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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Denji Sentai Megaranger DVD announced


With Gekisou sentai Carranger releasing later this month Shout Factory has already announced that they are releasing the next Super Sentai Series on DVD Denji Sentai Megaranger release in August of this year. No other information regarding price or preordering yet but when updates are announced updates will be posted. 1 last thing, with Megarangers being announced so soon my review list will now be reworked on. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final Review

SO a while ago I had a poll on my twitter asking what I should Review next because I had no idea what to do this week. My poll was which Rider Movie should I review next? The choices were Project G4, Episode Final, and finally Missing Ace. Out of the 3, Ryuki Episode final was the victor. Now Fun Fact originally for my very first ever Review on this Blog was going to be Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final. The reason why I didn't go through with was because I just changed my mind at the last minute. I also wrote the review in a notebook.

Now Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final was intended to be the as the title of the film implied the Final Episode of Ryuki. Now Kamen Rider Ryuki ratings were pretty poor especially with the prior season Agito being the highest and still the highest of the Heisei era of Kamen Rider (sources). So because of the poor ratings, it was decided that the movie of Ryuki would end the show. But because the show ratings picked slowly the show had a proper season worth of episodes.

The movie begins with a bunch of Mirror Monsters attacking people while Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, and Ouja are fighting the Mirror Monsters with a new Rider coming in through the window. After the title of the movie we then go to a few days prior before with Shinji, Ren, Yui, and Yui's Grandmother talking about scary stories (although if you want to talk about scary stories talk about how Digimon is really Pokemon. NOT that it's scary or anything but for how scarily awful it is). Shinji tells a story about him playing with a little girl as a child and they would play again tomorrow, except the next day it was raining. But miraculously somehow the little girl still came over to play with Shinji but vanished soon after. This will be explained later on, TRUST ME!

In the morning  Shinji is taking a case involving this Marriage Swindler with a woman named Miho Kirishima. When they expose the Marriage Swindler guy in a clever twist it’s really Miho who’s the swindler. Miho escaped but Shinji and the not Marriage Swindler guy catches up with Miho. Only for that guy to be captured (and eaten) by a Mirror monster.

It's here Miho reveals that she is a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Femme. Kamen Rider Femme is notable for being the very first time ever we had a Female Kamen Rider in the franchise. Her design is a swan with a fencing sword as her card reader, while YES this is astonishing to finally have a female Kamen Rider in the franchise... HOWEVER, the execution is horrifically and I'll explain much later in the review why that is. Femme, Ryuki, and the just arrive Zola fight off the Mirror Monsters but are no match and even with the Riders Final Vent and retreat for being outnumbered.

After the fight Shiro contacts, all the remaining Riders left and tells them that there's now a time limit for the Riders and a there needs to be a victor within 3 days. All the riders fight one another and instead of this movie ending at the 30-minute mark, it's a draw between all of the Riders. Miho is pissed at everyone is alive, especially Asakura because he killed her sister so the only thing she wants now is revenge. Although Miho sister is still alive but frozen to 1 day be healed with the science of the future.

At the restaurant, Yui works at all of a sudden decided to go in this one place and dig up an old box which has drawings of the advent monsters inside it. Ok now try and pay attention to what I am about to say because this will get hectic and I think your brain will explode because of the logic here.

When Yui was a little girl and her brother was forced to be taken away she would be in front of the mirror drawing these monsters in front of a mirror to protect her with her brother not longer being with her. and for whatever reason a mirror Yui came out and told her she would play with her. HOWEVER, so much time has passed and the normal Yui is unable to go back to the normal world and if she does she will die. So mirror Yui allows this because she gives her own life but when she is 20 the normal Yui will die. In return normal Yui gives mirror Yui the monsters she drew for her and that somehow made the monsters alive and want to kill humans so that can live because they have no life at all. Did you get all that? GREAT let's move on now.

After that noise, the movie now catches up to the beginning with the Riders fighting one another. Femme and Ouja have a 1 on 1 battle but Miho is not a challenge for Ouja, and when Miho is about to die BUT here comes Kamen Rider Ryuga. Ryuga is the movie exclusive Dark Rider which would begin a tradition of having Dark Rider Repaints like Dark Kabuto, Nega Den-O and so on and so forth. He may just look like Ryuki but in all black, but it looks cool. He also knows how to be affected with his Final Vent has him with his him floating above the ground from pure force alone with his Dragon in caging the opposing opponent and Ryuga killing him with his Rider Kick. Now that's pretty badass. Ryuga destroys Ouja Contract beast leaving him defenseless so Miho goes in for the finishing blow killing off Ouja thrust finally having vengeance for her sister.

