with his Rider Kick. Now that's pretty badass. Ryuga destroys Ouja Contract beast leaving him defenseless so Miho goes in for the finishing blow killing off Ouja thrust finally having vengeance for her sister.

Zolda in the battle took some nasty damage also and as such he ask Reiko out and disqualified in the Rider Battle and Realize to live life to it's fullest.

Miho Take Shinji on a date as thanks for helping her finish off Ouija but Shinji is clueless about what she is saying and  Shinji goes to the bathroom while in there Ryouga comes out. Ryuga has Miho fooled to think that he is Shinji which gives him the chance to kill Miho but Ryuga needs to go back into the Mirror World from being in the human world too long. Femme goes after Ryuga but Ryuga is just too damn powerful and doesn't come close to Crashing him at all. She’s on the verge of dying but Shinji comes in and saves the day with Shinji seeing Ryuga they don’t fight however because Ryuga just leaves. Shinji thinks Miho is alright BUT... it's too late. Miho collapse and dies with everyone just walking pass her on the walk back she lays dead.

This is just FUCKING INSULTING! I mean I really, really, really cannot stress this enough how appalling and downright disgraceful this truly is. What makes this insulting is that no one is there to help her and just leaves her there and no one is helping her at all. And she is just treated as a weakling and more proof is shown throughout the whole as a movie a weak little girl. like seriously SCREW YOU INOUE. OH MY it truly has been forever since I did something like this?

I think I am overreacting and being as harsh as I am if only because Miho is our first ever female Rider there ever was and that just put a sour taste in my mouth seeing it. But the real reason this pisses me off is because this would sadly just the first of many, many, many, many, many, MANY female Rider DEATHS to come.

Ok enough of my venting. In the morning Shinji is mad seeing one of these Japanese ghost dolls to keep the rain away (they are called a Teru Teru bōzu) and it looks just like the ones he made as a kid with that little girl all those years ago. Which makes Shinji believes that he is the one to cause the Rider War in the first place... OK, that is a weird considering that I thought that Shinji playing with Mirror Yui came right after Yui was playing with Mirror Yui, and as such how could Shinji have had caused this in the first place. WELL REGARDLESS Ryuga comes in and fuses with Shinji making Ryuga can exist in the normal World, Ren sees this so the 2 fight one another.

Speaking of Yui it's finally time for Yui and her 20th birthday and Shiro comes in and says to Yui don't worry because he will bring Yui back to life when the rider war is over. Because he will give Yui the Victor power to Make Yui live again, this has been Shiro from the start. HOWEVER, Yui denies this and doesn't want Shiro to given her someone else's life and instead, she rather die instead of doing that WHICH SHE DOES. From this realization, Shiro couldn't take it and from his sorrow and realization, both the human world and the Mirror World become 1.

The battle between Ryuga and Knight makes its way to Yuri corps when Ryuga sees the Dead Yuri allowing Shinji to breaks free from Ryuga’s control. The 2 Dragon Riders duke it out with one another until both of them use their Final Vent to end it. from the smoke Shinji is the victor the However, there is still the problem of more Mirror Monsters attacking people. The movie ends with both Shinji and Ren Her shining into there Survive forms and attacking the monsters.

Overall Episode Final is a pretty good 3/5
This was a good movie with an ending I am not afraid to admit I liked more than the show ending.

Ryuki was a show that had flaws in the show, especially the end of the show, what with it basically rebooting everything in the end and meant it was all for nothing. While the ending for the movie is a opened ended ending I enjoy this ending more and take it over the show any day.

Ryuga was a straight up baller in the movie and downright a badass mofo! OK SURE where did he come from was never answered and I don't like it that the show never answered it for myself... BUT he was cool in action even pretending to be Shinji to get close to the other Riders to take them down. To me, he really was the highlight of this movie to see.

BUT the movie still had flaws too with it's pacing. the pacing feels like it takes forever to start happening, I know this movie isn't that long in the review but believe me it took its time in the movie itself. the most obvious example I can give is where Miho ask Shinji on a date twice and in the first time that happens nothing was added and at least the 2nd time it happens Ryuga comes out. and all that first shows was to just have the Agito cast to have a quick cameo in it. Then again I did watch the Director's Cut and apparently, the theatrical cut of the movie is awful so maybe it was good to the full version anyways.

Again Femme, I'll be quick saying this but SIGH her death really was the worst thing in this movie... just UGH -__-. Don't get me wrong, I thought Miho was a fine Rider, sure she acted like a jerk to worse people and stole from people but mostly it was for her sister who was injured and frozen. she had her vengeance which did make her soften up and we saw that. but her dying, in the end, NO... just NO!

The whole thing with Mirror Yui just seemed weird and convoluted and it was a reason like that (the over convoluted nature of the story) is a reason why I never really liked Ryuki as others did. Which is again why I find Ryuki to be just OK. don’t love it or hate it, it’s a middle of the Road series for me.

In 2 weeks we are doing a duology review, why is that? Well, you'll see soon enough.

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