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Friday, December 26, 2014

Kamen Rider Taisen RANT!

O yes you read the tittle right this not only being a review this is also a rant I typically don't care for ranting but this movie needs to be ranted on because THIS MOVIE IS REALLY BAD. Welcome to the final review of Super Hero Taisen Movie Month and we are ending it with the newest Taisen Film there is Kamen Rider Taisen. So instead of this 3rd film being called Super Hero Taisen 3 it is called Kamen Rider Taisen (shorten ver. of the name I know but I will get into latter what the full tittle of the name latter on in the review), reason being why it's Kamen Rider V Kamen Rider theme is because the Super Sentai suites are being shipped to America to shoot the Legendary battle to Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary battle (and I will got to that disappointing mess with my friends already). This being the most recent of the 3 being release this year, my reviewer etic code for e is I wait for 3 years before I review a show/ movie so I can let the fandom slowly know how it likes the show/ movie but I make the exception for this time because I just wanna get this movie over and out of the way right away now. Some viewers of this film have said that "this is a good film with some minor bad things in but still good". Which I respond to YOU ARE! You wanna know how long it took for me to find everything wrong with the movie, 12 hours and 58 minutes just on notes ALONE (NO JOKE). Not to mention the fact this review had many rewrites, even the day before I posted this review, YAH. This is my current and possably longest Blogger post to date. Now the Kamen Rider Taisen actually had a special preview episode with both Kamen Rider Gaim and Ressha Sentai ToQGer (which I may or may not review if I’am even do video reviews and I do acossover then I will review the special). Before I get into more let me start to say a fight between Heisei and Showa Riders is a pointless war to fight because the Heisei would easily wind no hands down. Kuuga, his kick is so powerful he can destroy the moon if he had the chance, Faiz who is so fast in 10 seconds he is probably faster than Sonic the Hedgehog and the Flash tougher, Kabuto who can manipulate TIME! Decade who can turn into other riders from the past, W who can find you weekends with ease, OOO who is a 1 man army and an army in 1, and Wizard who has magic. not to mention Heisei Riders also have different form with gimmicks and since I still remember they exist not that the movie does the Heisei riders also have 2ndary riders, which are but Nigo and Baron are not in. another thing i do before I continue this movie the trailers for this movie is like the first Taisen Film which is just show casting action, EEEEEEHHHHHHH, let's just begin this crappy movie already.

We begin with already this movie failing with this scene, and I timed this scene it with opening credits it's only about 20 seconds, NOT EVEN 30 SECONDS HAVE PAST AND ALREGY THIS MOVIE FAILS. And also NOT adding the opening credits this movie fails limitedly 1 second because I HIGHLY DOUTH those Showa riders could so this much damage given their technology and powers that they have. And for the Heisei yes you could say that this destruction was caused by the Heisei Riders but they are more timed to cause damage to the city. And ever more sense latter on with just about all of the fight scenes that the Showa and Heisei fights.

Kabuto falls form sky on fire (assuming he was fighting Super 1 since Super 1 is the only Showa Rider to use fire) and fights stronger like these 2 were fighting from the begging. One of the pros that I do give this movie (one of the few there is to give) this is the only good fight of the movie showcasing their straights against each other with Kabuto winning. And then that is ruined by sky rider shooting at Kabuto, let me explain why this is wrong SKY RIDER COULD ONLY FLY HE DID NOT HAVE ANY WEAPONS!

Fourze appears and defeats Sky Rider and he himself is defeated by Kamen Rider J. when Fourze does die he turn into a lock seed. So why is the Lock Seed not of Rocket States? Any way this is never explains how the Riders are turn into Lock Seed.
We are then shown the Ambassador Darkness very old villain from the show era laughing with bunch of Rider Lock Seeds also look a Den-O lock seed (remember this for latter people).

We then see Kouta AKA Kamen Rider Gaim (Gaim being the show that ended not too long ago is declared to be the best Kamen Rider series of all time to date by the fans) and he says "if the Showa Riders get in our way... then our only option is to defeat them!" WHY KOUTA WHY. In this movie Kouta does not really act like himself and that line he said really it’s just a line to be said in the beginning of the movie just to have a "cool opening line" in the movie. Kouta Henshins and (no sound effect when he does Henshin look at a demo of the Sengoku Driver to know what I mean) into Orange arms and jump like spider man, he jumps miles on buildings far way and high with ease then into Suika Arms and take out Kamen Rider J (you know it's sad really him being the first and still only rider to become this giant rider, and now defeated just like an ant, sad really).