Zolda in the battle took some nasty damage also and as such he ask Reiko out and disqualified in the Rider Battle and Realize to live life to it's fullest.

Miho Take Shinji on a date as thanks for helping her finish off Ouija but Shinji is clueless about what she is saying and  Shinji goes to the bathroom while in there Ryouga comes out. Ryuga has Miho fooled to think that he is Shinji which gives him the chance to kill Miho but Ryuga needs to go back into the Mirror World from being in the human world too long. Femme goes after Ryuga but Ryuga is just too damn powerful and doesn't come close to Crashing him at all. She’s on the verge of dying but Shinji comes in and saves the day with Shinji seeing Ryuga they don’t fight however because Ryuga just leaves. Shinji thinks Miho is alright BUT... it's too late. Miho collapse and dies with everyone just walking pass her on the walk back she lays dead.

This is just FUCKING INSULTING! I mean I really, really, really cannot stress this enough how appalling and downright disgraceful this truly is. What makes this insulting is that no one is there to help her and just leaves her there and no one is helping her at all. And she is just treated as a weakling and more proof is shown throughout the whole as a movie a weak little girl. like seriously SCREW YOU INOUE. OH MY it truly has been forever since I did something like this?

I think I am overreacting and being as harsh as I am if only because Miho is our first ever female Rider there ever was and that just put a sour taste in my mouth seeing it. But the real reason this pisses me off is because this would sadly just the first of many, many, many, many, many, MANY female Rider DEATHS to come.

Ok enough of my venting. In the morning Shinji is mad seeing one of these Japanese ghost dolls to keep the rain away (they are called a Teru Teru bōzu) and it looks just like the ones he made as a kid with that little girl all those years ago. Which makes Shinji believes that he is the one to cause the Rider War in the first place... OK, that is a weird considering that I thought that Shinji playing with Mirror Yui came right after Yui was playing with Mirror Yui, and as such how could Shinji have had caused this in the first place. WELL REGARDLESS Ryuga comes in and fuses with Shinji making Ryuga can exist in the normal World, Ren sees this so the 2 fight one another.

Speaking of Yui it's finally time for Yui and her 20th birthday and Shiro comes in and says to Yui don't worry because he will bring Yui back to life when the rider war is over. Because he will give Yui the Victor power to Make Yui live again, this has been Shiro from the start. HOWEVER, Yui denies this and doesn't want Shiro to given her someone else's life and instead, she rather die instead of doing that WHICH SHE DOES. From this realization, Shiro couldn't take it and from his sorrow and realization, both the human world and the Mirror World become 1.

The battle between Ryuga and Knight makes its way to Yuri corps when Ryuga sees the Dead Yuri allowing Shinji to breaks free from Ryuga’s control. The 2 Dragon Riders duke it out with one another until both of them use their Final Vent to end it. from the smoke Shinji is the victor the However, there is still the problem of more Mirror Monsters attacking people. The movie ends with both Shinji and Ren Her shining into there Survive forms and attacking the monsters.

Overall Episode Final is a pretty good 3/5
This was a good movie with an ending I am not afraid to admit I liked more than the show ending.

Ryuki was a show that had flaws in the show, especially the end of the show, what with it basically rebooting everything in the end and meant it was all for nothing. While the ending for the movie is a opened ended ending I enjoy this ending more and take it over the show any day.

Ryuga was a straight up baller in the movie and downright a badass mofo! OK SURE where did he come from was never answered and I don't like it that the show never answered it for myself... BUT he was cool in action even pretending to be Shinji to get close to the other Riders to take them down. To me, he really was the highlight of this movie to see.

BUT the movie still had flaws too with it's pacing. the pacing feels like it takes forever to start happening, I know this movie isn't that long in the review but believe me it took its time in the movie itself. the most obvious example I can give is where Miho ask Shinji on a date twice and in the first time that happens nothing was added and at least the 2nd time it happens Ryuga comes out. and all that first shows was to just have the Agito cast to have a quick cameo in it. Then again I did watch the Director's Cut and apparently, the theatrical cut of the movie is awful so maybe it was good to the full version anyways.

