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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Digital-Ranger's top 5 problems with Kamen Rider Faiz

Hello everyone and happy last day of 2015 so happy new year’s people. Through the Entire month of December I've basically review everything Kamen Rider Faiz related from his movie the Yongou move (with also doing GP) and you are defiantly asking yourself why did you do this in the first place? Well to be frank after watching more Rider shows it made me really think that Faiz is just a sucky show in general and I really wished that I did not give it The X Virus Award Seal of Failure my first time reviewing it. So to make up for that I decide to do a little re review of Faiz and also cover what I’ve have had not seen of Faiz yet so I can basically never remember this show again. So with that out of the way here is Digital-Ranger's top 5 problems with Kamen Rider Faiz!

#5: The Production
I will keep this short and simple the production for this show is very screwy with like Kaixa phone having an Excise Charge it has the Kaixa belt noises and then later on in the show it has the Faiz belt sound, and on top of that the lines where they form Faiz suit making it too big for him is always off putting and you content have had done a better job than that like making the main actor put on the suit and then cut to the stunt men doing the fighting, I mean for real man. But whatever this is more nick pick on my part than anything else, not so much for everything else on this list. 

#4: The Villains
I know for a fact that a bunch of people love the Orphnoics from Faiz because they are basically like the X-men where it deals with prejudges and races stuff and they have a clear goal of world domination but still the villains are bad. More specifically Lucky Clover, they are built up to be the best and strongest of all of the Orphnoics of them all and the toughest challenges the heroes have to overcome right? Wrong. They are introduced way too early in the show like episode 11 and they are the main villains for the show and they are really not that strong or that inserting. I just sourta hate or annoyed with all the members and some of them being noteworthy. Mr. J was just there to die (and yes even in Toku the black guy always dies first), I hated Itsuro Takuma he like was a courted and annoying and just a pain to get through, Saeko Kageyama ok I'll give you this she was the best and probably the best out of all of them so fair enough you have 1 good one. And finally you have Kitazaki who I don't like or hate really he has always seemed weird and yah all I can say just weird. For as much as they are said to be the best in the show they really are not and just lack luster as hell. 

#3: the Writing/ the Story
This show is just so mean spited and just not fun, with everyone being mean and or a jerk to everyone it is hard to it is hard to root for someone (I’ll get more on the charters in a bit). This was heavy a Toshiki Inoue series which is why you have a bunch of things like women in refrigerators, everyone really is an asshole, and a crappy ending. I know People will point out things like this being the first season with the main hero being one of the monster for the first season but not really with 1 thing all the monsters taking the belt for themselves and 2 it technically happen in Kuuga with Godai turning into a Grongi. But what really Grind my Gears is that people who says that Faiz is Dark and Grimm and GRITTY, no just NO I mean something and be mature but using Dark, Grimm and Gritty, no just not that phrase is just no. epically living in a with with "GRIMM AND GRITTY REBOOTS" they always miss the point of being fun and what made the original so charming and ALWAYS SUCKING, ALWAYS.

#2: Kusaka
FUCK THIS BASTURED! Kusaka is a HORIBBLE charter which not even Faiz fan like him! He is a slime ball, a back stabber, a bigoted against the Orphnoics even when Kiba was a good guy and willing to help the others he did not like it and needless argument between both of them, always attacking anyone that get in his way between Mari and his relationship, the 1 sided stocker relationship that is almost on the same levels like TWLIGHT, WHEN I AM COMPARING WITHER THIS OR TWLIGHT ROMANCE IS THE SAME YOU KNOW SHIT GOT REAL (but to be honest I really don't know which is worst at the moment). The only good I can say about him is that HE DIES and that is all I can say, HELL EVEN THEN THAT COMES BACK AND PISSES ME OFF WITH FUCKING KAMEN RIDER TAISEN AND I WOULD STILL TAKE THIS SHOW OVER THAT PILE OF SHIT ANY DAY. And on top of all of that he is known as the Black Sheep of Kamen Rider Bottom line is I hate him and he is the 2nd most evilest charter in the #1 evilest charter is of course Captain Ryuuya from Timeranger who’s is still the more evil.