1 week earlier there are some people and they are getting transported into a purple vortex "Just Like In The Last Movie" (and prepare to start herring the phrase "Just Like In The Movie/ Movies" because not only is this movie bad but also lazy and repeats so many tropes I would say "Take A Shot" whenever you see the phrase but you need to be sober to see all the faults of this movie (tho if this is your 2nd time reading this then go ahead by all means take all the shots you want you'll die of alcohol poising more than playing the Steven King Drinking game. their is 1 difference between this movie and the other movies the text of the movie, I mean the tittle of the movie is VERY, VERY BLAND ).

Latter Mai and Kouta red about it and Kouta thinking that it could be Invest because they think it could be Invests. They are then transported through the portal when they arrive in Zawame city but it is upside down. Kouta and Mai meet a boy named Shuu "Just Like In The Last Movie" (OK tetchily Z had a robot instead of n kid but considering that Psykoron was kinda kidish and also have a voice sounding like a kid this tetchily counts also counts he too is a plot device for the villains to activate their destruction machine, and also has amnesia). And he has specials powers the power to flip objects and it's never explain where his powers come from.

When they return back to their world they hear footsteps and a voice saying don't take Shuu into this world, and who is this man, it's none other than the Original Kamen Rider Ichigo himself Takeshi Hongo reprise by his original actor in 38 years and in person by Hiroshi Fujioka.

When The Badan Empire (Showa Rider villains) grunts come Hongo Henshin and he now have an Henshin remake and it looks awesome and very true to the original’s Henshin (keep in mind good effect because there is only 1 more good CGI effect in this movie and everything after that will look like garbage). And then Kouta says the most infamous line in this movie.  
"WHAT'S A KAMEN RIDER" WOW, just WOW! Yah I know in the world of Gaim they call themselves Armor Riders instead of Kamen Riders but theirs 1 thing that did happen, in the final episode of Kamen Rider Wizard Kouta learned what a Kamen Rider is and even call himself a Kamen Rider. It would be more easer to just simply let Shuu say that line and Kouta explain it but Shuu tells Kouta about it, for a kid having amnesia (it goes nowhere but down motion from here people). Shuu then draws on a doddle pad and while it looks a bit like Yggdrasil tower but it's not that, then more of Badan grunts appear and then try and capture Shu (by attacking at him).

Gaim Transformers in a very badass way like no joke it looks awesome when he does it.
More monsters come and Gaim is assisted with the help of Kaito AKA Kamen Rider Baron, and the 2 brothers Kamen Rider Ryugen and Kamen Rider Shin Zangetsu (it's kinda funny seeing these 2 be so good to each other because well you'll have to wait till my Gaim review to find out), also Gaim does not see Micchy and Takatora transform!?
While fighting  bunch of monsters a man appears and has a Sengoku Driver (HOW DID HE GET AN SENGOKU DRIVER, only Dr. Ryoma is the one who can make those and I assume he didn't just give one to the ordination for free or gather data, the man is crazy, like Dr. Insano levels of crazy like putting his body inside a robot when he went out of control, or turn himself into a cyborg when he die but the man is not stupid (my only guess on how he has it is that a Kurokage trooper got his belt and lock seed stolen). He also have a unique lock seed the 15 lock seed and he is Kamen Rider 15, now I do admit Kamen Rider 15 is a design that looks cool but same cannot be said for his charter (or his arms 15 arms blandest arms there is), also spoiling this now 15 is Shuu's father and it could have been inserting to see his dad join up with evil forces to become a dark rider to help his son. But in the grand scheme of things but that is ruined in his very first arrival, instead of being a competed villain he he could have gotten his son as a normal man instead of Henshining or not emptying with Shuu's dad at all and his pis pain is "SPECIAL THEN YOUR PAIN", but nope stupid villains allied with stupid villains.
Things get even more stupid with the 15 has a Heisei Lock Seed that grants him the power of the past 15 main Heisei riders that is to never explain (so basically a movie exclusive toy that was never explain where it came from "Just Like In The Last Movie" with the Gokaigers Metal Hero keys, also 15 Lock Seed and Faceplate are Premium Bandai exclusives again "Just Like In The Last Movie") except for 1 thing YOU NEED A PIECE FROM THE RIDER TO DO THAT! In the Gaim Wizard movie you need fruit from Helheimand  piece of the rider to do this I know it's a movie toy exclusive but COME ON you could have done a better job with this one like say it capture the riders.

