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Monday, November 23, 2015

Digimon Tri Movie 2 poster

Sources: V-mon Facebook page

Over this pass weekend we were so graceful saw the first of Digimon Tri and right now I really like it and will be giving my feather thoughts next week (and well because of that my GP, Youngou, and also Faiz re review Sourta will be delayed and also go into next year I think) . here we the trailer for the next movie and first the best part the next movie will be release in march and since anime work seasonally the movies will come out every other season and late 2017 is when all of Tri will be out. In the poster we have Rosemon and Preciomon fighting against Imperialdramon (which explains the advertisement for new D3 Digivices being release soon enough) which gives us some clarification on the Zeo 2 cast since as of now we know nothing of them as of now the are MIA and some theory have been said that Imperialdramon has been corrupted. Digimon Tri episode 2 I'm glad that it is getting release very soon (ARE YOU HEARING THIS EVA MOVIES WHEN WILL THE LAST ONE BE OUT?) and well just excited for the next movie and hope more info will come like early next year.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Digimon Tri DarkKnightOmegamon


With Digimon Tri airing in japan already we have something new in stored for the next movie and that is DarkKnightOmegamon. And HOLY HELL IS THIS EVER SO AMAZING I mean the original Omegamon was so badass before but this WOW, just WOW I'M SPEECHLESS to describe the amazing picture in front of me. I mean everything just works here with the main color of this design being all black, the muted colors in the weapons, the cloak (you can never go wrong with a cloak)  and a personal thing battle damage for his face, this I think could probably be my new favorite design Digimon I... I just can't praise this design enough it is perfect and I can't wait for a much clearer image with more detail on this and also dome new info on the 2nd Tri movie.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mega Man V. Astro Boy end results

So the Death Battle between both Mega Man and Astro Boy happen and if you could not tell by this picture Mega Man lost and Astro boy is the one who has won the battle. My personal thoughts are I'm bummed out about this but again more of a Mega Man fan here (you know a good friend told me that all the Death Battle wins are the ones who you don't think will win). But unlike a bunch of people who get mad at Death Battle wins (I'm of course referring to that 1 minute melee of Naruto V. Luffy, I MEAN THEY SAY "no research" in the begin of their battles) I get it and well get it and understand if my charter did not win. Overall I did enjoy this and things like the sprite animation, the fighting itself, and also learning more about Astro Boy (except for the fact on how he refuels himself, BUT I DIGRESS). The Next Death Battle is between Green Arrow and (OF COURSE) Hawk eyes (who else would it be), BUT I’m personally excited for the day when they do either something with Digimon or Guyver, ESPHICALLY GUYVER just because I love Guyver so MUCH.

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Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger on set photo?

Sources: Tokunation 
A brand new image for the upcoming Sentai Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger has been shown today of the red ranger and him looking a lot like Toq 1 (it's not I zoomed in really close and on the wrist cuff we see a black around the cuffs. More rumors have come up saying that (also take this with a grain of salt) this show is a 3 man Sentai being like Sun Vulcan with red being a bird, blue being a Shark, and yellow a big cat and yellow is a girl. more info is given with 2 more Rangers will join the team and they are a boy and girl combo. The Mech for the show is also rumored to have a lion form with the wings of the bird of prey mecha would wrap around the head of the leopard to create the lion. it is only a matter of time until we do get official scans which will be here in a matter of time wither being this month or next month.  
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