#1: the Charters
I don't like anyone, I just do not like anyone in this show, there is not a single person for me to like in this entire show, everyone is either to mean spirited, a asshole, just annoying that I just can’t like a single person. I just can’t live good examples because it would be really hard for me to do that since I would be repeating what I would say over and over I do not like anyone, they are annoying or an asshole or just down right mean spirited, I think the women get it the worst since a lot of them are just there to more the plot along for the men since vaginas are gross and stuff. I do mean it when I say this these are the worst charters in a show I have seen (the worst period is again Kamen Rider Taisen).

Final Verdict on Kamen Rider Faiz 3/10
This is not a good show

And as such I am giving Faiz the award it gets The X VirusAward Seal of Failure an award for the worst of the worst and must NEVER BE SEEN BY ANYONE!

I do not like Kamen Rider Faiz I just do not think is good at all from poor charters but if you do like then fine I understand maybe someone do like these charters, there is a bunch of good suit design, music is really great and some of the effects still hold strong today but I really do not want to re watch this show which was boring means spirited and just bad.

And now it is the end of 2015 and wow this was an good year, I review Kamen Rider Ryuki which was meh, Review Kamen Rider Blade which was fine with a amazing ending, Review Hurricanger which was good, review Timeranger which was amazing and probably my favorite if I didn't see Abaranger first. And 2016 will be my biggest year yet with it being the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider, the 40th anniversary of Super Sentai so as such I'm going ahead and reviewing some anniversary seasons of both franchises, and start something new.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Kamen Rider Yongou Movie Review

Kamen Rider Taisen GP was well pretty much sucky and I would list off why that is but I said all my complaints about a million times at this point so who cares right? But in GP a major plot hole not restore in the movie was Gou death and instead of just like you know re writing he is alive since just about everything went back to normal they then make an extended long movie. OH YAH cause instead of doing something simple as that just make another movie to fix all the problems. I know sound like a smart ass right now but in all honesty this is a pretty good movie and would haply rewatch this movie anytime.

The movie begins with a recap in what happen in Kamen Rider GP and Gou is still dead (an on his Tomb plate it say he was born in 1996... I was born in 1996 that is the only reason why I bring that up). Snoski then wakes up and Kiriko call him with that he’s late to see the movies with her and but just then both Yuto and Takumi come in and then says he needs to come with them to fight Shocker because they are attacking the city. When they do arrive Gou also comes in and helps and then Gou dies and then time resets itself again, and repeat that 2 more times but replace the 3rd death with Snoski and that well the  First half of this movie done with. This is basically like the Edge of tomorrow (I went with that reference because I never seen groundhogs day and really liked Edge of tomorrow), but I gotta say how this first half done with things like the setup, the villains getting more powerful, and just how the charters interact is also a delight as well I mean just this 30 minutes is a lot more bearable and enjoyable how these charters interact with each other is great in general compare to well all other Taisen movies (except Z which I still say is the best Taisen film).

Part 2 begins with again Snoski waking up after dyeing and going after shocker again but now this time when Snoski died Gou now sees himself die from GP and more evidence of that is when Snoski clock says the weather and month is 4-4 it is the same for when Gou sees it as well die (I also find out this movie take place in April... I WAS BRN IN APRIL weird how weird also Gou does wear a shirt that says Arizona and I live in Arizona what does this mean?). After another death Time resets itself again and this time Yuto goes to find out what’s wrong and he finds out that this time line is corrupted and this time line also has Gou still alive and they simply can’t go back and change things because the Time alteration machine is still active and that is how Shocker is doing all of this. Earlier they were the team was getting spied on someone and that someone is Kaidou who then transforms into his Oriphnoic form and then gets away because Mach saves him and I’ll explain why latter.

After another death with Mach (Gou you die more times than both Kenny and Leomon combined tougher) and the whole team discuss on since Gou died he is the origin point on why Gou is still alive in this time line so Gou and the feelings for Gou death feeling form her sister is strong it is related to the time alternating machine, and then decides to kill himself but Takumi says don’t do it because think of your love one and how they might feel. So yah double edge sword do we just let Gou die and the time go back to normal or just let Gou Live and Shocker get more stronger and still letting time repeat but this is not the biggest problem they have the biggest problem they do have is Shocker’s ultimate plain is now in effect Kamen Rider Yongou. 

