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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Digimon Fusion Episode 18 "Welcome to the Jungle Zone" Review

Airdate: 2-25-14
Xros Wars Episode Title: "Stingmon, the Great Digimon Forest's Hero"
Pop culture quote of the episode: Stingmon-You Shale Not Pass. From Lord Of The Rings

Voice cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Shoutmon X4, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Greymon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon, Mailbirdramon, Blastmon
Christophe Smith: Stingmon
Vic Mignogna: Christopher
Neil Kaplan: Metalgreymon, Vilemon
Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn: Pickmonz
Kirk Thornton: Tactimon, DarkKnightmon,
Cindy Robinson: Laylamon
Matthew Mercer: Beelzemon, KonGoumon
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon
Michael Sorich: Deputymon, Deckerdramon, Damemon
Travis Willingham: Vilemon
Liam O Brian: Vilemon
We began the episode with the team seeing how many code crown they have and then they arrive in the Jungle Zone and just like in Looney Tunes they don't fall from hundreds of feet in the sky until they look under them. Jeremy, Angie and Cutemon are falling till Beelzemon saves them, Mikey uses some Quick Thinking and DigiFuse  Dorulumon, Starmon, and the Pickmonz to make a Helicopter, Also I wana point out one thing when we get to the Bagra HQ Damemon is Neemon From Frontier. Jeremy and Angie are separated from Mikey and we see Stingmon and he fight Beelzemon because of the whole miss understanding. We see Mikey surrounded by BLUE MegaKabuterimon and since Dorulumon went to try and find Jeremy and Angie they can only form Shoutmon X2 an summon what ever Digimon that can help them while Tactimon appears.  At the hidden sanctuary Christopher and Nene shows up, (soon Mikey shows up and rejoin the gang)  they beat up Stingmon and Lalamon so they can get the garden and the episode ends with Stingmon and DarkKnightmon going into the sanctuary.
Overall I give "Welcome to the Jungle Zone" a 3/5, it just felt like it. It was funny in the beginning with it reminding me of Loony Tunes, it had some cool fight with Stingmon and Beelzemon and also with Tactimon and Shoutmon X4B. But I think that the love sequence between went Jeremy and Angie on a bit to much for this episode.

Next time on Digimon Fusion Episode 19 "Rumble in the Jungle Zone", we are introduce to Deckerdramon, we see more of DarkKnightmon powers, and their one seen where you wana through up.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim New Scans 2-25-14

Pictures from TokuNation

  The newest scans for upcoming Kamen Rider Gaim scans are here and his newest form Kachidoki Arms (roughly meaning Triumph Arms) by using the Kachidoki Lockseedwith his new weapon the DJ Gun. I think this new form looks great esphically with the head and the chest and those flags on him, and the DJ Gun looks insetting.

Pictures from TokuNaion

And with the new Hesai VS Showa Rider movie coming up soon we sed Gaim will have Rider 1 Arms (Ichigo Arms is of course Straberry Arms) and this looks really cool, and an also mection of Gaim Arms for being the 15th Showa era rider. And adding more to the Jinba library of looks Gaim will also have a Jinba Cheary Arms added soon and is only a matter of time till we see Gaim with a Jinba Melon Arms.
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S.H. Figuarts Zangetsu Official Release

Pictures from Tokunation

It was announce that the newest Kamen Rider Gaim Figuart to be release is S.H. Fuguarts is Kamen Rider Zangetsu, being release June 2014 for 3800 Yen, $38.00 US Dollars. Zangetsu armored is design after a Mellon and is mainly a remold of Gaim since both of them have Japanese inspire armor.  Zangetsu comes with his Melon Defender and the Musou Saber and a bunch of hands, finally I love this green use on Zangetsu.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kamen RIder Gaim and Ressha Sentai ToQger Crossover?

It was announce on Toq 1 (Shison Jun) blog and a picture that their will be an crossover between the newest Kamen Rider (Kamen Rider Gaim) and the newest Sentai (Russia Sentai Tokkyuger) and the crossover will be on ToQGer. This is the newest Kamen Rider and Sentai crossover, the first one it techely "A Friend In need" with MMPR and Saban's Mask Rider, then it was Kamen Rider Decade and Shikenger crossover, and of course their's the 2 (sofar) Super Hero Taisen. I can sum up almost all the fandom reaction as they suck, I have high hopes for this since I really love Kamen Rider Gaim and thinks it is fantastic, and as for ToQGer I may have only seen the first episode and I did really enjoy it and though it was enjoyable and like it. Final thoughts will we get lock seed with the ToQGer heads, or we will get Russas  riders (imagine it Toq-oh with Gaim's head).