Again Femme, I'll be quick saying this but SIGH her death really was the worst thing in this movie... just UGH -__-. Don't get me wrong, I thought Miho was a fine Rider, sure she acted like a jerk to worse people and stole from people but mostly it was for her sister who was injured and frozen. she had her vengeance which did make her soften up and we saw that. but her dying, in the end, NO... just NO!

The whole thing with Mirror Yui just seemed weird and convoluted and it was a reason like that (the over convoluted nature of the story) is a reason why I never really liked Ryuki as others did. Which is again why I find Ryuki to be just OK. don’t love it or hate it, it’s a middle of the Road series for me.

In 2 weeks we are doing a duology review, why is that? Well, you'll see soon enough.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Digimon Tri 5 Poster HQ

Sources: With The Will
What seems like forever since the 4th Digimon Tri movie came out and the 5th Digimon Tri Poster teaser in poor Quality, the 5th Digimon Tri Poster is now in HQ. the only other thing besides that the title of the film is called Symbiosis is that this movie will be released later this year in 2017.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

toqger review

You're reading that title right, for the longest time ever of me ranting, hating and even saying this is quite possibly one of if not THE WORST Super Sentai series that I have ever seen it’s finally time for me to talk about Ressha Sentai ToQGer and explain why it’s not only overrated but also is just poor and downright awful it is.

Episode 1: "Let's Go on the Express Ressha"

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Digital-Ranger's Fresh Thoughts on Power Rangers 2017

Digital-Ranger here and on Thursday the 23rd I saw the premiere of the 2017 Power Rangers movie, and my fresh thoughts on this movie were AWESOME! LIKE this movie BLEW AWAY MY MIND from just how awesome it was! Now presumably just like all of you I was worried that this movie could be another Ow the Edge bad reboot movie from just the first Trailer and the designs. So when the 2nd trailer aired I had more faith in the movie BUT STILL hoped it would be good. Now after seeing the movie for myself I can say that I Love this movie so far it is the best Power Rangers Movie we have to date (although that's not a hard thing to try and do since the other 2 were not good).

This Blog Post is more like my first initial Impressions impressions of this movie and will be me listing off the Charters, The Good, The, Bad, and Some Easter Eggs in the movie. Now keep in mind 2 things 1. I am a person who does not like the popular option like the example I had fun with the Amazing Spider-Man movies But Jurassic World SUCKS! And 2 I never grew up with Mighty Morphin and while I respect the first season and the first team I never grew up with it. SO I do not have that personal love for the Season 1 MMPR Rangers. Spoiler Free here also so you can see the movie for yourself.

The Characters
The characters in this movie surprised me from how much I loved them. A reason why I think I love them so much is from the actors themselves because the actors themselves were all fantastic. Considering that this all of these actors first time acting in a Superhero movie like this they all did great with what they had to work with and do hope the best for these actors and hope they do bigger and better roles from this point on worse. And I will talk a bit about their characters now.

Jason while a little bland and you the basic action movie hero but was enjoyable and took charge when needed to. And Thought he was fine or at least better than the happy go lucky hot head Red Rangers of recent.

Billy surprised me and became my favorite character in the whole movie. You would think that he would be the annoying one but no he was funny and stayed out of that annoying spectrum. Speaking of the spectrum I am getting this out of the way now, Billy is the first ever Super Hero in a Superhero movie with Autism. And as a Person with Autism myself, it's nice to a person with Autism in a positive manner.

Now you would think giving Billy Autism would be a disservice character right?... WELL actually no. let me explain here, Rick from the Onyx Tavern said something about Nerds from Tv shows and Movies from the 80-90's were another form of Autism which YEAH makes sense and is believable in this grounded universe these writers are going for (link to see that video is here). SO I communicate the writers for doing something bold like this.

Zack was the one who did the least amount of stuff in the movie and he was also a bit of a wise-ass at times. BUT with that 1 scene in the movie (which I can not spoil) involving his mom, it was sweet, to say the least.

Trini was another good character in the movie. She was more aggressive and kept her distance from everyone from the group. But the reason for that is quite unique because of her family (Mom and Dad) because she does not like her decision. That decision of her being GAY! Trini is also the first Gay there has been a Gay Super Hero in a Superhero movie.