Kamen Rider Yongou while design is not the most pretest design ever does what it need to do and that look like a military and ready for combat looking design so for that I can commemorate the design of this suit. he also has the sky cyclone an air plane and even has flaps for flying like sky der, all we need for like is a Kamen Rider GoGo and him to be sea base, OH wait we already do his name is Kamen Rider Aqua, who no one either remembers and or care about. Yongou then comes in and defeats the other rider with ease and then Time reset itself again and now they don’t know what to do.

Part 3 is where things start to get more serious now with this day keep repeating a lot more times and the other Riders keep on losing to them and Shocker gets more powerful and the thing that pissed me off a bit bringing back more Dead Rider and that alone brings up a lot of questions and my only reason on why they did it was Toei was too cheap to make more Yongou suits but well That's Toei, what do you expect? Eventually they do find Shocker base and when they do find their base they are still at a disadvantage and even kidnaped Kiriko and Gou and then Kiriko decides to kill herself if it's the only way thing can truly go back to normal she does and again before I can call out women in refrigerators the time loop happens again and showing she is not the source of this and the source of this is Takumi. 

And now we get to what Kaidou stick in the whole movie and he felt like Takumi has had enough and wanted him to take a rest and deserve rest because of all of his trials he has faced and all the ones they both lost and that is why Kaidou is getting in the way, I may not like Faiz in general I mean my final post for the year is about me saying why I don’t like Faiz but I can appreciate this moment for what it is and how good this moment is. Takumi says screw it and they go to defeat Shocker and then the Good Riders defeat the dead Riders and Drive defeats Yongou and proving Drive is more what it takes to become a Kamen Rider then he is and Yongou is just a shocker Rider. Then Kaidou arrives once again to stop Takumi but then he then decides to kill Kaidou and then before Takumi can destroy the time alternating machine The Great Leader comes in and reviles himself that he is 

No it's Takumi because… well I don’t know why I mean I talked to people why and best I got was from  @Des_Shinta on Twitter why that is and he told me why is because quote “my best Guess is he’s always been a shoplifter, so he took Takumi’s form to use Signal Faiz to control the loops. As hay that’s a good, subtle reason for why Signal Faiz was following the Riders around the net movies; Data gathering. The origin of the signal Faiz at all and its anti-timeline-distortion ability though…that’s a plot hole, lease in GP” and that’s the best I got and also explaining the Signal Bike from this movie. And with that Takumi then shoot at the great leader.

And with that the movie ends with everything going back to normal like it was and Takumi not exciting in this time line and making Kamen Rider Faiz as a whole not exciting as a whole (until next year’s Taisen film that is)

Overall I give this a very strong 3.5/5
This was GOOD like a very enjoyable and fun to watch GOOD!
Thus really should be what the Taisen films should be for now on with everyone contributing something to the plot and their charter interaction. This honestly does feel like a breath of fresh air for once with this franchise that is contusing pissing me off but here it is DAMN enjoyable and you should watch it. I mean my real only complaint is like the Rider suits being use with no context on how they are revived and just there, and also still the Great leader and stuff. But other than that I found the story while slow at first really picks up fast, good charter chemistry and just glad to see something new in general. Come back next week when I give the final post of the year which is a rereview on my part on why Faiz suck so I will never talk about that Kamen Rider season ever again.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 Taisen movie



Quote from my Kamen Rider GP Review

"as I am writing this review 12-17-15 there are no new plains for a new Taisen movie planed any time soon but then again it could just be like FNAF and they could announce the next Taisen movie the very next day."

you are not miss reading that people the day I finished up writing my GP review I checked online and BAM a brand new Taisen filmed announce, reason on why I waited till now to finally post it is because I soul wanted to use the Some call me Johnny clip of FNAF 4 because Johnny totally called FNAF 4 would come out soon enough after he finish his video and same thing with me when I finish revising my GP review. NOW what makes this one have more questions to it is because we have had no word on it till this pass weekend and will be release in MARCH you heard me  MARCH which is like only 3-4 months to do so already this movie will suck on arrival and prove hat the only good Taisen film is Z which may have flaws is till worth watching over the other crap Toei keep doing. celebrating the 45th anniversary of Kaman Rider MY ASS, if GP was like let's go Kamen Rider then maybe this one will be like the first Taisen film at the very lease. but that is too much I'm asking for and with no doubt suck no matter what, but at lease have 1 thing going for it in that it is still not FUCKING KAMEN RIDER TAISEN (seriously WHY do you like it and at this point I'm asking
legitimately on WHY that is no BS or anything  I am asking on WHY THAT IS). And another good I can say is that I have a good idea for Decembers

