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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kamen Rider Drive Final battle

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PictureKamen Rider Drive finally has been shot and I got to say this is going to be a damn epic battle final and when i say that I mean it THIS IS GOING TO BE A DAMN EPIC FINAL BATTLE!!! be warn huge spoilers will be said here so I'm doing a none Spoiler part as well. I know I usually do spoilers in my reviews but for an ending that has not even aired yet I do not think that is a good thing on my part.

None spoiler
the final battle between Father and son is finally here and Pr. Banno finally reviles his ultimate medicine called the Sigma Circle which will completely freeze humanity.  Also Kamen Rider Lupin will return as well in the Kamen Rider Drive  Televikun: Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission typeLUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~!" because this is now a thing happing now with all of Toku insted of just ending, -3-.

Brain dies from Golden Drive and Medic, all of the remaining Roidmueds working tougher wich i think is the first time ever happen in a Rider Finally (AND DO NOT BRING UP FAIZ THAT IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND ALSO FAIZ SUCKS), Chase is going to die and in his dying moment  he has a heart to heart moment with Gou (untill next years Taisen movie where Chase is back because Yonemura is an idiot and he keeps making these movies even tho no one else want to make these movies any more, not even Bandai, BANDAI OF JAPAN OF ALL PEOPLE! also quick up date on that I've seen the Raw of GP and spoiler alert it SUCKS! but I will review taht when I review Timeranger and also when the Kamen Rider 4 DVD is out as well)

Dive is one of those shows that I like but took almost a long time to get good, I mean you had to kill your main protagonist to make it good and start rolling, is all I'm saying!

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