So any ways 15 Wizard arms take out Takatora and Gaim doesn’t hear Micchy say Brother (face palm) and the Gaim transformers into Jimba Lemon Energy Arms then Ichigo Nigo and V3 comes and take out a monster that did appear and then Ichigo say to Gaim "You have yet to understnd the Rider's path". I'm sorry Ichigo that Gaim a rider who destroy a doomsday machine that could destroy a city just so that only 1/7 of people in the world live and then Kouta taking on the machine and fighting like million grunts, well my bad Ichigo my bad (this is perfectly how the Showa Riders act in this movie).

Shuu saves Himself Kouta and Mai before they die and then retreat to Drupers (the food place where the cast in Gaim hang out) and then who appears Tsukasa (with for once decent looking hair) AKA Kamen Rider Decade reprise by his actor Masahiro Inoue (now Tsukasa was broth back in this movie because this was going to be an ending to his story which he is not wanting to destroy the world but to rest and well find his place to die). Tsukasa (while holding a giant Kamen Rider Decade fruit salad how could have the cook have made that is I guess a short amount of time?) and says that Shuu is from another world and introduce himself as the destroyer of worlds which their all nonchalant about, then Narutaki calls does the traditional DAMN YOU DECADE! and he's the size of an orange. He grows to normal size and says the Showa and Heisei Riders cannot be tougher and don't explain why, and that is even more stupid considering the previous crossover films and leaves because (he's a troll).

More stupidly comes from when Kouta ask "What is a Heisei and Showa". I mean this is what like 5th graders in japan learns, I know what a Heisei and Showa and I'm only 18 and Kouta is older than me, and also I'AM NOT ASIAN AND KOUTA IS! Again make Shuu say this and it will make a lot more since because wee it makes Kouta looks like a dumbass really. Also Narutaki says "Heisei and Shows cannot mix" this is really stupid considering the last 2 Taisen movies they worked tougher.

When Kaito arrives him and Tsukasa arrive and go to get the Heisei riders and they come to Futo city and recruited Shotaro Hidari Aka Kamen Rider W (left side)/ Kamen Rider Joker (reprise by his actor Renn Kiriyama (now while Shotaro is in the film Philip is not and that is because his actor Masaki Suda was in the movie called Princess Jellyfish, and he was wearing a skirt in the movie (what’s with the dude wearing girls cloths) and they recruit him but he says no because he is on an case, “what type of case” you may ask? Finding lost pets, and you people say you like this movie a rider who rather find lost pets over then fighting to help his fellow riders, I hate this movie.  Kaito agrees to help Shotaro find the animals and I do admit there is an funny scene with him trying to get a lost turtle (also really how does one lose a turtle that’s like saying you lost a bookshelf with a bunch of weights super glue to the floor and the weights are also super glue to the bookshelf, this does not happen that easily).

Next up on the cameo list is Inui Takumi Aka Kamen Rider Faiz (reprise by his original actor Kento Handa). And of course if you been following this blog for a while you would know that I'm not a fan of Kamen Rider Faiz from its horrible charters, lame villain’s, and very weak ending with too much of toshiki inoue tropes and admitting this I've seen Saban Mask Rider since then and while it's bad I admit it's bad I can make fun of it and this means to me Faiz is my worst Kamen Rider series I've seen to date. Faiz was also brought into the movie because it was going to end his story as well and it also being the 10th anniversary of the show. Tsukasa ask him to help but denies because after all of these years Takumi still have not change his jerky way and drives off (OK hold on how is Auto Vaijin repaired I mean in the last episode of Faiz it was destroyed and Smart Brain was close down so they didn't have the technology and I don't think Mari knew how to build one even if she was a part of Smart Brain). While going he is attacked by more of Badan army and Decade comes to save him and he is hasn’t to put on the belt then he see an image of the Hoarse Orphnoch and Kamen Rider Kaixa fighting we'll get back to that in a minute.