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Kamen Rider Taisen GP Review

Last year I review Kamen Rider Taisen and to sum it up short I consider it to be the absolute worst thing period and was just a giant shit in the grave of the great Shotaro Ishinomori's legacy with things like pointless retcons, making all the Showa rider assholes, and the worst crime of them all saying your love ones death do not matter. So yah just about anything would be better then what happen last year (I’m already saying this this movie sucked but it is defiantly better than last year’s movie) and if you like it well then you’re dead to me, I know that sound like a dick thing to do but sorry that movie is just god awful. So for this year’s movie instead of doing this awesome idea of a lot of deceive Toku shows teaming up they instead had Kamen Rider Sangou who people who barely know about and or probably cared about because most people really don’t care for the Showa era except for hard core fans of Kamen Rider as a whole. Time for some back story now you see Kamen Rider 3 excited in a 5 page manga called Kamen Rider 3 vs. General Black where in that manga a human is modified by Ghost Shocker to defeat Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo but escapes and then meet up with both Ichigo and Nigo and fight tougher and this was going to be in the show but was scraped and gave birth to Kamen Rider V3. Now the reaction of people for this is they say this is the best Taisen film and people say this is the worst Taisen (Didn’t you see the shit that happen in the last movie) and also this bombed in Japan where people did not like it and as I am writing this review 12-17-15 there are no new plains for a new Taisen movie planed any time soon but then again it could just be like FNAF and they could announce the next Taisen movie the very next day.

The movie begins in a junk yard and a TV replaying the last episode of the original Kamen Rider series and them defeating the great leader *SPOILER ALERT* and them ridding their bikes as the original show ends but the story for this movie is just begging sadly I know. Both Ichigo and Nigo are ambushed by a car and the person driving that car Kamen Rider Sangou, I really like Kamen Rider Sangou design with taking design elements of Ichigo and Nigo but updating them and it just looks amazing… but if I had 1 complaint with the design it would be his shackles they are completely pointless and no he was not chained up or anything and it was not he was chained up if the first place in face he just comes straight the hell out of nowhere. Ichigo and Nigo put up a fight but fail and die AND BOOM not even at the 5 minute mark (like 4:48) and they done fucked up, like with no Ichigo and Nigo no V3 and he is in this movie (there are more problems like that but I would be here all day if I day and this is not the first time Let's go Kamen Rider was the first to do that (and I should maybe do that next year with it being the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider and what not) and now shocker is in the control of the world and time has now been rewritten (I SO WISHED I REVIEWED FAM WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE TO REVIEW IT).

Cut to present day with Kamen Rider Drive kicking a Riomuid in the ass, Drive was a good show I mean it took forever for it to be good with the first 20 episodes being nothing but a waste of time but it did get awesome near the end but that is how all of Riku Sanjo shows go and I do say that Drive is the most Riku Sanjo show Riku Sanjo has ever Riku Sanjoed. When Drive finished beating up that Riomuid a green energy wave occurs (note that a shift bike went into drive holster before the wave hit’s note that for latter) and now making changing everything where now shocker rules the world and probably the biggest change is now Shinnosuke is one of the Shocker Riders. You see now that Shocker rules the world they have Shocker Riders to defeat any Riders not under Shocker’s rule, and this is a personal nitpick on why they didn’t do design updates to like upgrade the Shocker grunts design since we do forget they are just humans after all and also give their shocker Riders Shocker themed Rider designs like Kamen Rider Drive type shocker but again nick pick from me.

At a race track where a bunch of kids are Shocker troops in training led by General (black and how is here even though he's dead?) we then see Minami Kohtaro Aka Kamen Rider Black here to stop him.  Yes Tetsuo Kurata is back as black in this film and I should be really happy about this since Black while being my favorite Showa Rider and also first review on this blog (which none of you should read it's god awful I hate that review) well here the thing he does exactly jack are really is just here to make a cameo and that's all which is a very recurring thing in this film and this film alone. Snoski comes in and start at attacking Black and other monster when they stop entirely when Sangou comes in and we come to a problem with this film Snoski is shocked that shocker would go ahead and aim at the children but if this is a new time all tougher with him living in his time then he should really know this. They all stop fighting when Sangou comes in and creates a distraction by telling Drive to fallow him and just too then tell Snoski he’s not worth fighting JACK OFF! after that Black Dies and Drive's commander dies as well and GLAD TO FUCKING SEE THAT WHEN HE DIES THEY FEEL SAD FOR HIM AND FUCK YOU SO MUCH KAMEN RIDER TAISEN!