I really like this To Trini’s character because it’s not a gimmick here but instead integrated with who she is. The best part is that they don’t even blab out she is gay but it’s in the context of the movie and downplayed which makes things good. Also, she gets brownie points because she is Hispanic and there aren't many Hispanic Rangers out there. So I guess 1 FOR ME AND MY HISPANIC PEOPLE!

Kimberly was the weakest one of all because there was built up to her being this big thing she had and by the end of the movie, it felt more like the mellow drama than an actual dilemma. But her actress was

Rita was just OK and only OK. While some people say she is kinda bland and had a 1 minded goal. BUT her presence in the movie worked with her being both scary and threatening at the same time.Ruined a bit by here over action but you could see that as like “I’m evil and being evil bring me joy”? To clear up something up YES Rita is a Power Ranger making her out first ever Green Female Ranger in Power Rangers before (let's not kid ourselves here) 2 years before Kyuranger Power Rangers Adaption. And Rita is not the only former Ranger either.

Bryan Cranston as Zordon is something that  I thought worked with him being a former Ranger like Doggie Kruger from S.P.D. Zordon was the refreshing mentor to see with him being a former mentor who (Spoilers Failed fighting against Rita). And he proved to be good. While not being a father figure as he was in the show he was a good mentor with a secretive motive that came as a shocker! I give my thanks for Bryan Cranston for choosing to be in the Power Rangers movie because he believed in the script and thought this movie was good on its own.

Bill Hader Alpha was funny and enjoyable. While those eyes Alpha had been still bad (and he even blinded with those eyes but you could hardly seven notice it) You get “use to it” but Bill Hader’s performance just WORKED with his voice and Dialogue he had.

What I liked in the movie.
The comedy was great, my fellow review and good friend @PowerRangerTalk said that the comedy in the movie is more organically and feels natural compared to a Marvel Movie where there are quips almost every second which can feel over born and even ruin the scene of a movie. But here it’s done properly and I also hope Disney takes a few notes from this movie.

The passing while slow (a bit too slow at times for me) was focusing on the charters and their struggles which are so damn refreshing since basically everything after Gokaiger and post Gaim most tokusatsu shows has been cultured with nothing more than action scenes and at times bare bone charter development and also insulting.

The Tone felt Mature but not Dark. it felt like the proper of both Serious, Mature, and also know when to be funny all at the same time. Now if only other movies did that same tone of blending all 3 tougher.

The environment, while it is still saving the world the stakes were this is the Rangers own hometown in a small unknown place, where most movie showdowns are big buildings and city landscapes which can get boring now. So this was refreshing to see.

This felt like an origin story for a big cast of characters, mind you this also means not morph until the very end of the movie where at that point it was rushed. Finally, Just the chemistry between the cast worked and just them talking to one another worked and I am glad to see more of this.

The action in this movie was pretty solid, with just about almost every movie having shaky came it was nice to see something like this with only a little bit of shaky came in the movie.

What I didn't like
There wasn't too much that I saw but again fresh thoughts compared to sitting down and taking notes is a different story all tougher.

Now the last 30 minutes 30 minutes of the movie is the is the fight scenes where that was the Power Rangers fighting and yeah it was short and wished it had more room to breath or the rangers fighting the putties. and the last bit was the Megazord brawl but I am OK with that like it was fine feeling. The Zords fighting while cool but the Megazord fight scene was a lackluster fight scene only lasted a few minutes especially with the swords being used to end Goldar. I will give it some leeway because this is Lionsgate first time having a giant CGI Robot.

Speaking of the Zords, the Zords themselves just APPEAR out of nowhere. Like for us power Rangers fans we get it the Zords are made and just appear get it happened in a number of the season prior. but as a normal movie going audience where did the zords come from?

The designs still are not the best designs ever, I mean they are better in motion than just being static and still. But it would be nice to have something less busy on the other hand. Then again it could have had been worst then the concept art I suppose

Goldar is just a monster and only a monster that the rangers destroy.

Spoiler here but (The Zeo crystals. The Rangers didn’t even acknowledge or take a closer look at the Zeo Crystals, or even MOVE THEM AWAY SO PEOPLE WON’T GET HURT!).

More spoilers here (Billy dies and comes back to life which makes no sense. If Again you are an average movie goer. But for Us we know the Morphin Grid can help with life (look at RPM) but there is no dialogue in the movie to show that to the audience).