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Digimon Fusion Episode 16 "A Dark Cloud over the sky Zone" & Episode17 "Clash in the Clouds" Review

Air Date: 2-17-14
Xros Wars Episode Title: Episode 16 "The Dark Knight Digimon Arrives! 
Episode 17, "The Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Flies!"

Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon, Pegasusmon
Chris Smith: SlushAngemon
Joe Ochman: DonDokomon
Matthew Mercer: Beelzemon
Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn: Shakkoumon
Michael Sinterniklaas: Lucemon, Lucemon Wild Mode, Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode
 Travis Willingham: Knightmon
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon

Before I began this review I would just to like to thank a very good twitter follower @ItsJeffwii for doing these picture and these you are reading this you are great. I decide to group up these 2 episodes because 1. Both of these episodes aired on the same day and 2. I wana try something new to make me standout.
 Episode 16 begins with everyone gathering around and waiting for Lucemon becoming the new president of the Sky Zone, when Shakkoumon appears we then learn that he is the one who decides to become the next president (kainda making his presents from earlier pointless in an way). Then Lucemon is announce the next new Sky Zone president but then Lucemon then split the Sky Zone in half to get the "Phantom Mist" and then Lucemon turns into his Lucemon Wild 1st Mode and he part of the Bagra Army (originally called chaos mode in Frontier, or Falldown mode in the japan version).  I forgot to say this in my last Digimon Fusion Episode Review and Lucemon is design after the Devil and the Yin and Yang. It is not that obvious with him looking like an angle but before the devil was the devil he was GOD's best angle and named Lucifer and in Chaos mode you see the his right of him is white and his left is black. Everyone is in shocked and Shoutmon is pissed off and wants to try and attack Lucemon (I am a bit surprise Shoutmon didn't was arguing with Mikey because he basically help the villain), but Shoutmon is paralyze by AxeKnightmon (but for these episode reviews I will continued to call him DarkKnightmon because it sounds cooler). And who do we see none other then Nene, Nene proms to Lucemon that she would give him the code crown and they get the Phantom Mist, also the Phantom Mist shows that if your a Digimon pure and good you get poised. when Lucemon is about to kill them Shoutmon has enough strength to protect Mikey. Everyone has enough power to Digifuse into Shoutmon X4B and when him and Lucemon fight Lucemon reface Star Teak Next Generation when he says Resistance Is Futile. Mean while Nene is absorbing the Phantom Mist into her Fusion Loader and making all the Digimon Evil, and SlushAngemon blames it on why he went crazy before. When The Fusion Fighters try and stop Nene but then Lucemon appears and the episode ends with Lucemon  absorbing the Phantom Mist.

The episode begins with where we left off with where Lucemon is absorbing the Phantom Mist and he turns into Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode (Shadowlord Mode in frontier and Satan Mode in the japan version, how dose a purple dragon equals the Satan himself you got me) and he has Nene in the dark orb, Sparrowmon try's and help but she's get beaten up badly. Mikey says they need to save her and everyone is confuse since this was Nene fault but Mikey convince them, Shoutmon X4 and Beelzemon try and help but get beaten up as well, the Fusion Fighters retreat and what happens next with a dream sequence is something really good and you do need to watch. Sparrowmon wakes up and Mikey convinces her to fight tougher and defeat Lucemon (which means their doing the enemy of my enemy is my friend). Sparrow of course say no and things gets worst since the Sky Zone starts disappearing (which is a lot like Frontier since land was being absorb for Lucemon). Sparrow try's to attack Lucemon again and even tho she is almost dead she still fight and having an more epic drill attack that would make Gurren Lagann cry. When Sparrowmon brakes the orb she is soon captured but luckily Shoutmon X4 is saves both of them. When Shoutmon X4 is no match for them Sparrow helps out and Shoutmon X5 is created. They Defeat Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode, Mikey get the Code Crown, sparrow thinks about Mikey offer to become good, and the episode ends with AxeKnightmon absorbing what is left of the Phantom Mist.