Otta (Snoski coworker) turns to a shocker monster and takes General Black takes Kikido and well she breaks away telling drive this world is wrong and need to fix this world and she dies (I would call out a women in refrigerators moment but she does not really die as we will see latter and also Snoski crying out Kikido name I know emotional but it sounds like he’s going through puberty). Sangou comes again to distracts the other monsters again and after getting away Sangou reviles his human form and face Kurio Kyouiciro (and major props for getting someone older then a pretty looking young face to be in this role) and Kurio says to Snoski that Ichigo and Nigo are alive but they souls are being kept in an electronic brain in Rider Tower and ... 0___o I know the Faqu but accepted because since. Riderman and V3 WOW is it me or is V3's suit really bright in this movie because it was not even in the original series? Sangou Henshin’s I also really love Sangou’s Henshin with the boosters, and also joined by Mach who I’m also sure enough design would be effected because no Kamen Rider Super 1 no base design for mace. The 3 run away into the woods when Kamen Rider J comes in and get them but then the other riders get away and also meet by Kamen Rider Zeronos aka Sakari Yuuto who and he just barely comes off from just a cameo into an actual main charter in this film, and tells Snoski this time is not right as well and then Snoski just leaves for some time in the movie with no adamant explanation.

Now the next 1/3 of the movie will be filler. I mean first we have Kamen Rider Garren reprise by Hironari Amano looks like he was in trouble but all of that was just a giant fool you so they could get the good riders and defeat them only to be defeated by Sangou who came out like the Kool aid man to save them (also they screw uped by having Garren gold helpmate instead of his reargue one). Next we have the Faiz cameo and does exactly jack as well (but it is more for his appearance in Yongou) sure you could say that he reviled that Sangou is a shocker Rider but that is showed the very next scene. Speaking of which in the morning when Zeronos getaway from the Shocker Riders Sangou reviles he has planned this from the start as well as the great leader to get the best Rider to defeat a. so let me get this straight he purposely attack his own troops and other rider and even thought their was a good chance they would have had died from either the none shocker riders or him since he had so much power in his punch just to gather them? You know I would use the Austin powers clip of over complicated plain… BUT I could not find it on YouTube so instead I will use the next best thing, god bless the SGB's. 

Snoski comes in as well and then challenges the great leader to a Grand Prix and he accepts it because he’s SMRT and in the morning the Grand Prix happens, I mean it is in the main tittle of this film so it is only natural that this would happen but it’s only 15 minutes long so yah. And it’s a pretty boring match as well with 99% of these guys are Shocker rider sit takes a bit of drama out add Gou (who will latter appears straight the hell out of know where in the final battle) and Yuuto instead of chaining him and Kiriko up. Speaking of coming straight the hell out of nowhere it happens to Chaser and Black Rx and that all, and Faiz as well and in the film both him in Accel and Kabuto Clock up are the same speed and their not to far off on that believe it or notSangou is an idiot and is attacking his own team mates on purpose and he says that he is doing this because he wants to be the very best like no one ever was but it really comes off as he is doing it because the writers want more action in the movie. When it looked like Drive is going to lose Deusexmachina like no Drive with Formula and the rider boosters and also on the subject GP had no toy tie in what so ever compare to all the other ones like none at all, and with that Sangou lost and Drive is the winner anti climatic as hell.

Believe it or not but that is not the end and this was also planned by the Great leader himself and then taking the strongest warrior or Sangou I mean he did lose after all he is now Kamen Rider Megazord called Rider Robo! And he starts erasing people with his time erasing machine and then Ichigo, Nigo, and Sangou break free because friendship and will power and other crap like that, and I admit they then start using the original Kamen Rider theme while they all fight so that alright by me which also makes the other Riders break free from their control and now free from the Shocker control. Gou comes back from somewhere and then dies, yah just dies and he is left dead when the end happ… nah he comes back in the Yongou movie which shale be explained there.