More of a nitpick here but Jason's Sword where did that come from? no explanation is given to it at all it just suddenly appears out of his hand. and the reason why this sucks is because is that they were going so well with being a team and having teamwork and RED is over there into a fancy new toy to himself just rains this. But then again #AllHailRedRanger!

Easter Eggs
As you would expect in a Power Rangers Movie there are some Easter Eggs, I won't talk about all of them (because I did not catch them all or did not notes them all) but I will talk about the ones I saw. There are some key phrases from Power Rangers like It’s Morphin Time, Make my monster grow and Key terms like Morphing Grid, and even saying Sentai, MAYBE?

In the Trailer, We saw Trini had a Z puttie toy in her house. Something similar happens but with Billy’s having a Finster, Squatt, and Baboo 93 toys in his room. A big surprise for me was they mention Mariner Bay from Lightspeed rescue which I LOVE because Lightspeed rescue is after all my season. The 95 movie theme was used in the movie.

They make a reference to Yellow being male in the movie, which is a call back to Yellow was a male in Japan while in America yellow was a female. Also on that, a newspaper had a headline with Masked Heroes (Saban's Masked Rider Movie confirmed???)! This could be a stretch here but the text for the alien Lounge that Zordon and Alpha 5 talked were in Yellow a reference to a bunch of the early subtitles that subgroups put out AGAIN this is just me here being like that but still. it seems we might get Rit's moon palace might be a thing.

To no one surprise, there is indeed a mid credit scene at the end of the movie which has TOMMY! Although we don't get to see Tommy himself we see his jacket which is green and WHITE. Speaking of JDF him and Amy Jo and make a quick appearance in the movie near the end of the movie.

By the way, JDF was booted out of the premiere of the movie. NO JOKE he was filming the movie with his phone and was booted out of the movie, I'm serious this is real. The last thing to note is when Jason was Driving and his radio was playing the ToQGer opening with English lyrics, I think! If so DAMN YOU PAN PIZZA. I'M SORRY I MEAN PAN! PLEASE FORGIVE ME LET ME ON YOUR PODCAST PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU PAN, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING!

Overall you guys I had so much fun with this movie and enjoyed and it was well worth the 3 years wait we had to get this movie. Despite Rotten tomatoes being at like a 45% as I am making this it’s still better than 2/3 DC movies at this moment. After this movie, i am more than excited for this movie sequel (because of course there would be a sequel because of the Chinese box office and Bandai of America making movie toys until Spring 2018, and the budget of the movie is only 105 million also).

The 1 thing to take away from this movie is that people will now see Power Rangers seriously and no longer see it as the goofy season 1 MMPR from the past. BUT rather it becomes like the next MCU. If this movie does well enough then this could be the big competitor to both Marvel and DC. Right now with the critics saying it’s just Ok at the moment I can hope that in time with a sequel this movie and movie Franchise can become something Great. This is really what us Power Rangers Fans have needed for such A long time, and I am glad to see some real life into this franchise again.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Power Rangers (1995) Movie Review

When I had this review in mind I was going into this review with the mentality of saying that "No matter how bad the new Power Rangers Movie sucks it still won't be as bad as this". That was before I saw the first official Trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers movie. Which showed me there is hope for this movie and this movie will in no way be Ow the Edge Grim and Gritty BUT INSTEAD WILL actually be awesome. So yeah this ruined my intro I add all planned out.

So Back in 1995 Power Rangers was at that point the biggest thing ever and a movie planned because of how successful the show was. When you watch this show as a kid (like me) this movie was epic. Until you became an adult and realize this movie doesn't hold up... AT ALL! It probably didn't help either that this movie was being planned when Jason, Trini, and Zack left the show and kids really gravitated to worse the season 1 cast. But probably the biggest blundering to this movie was this movie was made by Fox.

Since it aired on Fox Kids it would make sense that 20th century Fox to make the movie, BUT this FOX were talking about and well, how's that X-men Cinematic Universe going Fox? I joke but some of the stuff Fox wanted was just plain dumb, like replace all the actors or the infamous no mouth covers and visors look for the suits! If you want to know more what happened behind the scenes then click here. Because Fox owns the movie rights for the movie the Power Rangers show can not reference anything from the movie itself. Which also explains why Shout Factory can’t release The Power Rangers Movie or Turbo A Power Rangers Movie on DVD, so enough backstory time for the review.