When the fight abruptly ends Takumi goes and get some food when he does it turns into a hostage seriation when a man hold hostage a woman. a Doctor want's to help his injure but that is not your ordinary doctor that's Keisuke Jin AKA Kamen Rider X reprise by his original actor Ryo Hayami, now the reason on why they brought back Kamen Rider X is because this was the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider X. so when the police arrive quickly in troops (kinda making our own police in the state seem unprofenical really) Jin just takes them all down with no sweat, from this point on I will refer to him as Dr. Badass) so then the criminal then let Dr. Badass look at his wounds. Takumi then fallows Dr. Badass and (his granddaughter, niece, assent it's not clear who she is) Mari... HA.

Now we come back to the early scene I was talking about Takumi has a flash back and then this I think this is the only thing that Faiz fans and myself can both agree on (that isn't about Kusaka) is the retcon. Now while Faiz is fighting the Orphnoch King ("Just Like In The Last Movies" the return of the Orphnoch king) while Kamen Rider Kaixa reprise by his original actor Kohei Murakami is killed by the house Orphnoch and while dyeing in Takumi hands. BULLSHIT! 1 this is not how Kusaka died in the show he was killed by lucky clover and while the Hoarse Orphnoch did kill him he took the Kaixa gear and killed him that way. 2 Takumi was not with Kusaka when he did die and was also dead when the Orphnoch King was fully awakened. 3 Takumi and Kusaka hated each other and were only kinda close when Kusaka almost (pun not intended) bit the dust, in face I dear say Takumi wanted to kill Kusaka because he was a weasel, baster and always kept treating Takumi like crap. And finally 4 this is the reason on why Takumi did not Henshin earlier is because of Kusaka I would understand this if this was Kiba yuji the cloest thing he gotten to a best friend but nope it's because of Kusaka, or he was almost dieing because the Faiz gear is slowing killing you from the inside. I mean wow, just WOW, did no one of the writers like see the ending the ending to Faiz, you could have probably gotten a VHS or DVD and the Faiz Blu-ray also came out this year as well so there is no excuse for this. The only pro i do see from this is Kusaka died again and that made me smile.

Then quite possibly the best scene in the movie happens Takumi explains how he feels how he doesn’t feel like he should belong and feels bad about himself and Dr. Badass cheers him up and this is a very good scene in this movie. The reason why I bring this up is because it is quickly ruined.
 In the morning Takumi is confronted by Badan forces sounding him and Mari, but no need to fear Dr. Badass is here and take out a few forces. then Takumi then says screw it and transforms with this time the red lines going to his proper height (see Faiz old Henshin) with  more deeper sounding voice for the Faiz phone, then he takes them all out and turn into Faiz Accel mode and completely wipe the floor with them. 
Dr. Badass reviles himself to be Kamen Rider X with another updated Henshin (and it should Dai Henshin not set up but o well) effect that is the 2nd final good CGI shot and then he attacks Faiz making the only good cover caption ruined showing he is no different from the other Showa riders. And also I will be calling him Jin again since he has now lost his tittle for Dr. Badass. Also this subplot COMPLETY FROGETEN AND MEANINGLESS LATTER ON IN THE MOVIE.

With the help of Shotaro and his decisive skills and Shuu remerging who he is we learn that Shuu's mom promos him to take him to the light house, but because of work she could not take him. he then texts his mother telling him he hates her and when he go to tell his mom what did happen he well no easy saying this but got killed in the process.