It still looks like the Riders are having trouble fighting off Rider Robo and then uuuuhhh the Ninninger come in and help. I know I said I hated ToQGer in last year’s review but as of Now Ninninger is currently the worst Sentai I’ve seen with just being dumb, annoying, nothing happeing and of course Takaharu, FUCK YOU TAKAHARU YOU’RE A CRAPPY RED AND ONE OF THE WORST THERE IS! BUT what gets me is that in this year’s crossover they obviously say that they are from another dimension and they went back to their own dimension at the end and yet they are here to make the status quote and with Drive getting a shrunken for some reason I don’t know how that happen they form Drive  Shurikenjin Tridoron. It’s eeeehhhhhhh I don’t feel strongly about the design 1 way or another it’s just I don’t care about it at all really and this was so made to be a toy but no toy of this was made so in that regard it crappy but whatever they defeat the great leader everything goes back to normal like none of this ever happened in the first place what so ever except for Gou is dead but not really because of Yongou movie and well more bull shit like that. 

Now if I can give this movie any good pros it would be the ending like I really love the end credits with the art looking like what Shotaro Ishinomori himself would draw and also “Who’s that Guy” I freaking love that son like top 5 Kamen Rider Insert song.


I mean I'm being serious here I got pretty lazy writing this review and forcing myself to do this against my will and practically felt like i was locked in a room all day to write this. Sangou was ok I mean him killing Ichigo and Nigo and soura feeling regret from it was good, until the part came from he wanted to be the best at any cost got in the way then after that it was meh and shallow after that. So is this bad yes some 2nd thing is does this deairve the X Virus award no and that is only because none of these events ever happen in the first place. I mean this was not one of my best reviews got lazy and didn't feel like going back and well now um well just. Now I'm blanking out and just ending this review by saying this sucked no originality and the Yongou is much better  and you should all look at the pictures in the end credits and here "Who's That Guy" and come back next week for the Yongou review.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pokemon V. Digimon Death Battle end results

.......... that is basically my responds when I saw this. So yes the age old discussion has finally ended and Digimon is the winner and I guess that it means that Digimon is superior to Digimon for now on right? Well as always it is a personal presences on what you like but stature wise Digimon is more powerful then Pokémon (epically putting one in a very mutilated manor that just breaks you inside). I enjoyed this battle not just the obvious Digimon one of course but also what they also brought up as well with like the relationships between Pokémon and Digimon with Pokémon being friendship and... slavery and also for Digimon friendship and equal footing, speaking of which my favorite part in the entire Death Battle was when Tai punches Red in the face and even giving him a black eye. So yah some additional notes the voice acting is really cool and it would be awesome if tri ever get dub they would use the guy who voiced Agumon and Tai (but I know that will never happens because modern Nickelodeonis basically the 2ndest evilest thing and must die, Link 1 and Link 2, and also Saban is real cheap as well) and also one of the voice actors did the music and you can listen to the sound track here. So over all a lot of fun and glad this finally put this debate to a rest, my only question now is when are we getting a battle between Guyver unit 1 and Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle?

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger toy scans 12-15-15

Sources Tokunation 

PPPPPFFFFF new and clearer toy scans for  for Jyuuouger has been showed today and more of nothing that pops out (toy that is because this is something really inserting to report). First the Changer for the morpher  Jyuuou Changer and it's not good it's a rubix's cube and cell phone tougher as a morpher with 3 mods henshin, shokan, gattai). But what is cool is it has these little figures which is a lot like B-Commander from Jukou B-Fighter which is cool but which the figures were painted and they were painted for the Jukou B-Fighter toys but that depends on their size. 

Next is the Jyuuou Buster which is a sword gun and yah bland and not doing it for me (do like the base of the gun is red white)

Jyuuou Eagle has a sword and i really like his, I KNOW ME SAYING SOMETHING POSITIVE. It's called the Eag Raiser and it's a sword whip and so far his is the best looking weapon their is so far.

The first of the Auxiliary is Jyuuou giraffe which can turn into a gun but nothing much else to say.

Cube Elephant meh...

 Cube Tiger (i see that the girl mecha form the crotch's for this season I am ok with this).

Now here we have Cube Gorilla and this is where things start to happen with the ranger suits because with this Jyuuou eagle can become Jyuuou Gorilla (which explains the rumors of this being a 3 men Sentai with also starting off with 6 rangers).

