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Monday, May 29, 2017

Gekisou Sentai Carranger Review Part 2

Episode 30: A Shocking Debut! Working Cars!!
When Ritchihiker was hit by an evil energy it changed his colors from having a blue helmet to a to gold helmet and him now with his new name RitchRitchhiker. With the new powers, he's dealer himself as the leader of the Bowzock! For phase 2 of his plan to defeat the Carrangers he pilots MECHAGODZILLA! Ok, technically it's not really Mechagodzilla but it looks a lot like Mechagodzilla (without getting sued) and even makes the Famous Godzilla Roar too. Phase 3 involves him stealing RV Robo from the Carrangers which he proceeds to use it for his own purposes. The Carrangers are in real turmoil now, Signalman is back on his planet with his family, Dappu is in hibernation because his race does it this time of year, and they just lost their Mecha, can anything go right for the Carrangers? well yes, when a mysterious man in Black comes up to the Carrangers and introduce himself as VRV Master.

VRV Master is a mysterious character that comes in wanting to help the Carranger with new Mecha but the Carrangers don't trust him because Dappu says do not trust aliens unless they offer you Fruit Drops which he does so it means he’s cool. The new Mecha VRV Master gives them is the VRV Machines (Victory Ranger Vehicles). The VRV Machines are pretty Damn impressive, not are they vehicles but they are vehicles that can also turn into robots that can transform into a super giant robot that just looks aesthetically pleasing (even with the goofy V for the head design). Also fun fact the VRV Machines deploy at the same area where the Timeranger Mecha deployed weird.

They defeat Mechagodzilla and RitchRitchhiker with their new Mecha and as for a reward VRV Master gives them Coffee Milk he for a job well done. So exactly who is VRV Master? Well VRV Master is Dappu’s father who helps the Ranges.Unfortunately however Dappu finds this out when his dad sacrifice himself for his son when he was taken prisoner by the Bowzock. Not to mention that episode was on during Christmas so um... Merry Christmas???

This was when I started to pay attention to the show! Before this episode, I did not care for Carranger and was bred by the filler episodes and even let my mind wander but as soon as this episode aired I was glued to my TV. This was when things started, the status quo was shaken up, their mentor is unable to help them at all, and The Bowzock could be taken as a real threat with the calculated and brilliant RitchRitchhiker by taking the Carranger Meha and having a advantage over the Rangers. However the president of the Bowzock comes back, RV Robo is back with the Carranger (in a damn fine Mecha on Mecha battle), and Dappu is the Statuesque is back to normal.. OR IS IT!

Episode 45: The Starting Point of True Love
Single Man returns but is mind controlled from Fumes on his home planet, the Carrangers snap him out of it by using soda to get rid of the fumes which works for the shows logic. the one who did this was Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus . Exhaus is a pretty big dude so huge he is able to hold the Bowzock ships in his hand. Exhaus big goal is to build an Evil Super Space Highway. HAY wasn’t that an episode in Spongebob? It's a plain I can believe since more highways equals more money and Exhaus is a very rich person with his appearance and preference of him being rich and just letting his lackeys do his work because he is to rich for this work. Well that is my explanation of why he just doesn't end i right here and right now because of his size otherwise he is a big curve stomp that can just end the Carranger right here and right now if he wanted to.

But this is AGAIN the Bowzock and they still fail. As a latch ditch effort Exhaus wants the Zonnette married president but as you can imagine she does not want to be a weed and still loves Red Racer to do such a thing. At this point in the story, Red Racer feelings for Zonnette are strong and shows her he is Red Racer she is not impressed that he beloved Red Racer is nothing more than a earth faced monkey. What's worst is that Red Racer getting his ass kicked by the monster of the week. Zonnette dreams of marrying Red Racer are now no more.

However just because Zonnette no longer loves Red Racer doesn't mean he will top loving her as Red Racer proves to Zonnette he is worthy of being with her as he fights the monster of the week without his powers. However Zonnette is quickly controlled by the monster and is making her attack Red Racer with a sword. BUT! Red Racer catches the sword with his own bear hands freeing her from the control of the monster. The monster grows Giant but White Racer (and the other Carrangers) come and destroy the monster. White Racer came back because she needs the help of her older sister because there is a super highway being built and she needs to help her family. So when she returns her and Red Racer I'll start to become friends and then into a couple.