For "A Dark Cloud over the sky Zone" I give it a 3/5. I killed the Phantom Mist part of the story, the fight between Lucemon and Shoutmon X4B was cool, and it was good to watch. My problem is that I wish the Digimon were more weaker when the Phantom Mist attacked them, and also wished that was for in the X4b and Lucemon fight.

But for "Clash in the Clouds" I give it a 5/5. I love the bond between Nene and Sparrowmon was great to watch and really was the highlight of this episode and I can not do it just and you must see it, X5 really looked cool and making it the most practical and powerful out of some of the other Shoutmon X in this show.

Next Time On Digimon Fusion Episode 18 "Welcome to the Jungle Zone!"  where the team is split up, we see more of Greymon, and we see a familiar face or faces.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Power Ranger Super Megaforce toys

pictures from TokuNation and Ranger Crew
Hello guy as you may or may not know Toy Fair 2014 was this weekend and today Toy Fair ends today. And I feel I should do an review what was shown their. Now let's talk about the elephant in the room, IE mean time to talk about the main thing that was talked about Toy Fair it was said that their was only going to be 60 Ranger Keys out of 150-160 Power Rangers. It said in this article that "There will be 60 different Ranger Keys sold in retail products, such as the Legendary Ranger Key Packs, Role Play, and Zord Builder products.  You can collect all of the retail Ranger Keys by only purchasing the Key Packs.  This number was heavily emphasized at the Booth, but I feel like it is the minimal count because this doesn’t accommodate the current Red Alien Ranger and the upcoming Red Female Samurai Ranger keys.  Red Alien Ranger key could be included in a Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger Key Pack.  We may be seeing Convention-specific Keys at upcoming events, such as San Diego Comic Con and Power Morphicon." and don't ask about the blind packs because it is not confirmed yet if their will still be any or not. I would complain more but their is a video that also have on how I feel
Legacy Toys 
Some of the Legacy toys their was the Dragonzord with no chrome (me assuming right now their might not be a chrome version because it looks like that in the picture and it may be less money, but me assuming now).
Legacy Titanus

The Legacy Titanus is finally shown and is a remold of the 2010 version that had that mix and morphing base remove (Thank you my christen GOD) and it is confirmed that the price is $200.00 Dollars. And also showing off here is the Legacy Ultrazord.   

Also some more stuff being release for the Legacy toys is Legacy figures. The Figures that were shown off was MMPR white and red with green Ranger shield and the box is done in old MMPR box.
Role Play

Silver Morpher
We start off the 6th ranger stuff and here is the Silver Spear (Gokai Spear) and it's just missing some silver and black paint not to terribly bad and also comes with the Samurai Green key. and also Silver Morpher which I am hopping (and might will) not have that Gear sound and good because it sucked for the Gokai Cellular, the Drago Timer and the Genesis Driver. And might come with the Super Megaforce silver Key (but no word on the Sold Mode key). and the best part it still have all the 6ht rangers on the key pad(but no Titanium Ranger).

what is next is the Gokai Galleon Buster with come with 2 of these disk thing which looks super genetic but safety rules for America. And it dose still look like japan version (excepted the sail with the sail and the holes in it) and will be coming with the Lightspeed Rescue Blue key.

the next armored Might figure is a no shocker with the Gold Mode armored with white on the faces, a good friend or a good twitter follower (I am bad at making friends) @JX36 said that it is support to be a shine for the helmets (and still no Titanium Ranger).
also another Retrofire to be rerelease is the Thundersaurus Megazord.


Here we have 5" Red Ranger Figure from MMPR-Megaforce with some 6th rangers like MMPR Green/ White, Zeo Gold, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Green Samurai Green, Omega Ranger, Samurai Gold, and Robo Knight.


 The Mini Zord (Furaimaru) arms is weird but I think the reason why is that is the key gimmick the Zord has, and still the figure still just looks weird. Also the combine mode was not shown at Toy Fair.