And combine tougher gorilla, tiger, and elephant dorm Jyuuou wild not bad but not my style. Better then first impressions but still this style is not my cup of tea but still hope the show is good in the end.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Kamen Rider Faiz The movie: Paradise Lost Review

Yup I'm back people talking about Faiz again, and I'm not happy about it either people because on top of not liking the show I also do not like talking about it in general because just in general Faiz always put me in a bad mood but I digress. So were talking about the Faiz Paradise lost and Parades Lost refers to a 10 book poem about (getting the info on here) “Its subject is the Fall of Man; it also tells the stories of the rebellion and punishment of Satan and the creation of Adam and Eve. Milton declares that his aim in the poem is “to justify the ways of God to men.” I have not read the poem so if I’m missing some religious meaning or something like that in this film please let me know for I'm not that much of a religious guy in the first place. And also on the top of things since this is a The Toshiki Drinking game here are your rules, get your shot glass and get ready to feel sick in the morning.

The movie begins with Smart Brain members delivering stuff but they are really a resistance movement against Smart Brain led by a guy names Mizuhara and Take a Shot he’s an asshole but I'll explain that latter. The reason why they are attacking Smart Brain is because they have had created 2 new drivers and these 2 new belts will granite Smart Brain a win which is why the resistance is attacking Smart Brain. But it does not go well with Smart Brain prepare themselves and have Orphnoch's on stand by and they kill the intruders, that is until Kusaka comes in and saves one him and yes Kusaka is our "hero" because this movie is a what if movie. And this is a “What if the Orphnoch's were in control of the world instead of the humans” which I admit I'm a sucker for what if stories, in fact I even own the “What If the Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man?”

Back at the resistance base (with Mari as the lead of the resistance) with them being bummed out that their attack was a failure and what’s worst is that they do not have Takumi anymore because in a flash back he was taken by the Rio Troopers (now The Rio troopers were the first time we would ever have mas produce army riders). Kusaka comes back and support Mari with him going as so far as to say he is her Savior, but she has none of it and just push him aside, and you would not believe how much I laugh when I Saw that scene . then after that really not a lot happen, well I can sum up things like Takumi is with the resistance and also has amnesia Take a Shot and also the smart brain leader (who head is now in a jar for some reason) ask them to come back which is to just introduce a new movie exclusive rider.

Sometime in the morning the resistance base is attacked by Rio Troopers and the fight feels like it drags on for a while even though it's only 6 minutes long and is only saved with the appearance of 1 of our movie exclusive Rider Kamen Rider Psyga. Psyga is a unique rider for starters his suit is the only suite with white material instead of the others with black and also on his coloring, I love his color scheme, something about white, pink, and purple just looks so cool. The big thing about this guy is that he’s not played by a Japanese actor but played by a Taiwanese actor that speaks English and there’s even an inside joke when he says Henshin just like how an American would say it (that is a joke since we say Henshin differently then how Japanese would say it so that is why that is funny). But by far the best part about this guy is that he kills Kusaka, and we are only in the begging of the movie, already I like this guy (I hope you enjoy hell you bastard Kusaka, say hi to Captain Ryuya and Banno when you see them because I’m sure you all have 1 thing in common).

Later that night Mari organize a dance so every could come and cheer everyone up but no one has come because of the attack earlier today and only the amnesia Takumi comes to dance with Mari thinking that she is this other girl named Mina who has become Takumi "friend" and get into more that latter. Then they both start dancing to the music gazing into each other eyes deeply and emotionally at one another eyes and or at least that is what should have had happen since in the show that is how they acted to each other. The Rio troopers comes back in and the Takumi suddenly remembers who he is from bullshit writing and everyone savior has arrive which is what the resistance and Mari call him which everyone is happy about except for Mizuhara does not like this cauz he's an ass hole.

Mina sees this and is well heart broken when she saw him dancing with Marri Take a Shot and says that. We then learn that Mina explains that her father put the memories of her dyeing friend in to Takumi’s body so he can live again (boy who knew that this is where the Superior Spider Man originated from). Then Mizuhara comes in and thinking Takumi is not worthy of being Faiz and then steels the Faiz Driver and kills Mina Take a Shot and that is all Mina was in the movie motivation for Takumi to fight more so what was originally what was going to be sad is just a digesting taste in your mouth and just makes you full of anger and rage. But hey at lease Mizuhara get his comeuppance when he gets the belt try it on and false (Take a Shot) and then dies when Kiba helps get the belt back but then resistance members see that it looked like Kiba killed Mizuhara which then get them kicked out of the resistance base in the morning Take a shot.