The movie begins with a text crawl to explain what Power Rangers is the people that are not aware of what Power Rangers is. The Movie itself begins with the Rangers Skydiving (which feels like forever then it actually is) and the reason the Rangers are doing this in the first place that they are once again raising money for YOU GUESSED IT Charity. Like seriously much Charity work did the MMPR team do? Fun Fact JDF is a pro skydiver and even broke a Guinness World Record for skydiving in 2013.
After that, the Rangers spend time rollerblading (which AGAIN it feels like forever then it actually is) at the same time both Bulk and Skull land at a construction yard which is where this giant purple egg is shown. Zordon tells them that inside that egg is a great and powerful evil from long ago. Speaking of Zordon everyone got a movie update, Zordon, The Command Center, and Alpha 5. Even the villains got a movie update to them too. Lord Zed (with a Christian Bale Voice) Rita, Goldar, Pudgy Pig, WAIT... THAT'S NOT PUDGY PIG! WHO IS THIS GUY!?

When I saw this as a kid I assumed that it was Pudgy Pig, but NOPE it's just a 1 off movie henchmen monster (apparently his name is Mordant). Like you have to see where I am coming from, I did not begin with MMPR, I began in the Post-Zordon Era. And after seeing this movie I saw MMPR and assumed that he was Pudgy Pig, and even more confusing for my kid was that Pudgy Pig was just a 1 off monster the whole time. This was very confusing to me as a kid.

OH WAIT! Before I continue there is also this kid charter in the movie named Fred who is not awful I can say that for sure. But I can sum up all he does is used for the climax with the parents controlled by Ivan Ooze. And Also for shadows with Halley's Comet in the climax of the movie.

Speaking of Ivan Ooze, he is the movie exclusive villain and he's OK. Actor Paul Freeman hams it up in the movie but it’s also a deterrent because he is actually quite powerful and evil. He takes out the command center with ease, summons minions and destroys said minions for screw up, traps Zedd and Rita. And most evil of all when he no longer has any use for the parents he just let them all just jump off a cliff. He sounds like a real and powerful threat, but the problem is because of him joking around with him spouting out many references. so frantically it's hard to take him as serious as he should be, I love in an interview that JDF said that Ivan Ooze is the worst villain ever (possibly meaning 2 things).

The Rangers go after Ivan Ooze but Ivan Ooze has already escaped when they arrive and creates some minions from his own slim to fight the Rangers. The Rangers can't handle Ooze's minion's so they decided to Morph. The Morpheus used in the movie are the normal Morphs but buckle holder and lighting bolts color coded to each individual Ranger (and for whatever reason the morph itself is upside down). The Morph sequences are just lazy just them holding their Morpher and then the coin goes forward and then the suite, LAZY!

The rangers suits themselves they look neat. This time the suits have a more armor padded look to the, and the coin on the chest I also like. Well, they are neat until you find out these suits can break pretty easily, just look at yellow's suite in the whole movie. The helmet is always opened in places and in the climax fight of the movie the coin on the chest falls off.

When the Rangers finish off Ooze’s minions there powers start to disappear, why is that? Well while the Rangers were fighting Ivan Ooze’s minions, Ooze went to the Command Centre to get revenge on Zordon by destroying everything Zordon and the Rangers have. In doing that Ooze has also destroyed Zordon’s Time Warp making him slowly die. The Rangers are now questioning how will they defeat Ivan Ooze? Alpha says that there are powers on a distant planet but all who have tried have failed. But the Rangers are willing to try anything at this point if it means rescuing Zordon. Ivan Ooze here the Rangers are going to rescue Zordon too and sends his Tengu Warriors. NOW since Fox owns the rigs to this movie they own the name Tengu Warriors while in Season 3 of MMPR they are called the Tenga Warriors so complete difference there. YES, I WENT INTO DETAIL ABOUT THAT LET's MOVIE ON SHALE WE? the Rangers arrive on this distant planets and the Tengu warriors that till.

DAMN! Her name is Dulcea and outside of her looking hot and rescuing the Rangers, she has no purpose. Yeah, She gives the rangers their new ninja outfits but they still have to go on this quest? It would have had made sense if she was the one to give them their powers and judging the from afar but instead, all she does is just gives them footy pajamas. Also, Adams Line of "I'm a Frog" classic.