Pictures from TokuNation

The final one shown off is Turbo Falcon Megazord and it looks cool and dose look like the japan one, and you can still put the ranger key in the cock pit. And the cool part is you can make a Megazord from the pieces, and also make the Ultimate Legendary Megazord (Kanzen Gokaioh). I do that their was some other stuff shown off their but this is for official toys, also not sure if we will have another American made Zord like the Zeo Racer Zord, but they still could.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kamen Rider Hibiki Review

Kamen Rider Hibiki is a show that fallow the adventures of Adachi Asumu who one day on a trip to see his family he see a man named Hibiki. Later on he sees Hibiki can transform into an Oni and fights giant monsters called the Makamou and from then on we see the adventures of these 2. Now Hibiki is consider to be the Black Sheep of Kamen Rider because this do not have any familiar things that a normal Kamen Rider has. Most of the idea was decanted to the late Ishinomori Shotaro the creator of Tokusatsu. There's one point  in the show where it went from being a good or at lease decent rider show to being crappy near the end and it gets a lot of hated. but that is for when we get more into the review. Dose Hibiki deserve all the hate it get's? What is so different about Hibiki? And is this show has any good points? well let's just beat (Pun intended) and do Kamen Rider Hibiki
The Show
Volume 1 "The Echoing Oni": The show begins with strangely begins with a musical number and we are introduce to one of main protagonist Adachi Asumu, latter on the boat ride their he sees a man named Hibiki. A while latter Asumu and a friend of his goes off on a Journey when a soundly they are attack by this season monster the Makamou ( the Makamou are one of more unquiet monsters for Kamen Rider because you have 2 human size monster and a giant size monster which is an I interesting concept but I'll talk more on them latter) and then Hibiki shows up and just him transforming shows how Hibiki is different then other Kamen Riders. While he dose have a belt he dose not use it to transform but using basically a tuning fork, he doesn't shout Henshin he doesn't use a rider kick (but to be honest that is happening more in Kamen rider lately) and even the suit itself looks different without like compound eyes, having leather. Even his finishing move is the drum on his belt, but to be honest I think it is good look and it is a main rider with purple, also I wana point out is Hibiki started the have these little animal side kicks with the Disk Animals. Volume 7 "Majestic Breath Oni" In Episode 7 we are introduce to our 2nd ONI Ibuki and Ibuki is different from Hibiki because he transforms with a wiles and has the power of air and his weapon is a trumpet. We also learn that ONI'S can have apprentices and Ibuki apprentices is Akira. We find out that the ONI'S work for the origination called Takeshi. And latter on we are introduce to Todoki the newbie ONI who has the power of thunder and has a guitar for his weapon and changer. Volume 30 "Forging Premonition": Now at episode 30 is where everything change, and when I mean everything I really do mean EVERYTHING CHANGES. What happens was the Suits at Toei decide to change everything to get more money, the soccer moms we're complain about the show being to dark. So the staff writers change, the music change and the whole change. We are introduce to a new charter Kiriya who is suppose to be Asumu's ravel but really it is bland and predictable as you might think with 1 or 2 twist, and both of them become Hibiki appetite. Final Volume "Dreaming of Tomorrow" When The Forest of Kodama Orochi start appearing it is means it is time to defeat the final boss. the ending is alright, I mean they could have just ended at episode 37 and that would be fine. But theirs a few complaints I have, but the ending scene with Hibiki and Asumu is something that should watch.

The Ending 
The was not as bad ad other rider shows like Ryuki or Decade in that manner but still was not that great. I mean how do you explain the purple and red Makamou coming back to life (including they are in 1890's clothes none the less). and Kiriya becoming Hibiki apprentices pissed me off and it felt like another episode including like the villains.
The Charters
Hibiki: Hibiki himself doesn't really have devilment but to be honest he is just awesome. He is calm, cool headed, and wise. Also he also can kick ass and just be great.
Asumu: Asumu is a charter is real in a way. He's just an average guy who one day meets this man with powers and the it inspire him to become better and be more better himself.
Ibuki: Ibuki like Hibiki doesn't have much charter but he is more determine out of the ONI'S
Todoroki: Todoroki is the newest ONI and would decently is a bit more strong headed, but is more mature near the end of the show.
support charters: The support charters for this season are likable and dose suit the show and I do like them and they are Akira, Midori, the sisters Hinaka, kasumi, Zanki who you might know as Kenji Matsuda who played Jiro in Kamen Rider Kiva, and Hitomi.

The Music
Their wasn't that much music, I mean theirs only a total of 4 real songs in the soundtrack and the rest is just insurant songs. The insurant songs are ok to nice and just alright. Kagayaki the opening song with no words dose fit the show, Flashback is probably the 2nd best song in the soundtrack and has an enjoyable beat, Hajimari no kimi he is alright it is the 2nd opening and has 1 or 2 good points. Shone Yo is the end them for Hibiki and it is so great that we have an end theme for the Heisei era of Kamen Rider. Digi-Ranger Jukebox Recommendation Shonen Yo.