Kiba with his super hearing miss understood Mari and he heared that she did wanted him kicked out Take a shot which gave Kiba a good idea to go ahead and steal the emperor bet to prove he is good. But the head of Smart Brain was (no pun intend) was 1 step ahead of them and unleash this giant Orphinoc which well if I'm being hones here CGI really does not look all that bad to be honest, and would go ever far as to say this is slightly better than most stuff done today.

And now we get to the scene that just REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS, when Yuka dies she does not die a normal death she is impaled by a bunch of spikes and then utterly crouched by the giant Orphnoic and then just show her like a helpless little girl Take a shot and then spit it out in disgust. . But hey Kaido dies (and that scene of him trying to get Yuka’s dead body is good I admit that) sill not all that better since he is one of the more likeable cast members is no dead, then Mari is reviled to have had done this all along except it was not just smart lady pretending to be her and so now Kiba hate all of humanity now again all because of a misunderstanding Take a shot.

Back at the resistance base Pysa take Mari and also I’ll cover this now Ketro becomes Kaixa Take a shot and well that has been like a C plot in this movie this entire time and un well it was well just use for subpar comedy at best, even more so when the Kaixa belt just is destroyed for no good reason at all just for a joke, BUT at least I get to finally root for someone wearing he Kaixa suit. Takumi goes to get Mari but is then stopped by Pysga but Takumi makes quick work him and his death is very anti climatic may I say, but then the crowd starts shouting Orga and Kiba coming in with now his new hatred for humanity and then Henshin into Kamen Rider Orga. 

Orga would have to be my favorite Rider design from Faiz I mean the look of it just shouts emperor, and now a fun fact about his head if you look at Kamen Rider Orga head it looks just like the crescent from the Dino Thruster from Abaranger, which ran the same year (I really which I was reviewing Abaranger again I like that show compare to Faiz, I like Abaranger).

Orga fight Faiz and while it looks like Orga is winning Takumi turns into his Orphnoic form and the same goes for Kiba as well and we get a pretty cool scene of them turning into their Orphnoic from then Human then finally Rider form and it is very cool I’m not gonna lie. Takumi then remembers that "OH SHIT I HAVE A FINAL FORM" which he then activates and turns into Faiz Blaster mode which again is sadly not my favorite modes I still don’t know why but I just do not like the mode. Faiz blaster defeats Orga and then goes after the giant Orphnoic and only really success in when Kiba helps out and then well...

Ok I have not touched this Elephant Zord in the room but I guess I shale touch I now. This year Kiba actor Masayuki Izumi sadly passed away this year at age 35, so yah it is really sad to see this scene and not about his death, the show treated him poorly and the same can even be said for him in real life as well, rest in peace Mr. Masayuki Izumi may happiness awaits you in the afterlife.

Anyways the movie ends with the head of Smart brain dyeing because he has failed and all the Orphnoics just letting Takumi and Mari leave even though they could all gang up on them and defeat them I mean or GOD sake Takumi is not even in Faiz suite and it just ends like just ends not on a high or low note it just ends Take a shot.

Overall I give Kamen Rider Faiz Paradise Lost a 2/5
If you’re a Faiz fan you will like this movie but if you’re not a Faiz and then you will not like this which is why I think I do not like this movie.

When you get down to it this movie is basically just like the show which has everything just like like the show with the double crossing, the douche bag charterers and, of course the bad writing. This it like having the best parts of the show in a movie and if you do like the movie then you surly like this but if you don’t like the show then you will not like this movie just like me. I do not completely hate it since Kusaka early on and Pysga is cool even though he hardly do that much.  Next week come back and I review Kamen Rider Taisen GP the lattest Taisenmovie there is

Additional shots
take 10 shots when the Faiz Riders Henshin 
take 4 shots for

Kazue Tsunogae, Kazumasa Taguchi, Taguchi Kazumasa, Kanji Tsuda, and Tsuyoshi Koyama making a cameo since they were in other shows that Inue did. 

Total shot tally XXV Shots

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