This is one of the if not the best relationships in all of Tokusatsu, I mean that! Let’s be real many Tokusatsu relationships aren't really that good while this one right here is by far fantastic. The relationship between both Red Racer and Zonnette took almost all of the show before they liked each other. Before then 1 liked the other while the other one did not and vise versa. In the end they are starting slow as friends and working their way into a couple which I personally think is much better than just being in love. Like I am genuinely surprise that their is this good of a relationship and even mature in a Tokusasu show in a show which is mostly comedy. AGAIN... SURPRISED! While Zonnette goes home the final battle is starting now.

Episode 48: Forever Traffic Safety!
Exhaus has had it up to here with the Carrangers, as such he unleashes his ultimate, he will stop the Carrangers from transforming. How? You see every 1 million years the wine spill from the Wine Barrel Constellation makes the Carmagic Power Protection get drunk (and all the while I do not question this at all and just rolling with it). Exhaus sends the Bowzock out to distract the Carrangers so the plain can have enough time to start. It works with them distracting the Carrangers long enough for Exhaus steel the the 5 star constellations reverting them back into humans. Things just get worst for the Carrangers when the villains find out where the Carrangers HQ is and attack the HQ and blowing it up. Things are looking up for the Bowzock well that is until Exhaus put's trash all over the ship and lights it on fire and has no use for them anymore and are just going to use the ship to turn the earth into fireworks and and heading to Earth.

The Carrangers are alive thanks to VRV Master putting a bunker in case of something like this might happen (which it did). Also VRV Master is alive still. The Carrangers have lost their spirit and don't know what to do with no power now. Signalman is not standing for this and goes to get the Bowzock all on his own. The Bowzock Ship crash lands on Earth to which the remaining Bowzock's attack Signalman. Despite the Carrangers no longer having their powers they still go forward to defeat the Bowzock but out numbered. It looks like they are done for but Zonnette arrives saying that Exhaust is the 1 true enemy and if they want to defeat Exhaus they need to work tougher as a team. Both parties agree to do so but Red Racer punches the president and steels The Bowzock ship with the Carrangers going to get their powers back.

They successfully crash The Bowzock ship into Exhaust and get their powers back but Exhaus is still not yet defeated so the rangers use VRV Robo. But Exhaust is to powerful and even lifts up VRV Robo with his sword, the Ranges even decide to let VRV Robo explode and still nothing. Even RV Robo is not enough to stop Exhaust. the only thing that was able to stop Exhaust  was day old food that makes the monsters row which President Gzyano throws into Exhaust  mouth making him shrink. This gives the Carrangers a chance to defeat Exhaust which they successfully do with 1 final attack with enhancements by the Carmagic attack defeating Exhaust and also putting an end to Exhaust Super Highway.

The show ends with both the Carrangers and the Bowzock celebrating. In the aftermath we see what happens to everyone. Signal man returned to the plant of police and becoming a detective,the Bowzock disbands and Gyano started his own BBQ place, Zelmoda and Grotch learned the importance of education are now back in elementary school, the remaining Bowzocks are now on broadway, Zonnette is back on her plant  and seeing collars to wed but still loves Red Racer, Dappu and VRV master and traveling the universe and the Carrangers are back there 9-5 jobs and making their dream car. The last shot of the show is each Carranger taking off their helmets.

This ending was satisfying, my complaint is that the Bowzock like really they won well I guess since it was a sneak attack is how they won because normally I would say not because like these guys suck in the whole show and they are the ones to win gah. not to mention that Wine Barrel Constellation came out of nowhere. but other then that it was a good ending. With both hero and villain need to team up with one another in order to win. The heroes are powerless and their darkest hour. their Mecha get destroyed twice this engine is well done and well paced maybe Exhaus was defeated a little too quickly in the ranger suit battle but other then that this was a good ending for the show.

Best Episode 30: VRV Master was awesome and the statues quo was changed

Worst Episode 11: pretty much hows why the charters are not good and are flat.

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