The Good
The relationship between Hibiki and Asumu: I did like these 2 charters being with each other. both of them inspire them to be better, and it was greatly shown in the show. it made Asumu being more better and becoming more adult, and for Hibiki with Asumu help he defeated some monsters in. In fact I did enjoy the relationship between the ONI'S and their pulps.
The ONI: It was nice to see the ONIS being different from the normal riders of today. They defeat monsters with musical instruments, they costly do training and their is over hundreds of these ONI'S and it was cool to see them in the show from time to time.
The Riders Not Arguing: pretty much almost all Kamen Rider show have the main Rider and secondary or more rider arguing for good or bad things (I give some exceptions like Gaim with the Many different Rider teams). but in Hibiki their was none of that and they were helpful to each other. 

The Bad
The Seconded Half Of Hibiki: Of course you saw this coming, the seconded half was just horrible. It destroy many things that were good about the show and made crap. Even Hibiki himself wanted to quite with other cast members. And had so many rewrites, even on the final day of filming they were rewriting the final episode.
The Charter Of Kiriya: I hated this charter, I mean he is just a Douche, he acts suspire and is everything. But really he is just a kid with daddy issues. It's true he became more tolerable near the end but still. And the sad part is his actor (Yuichi Nakamura) would be a much better charter in Kamen Rider Den-O as Kamen Rider Zeronos.
SPOILER Kiriya Becoming Hibiki's Apprentices: This also pissed me off, I mean Asumu was a better charter then Kiriya and it was a stupide river arc.
The Makamou: To be honest I really never liked the Makamou even before the 2nd half of Hibiki. I mean they were to weir and bazar, and not a fan of their design. Their was even an episode where one turned on it's comrades but since the 2nd half came it was more something good but wasted. Also I know their were 2 of them in the 2nd half but they were annoying.

Final verdict
For Hibiki I give it 2 scores. 
If you count the whole show then it's a 
But if only count the first half and the movie then it's a solid
Hibiki is defiantly a different show from your normal Kamen Riders and is not everyone cup of tea. But just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad (except the 2nd half of course).
For alternate Recommendations I Recommend Kamen Rider Kabuto if you want a more better show that is more fluent. And for Anime Recommendation, if you want something more like the Hibiki movie then I Recommend Inuyasha.
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Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Shoutmon Figure

In the Digimon Fusion Toy line the first one that will be review is Shoutmon the mascot for Fusion. Now time to open him up and see is this guy worth your money.



Out of the Package Shoutmon is in 10 pieces with his star sword. Shoutmon Design is a small Dragon type Digimon. Some notable details on Shoutmon is he has Headphones (because Xros Wars has a Music theme) with some white and some dark Gray.
The articulation is head can move but can easily come off, arms can move but is a bit hinder, and legs have a good monition.

The only thing he comes with is his star sword made up from the Starmon and the silver Pickmonz. And his Shoutmon Card even tho it says StarSword (DF-003)
Picture from
  Alterations between this and the Xros Wars was first that this is a different mold and not the same as the Xros Wars figure and the American toy have ball joints. The Xros Wars Shoutmon was super small, like some where around his wast and the American version is bigger have some holes in his V, he did not have silver on his belly sand his feet (I added that myself). The Xros Wars could only move his arms but a pro is that it could open close his mouthand had a Shoutmon combination head. As for the star Sword the American one it was just the StarSword with no paint and was flimsy plastic and has a hole in it. For the Xros Wars it could have the Starmon with a hole in it, and also have 2 silver Pickmonz, 2 white Pickmonz, and 1 Red pickmonz, they were all yellow and had pegs on then so you can connect them. And finally it came with the Shoutmon Mic and the Agumon DigiMemory while in the Anerican version it came with a card and no Mic.

Should you Buy This?
I say yes. If your a fan of Shoutmon in either Fusion or Xros Wars then you should buy it, If you never got the Xros Wars toy and want a Shoutmon toy then the Fusion one is a great alternate. Over all this is a nice toy that just needs some paint and it's Fun, BUT I DO STRESS THAT YOU CHEAK THE BALL JOINT SOICKS FOR ANY STRESS MARKS.  
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