On their quest to get the Ninjetti Powers The Rangers first fight this really awesome looking animatronic bone dinosaurs which still looks nice this day (Practical > CGI). After that, they fight these rock warriors fight which is not that impressive, but nice shot with Tommy doing a V3 style spin kick, kicking that monster to that Stone Gate. Kicking said monster into that stone Gate unlock the door which housed there Ninjetti Powers giving the rangers their new powers. It's just their original suits but just this time with different animals chest coins but with this new power up they go Back to stop Ooze.

Back on earth, Ivan Ooze is giving kids some of his Ivan ooze (WOW THAT CAME OUT SO HORRIBLE). When the kid parents get a hold on some of the Oozes they are now mind controlled and work for Ivan Ooze. He tells them to dig out his old mechas that he had 6000 years ago to ruled the earth once again. When Ooze's Machines are active again they just look awful, just awful as sin itself. The CGI in the movie is just garbage, it makes Beast Wars Look like Avatar in comparison. Jurassic Park, made in 1993 still has good CGI to this day and Hell I dare say it's still better looking than that load of crap Jurassic World movie (JURASSIC WORLD SUCK, AND IS THE MOST OVERRATED MOVIE I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE)!

It's also the same for the Rangers Zords, I mean Just Look!

The Rangers destroy one of Ooze's Machines but Ooze fuses with his remaining machine which that too is ugly. The Rangers decided to from the Ninja Mega Falcon Megazord and it even looks WORSE THAN ALL THE OTHER ZORDS COMBINED... WAIT! This absolutely looks nothing like the Ninja Falcon Megazord/ Kakure Daishogun! This Megazord also doesn't have hands so why does it have hands then? And also using the Shogun Megazord Sword (which brakes in no time?). The face on the Crane Zord is elongated and doesn't even match the original face of the Show. Now you have to know where I came from I saw this before seeing MMPR Season 3. SO when I saw the Ninja Falcon Megazord face for the show for the first time and it looked like the movie Ninja Falcon Megazord, my mind was blown (like this)!

The fight with Ooze goes into space where the Climax of the film is NOT fist fight, or with lasers but instead The Ninja Falcon Megazord Kneeing Ivan Ooze in the NUTS, into Halley's Comet.  OK... THAT'S A... UNIQUE way a monster has ever been killed in the whole franchise.

When Ooze is killed and the Parents snapped out of Ooze's mind control, the rangers head back for the command center. However, when they arrive back to help Zordon it's already too late. In a last ditch effort, the Rangers revive Zordon with their new Powers which this scene right here is by far the best scene in the whole movie. It Feels like a Power Rangers moment. Although how this also fixes up the command center is another question all tougher. So the movie ends with Angel Grove thanking the Power Rangers for all they did, with Fireworks.

Overall it's a 2/5 it's not that good, but I don't hate it.
I am by no means saying that this is a good movie at all, (I truly do mean it). As a Hard Core PR fan maybe some enjoyment out of it. But casual SKIP IT! But I enjoyed this movie because mostly Nostalgia really.

Well, that's not entirely true, I like that moment at the end with the Rangers reviving Zordon, a bit cheese but still a good moment. The Fighting is pretty solid, I really love the Soundtrack of this movie remix of Go Go Power Rangers being one of my favorite ( But the best one that there is to this date is the one done by Masaaki Endou). But Story and characters, that is what brings down this movie.  

Ooze for as much as his actor hams it up could not be taken seriously at all despite how powerful he is. The Girls are is trouble frequently in the movie and scream really loud a lot of the damn time. Story yeah it's pretty bad.

Now this also Brings up another thing too I have to say I would also put this on the same level of, yes because this also follows a formula as well, a new big bad 1 off movie villain, curve stomps the Rangers, the Rangers get new Powers/ new toys to sell and win. like it does have a feeling of a Super Sentai and even Rider movie too, and I ust wanted to bring that up and that's all.

Again although I do not recommend it to anyone unless you're curious and if you're a big PR fan, starting out, but even then this movie is not cannon to the show which is ever more reason to skip this movie. Stay Tuned for next week we will be talking about the New PR movie so let see how that goes (PLEASE BE GOOD, PLEASE BE GOOD)!

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