15 arrive and Shuu reviles what I said already Kamen rider 15 is Shuu's father cue the Darth Vader is my father clip and 15 says to Kouta that with Shuu’s powers Badan will be able to reverse the world turning all the dead ghosts monsters alive with Shuu since they live in the underworld, Badan does not live in the underworld. Gaim and 15 fight and while it looks like 15 might win Decade comes in and save Gaim before he is killed. Decade tells Shuu his mother is waiting for him and Gaim tells Decade to with him to get to his mom and Gaim give decade the rose attacker, OK STOP Gaim Lock vehicle is the Sakura hurricane not the Roes Attacker, Baron is the one who has the Roes Attacker and yet another level of stupidly this movie does uuuuuhhhhhhh. And the stupid does not end their when Gaim summons his Ichigo arms he uses it as a shocker ball and I really haven't brought this up but i think is now a good time to none of how Gaim's arms on how they are dropping normal. let me explain in the opening scene his orange arms acted like if he was doing squash attack, his Jimba arms made the orange arms disappear as well, His orange arms then had a wave attacking the sounding enemies eyes and now again he is using it as a soccer ball, and there is still 2 more latter on in this film, wait is the reason why Gaim had the Rose Attacker was just because Decade is pink and the rose Attacker is a red cloest to a pink? EEEHHHHAAAAAA I HATE THIS MOVIE!
While Tsukasa take Shuu to his mom and de Henshin (BECAUSE?) he is attacked by the crises empirea nd both Kamen Rider Black and Black RX arrive to help, but there is no explanation on how both Black and Black RX are here at one ("Just Like In The Last Movie") also Black and Black RX voiced by different people in the movie (excuse me for a second people.......... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HOW CAN YOU SCREW UP THAT MUCH I MEN RELLY ARE YOU TRYING TO SCREW UP ON PURPOES I MEN BOTH RIDERS RE THE SAME PERSON BUT REALLY HAVING BOTH OF THEM BEING VOICED BY 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE!) And guess what Kotaro is also a dick just like the other Showa riders and since there are 2 this means he's  double DICK, and this is Kotaro in both Black and Black RX he was a nice guy and a good person I mean can't we have him team up with like one of the Heisei riders? And they say the Showa riders cannot forgive what the Heisei riders have done which we the audiences do not know about it.
Shotaro appears and say he can finish things of and it's inserting to see 3 black themed riders (can there be black them or would that be races?) and Kaito helping out with his plating cards and it does a bit of damage. And also Rx Revolcane is a sword, for those of you that don't know the REVOLCON IS JAPINESE FOR LIGHTSABER! And it's just treated as a normal sword!
And now we have the crowning turd on this fight scene because look at it, JUST LOOK AT IT. If you can't tell what's wrong well look at RX the motion of the Revolcane is not in a potion where it creates a down worse swing to hit Baron nor is it high enough to attack Joker. i men this is just lazy people. Then after RX is killed by him not dogging tracking properly they are attacked by Amazon and super. AMAZON is the Showa rider equivalent to Gentaro from Fourze, BIG ON FRINDSHIP. For a matter of fact why is it just the Showa riders trying and attack the Heisei Riders, can't we have like amazon be the Showa rider that does not wana attack the Heisei rider and also have an Heisei Rider imbrues this to like i don't know Agito (I picked Agito because it was the first thing that came to mind), and it make the Showa Rider look like Dicks. Then Baron Dies, or that is should have to happen because when double KO there was not that blue aroua nor a lock seed of him was near to.

When it looks like Shuu is able to see his mother again he is denied when 15 arrives and him and decade fight and he transforms into decade arms to start out the fight then decade turns into Hibiki and for whatever reason 15 has Hibiki Ongekiko Kaentsuzumi without going into Hibiki arms. Decade turns into Kuuga (favorite Rider, I needed some cheering up right now for me) and 15 turns into Fourze arms and look at Fourze Arms I mean it has white on the mouth guard and it's support to be black. I feel like the designers really rushed this one because the Fourze suite is in the movie and hell he was like 4th rider shown in the beginning of the movie. also how does 15 hair in the back of him replace the back of his head. ALL OTHER Gaim Riders have their head replace for the new head the Arms given to them, it look ridicules as hell but it would be accurate tho.

15 use his Heisei lock seed and calls forth Gaim arms which is his ultimate form and KO's decade. Gaim appears and this turns to be fire V fire Mach here. Also I just notest something when 15 has the legendary rider arms he is not moving that fast or acrobatic basically lagging. Gaim uses Kachidoki arms (that docks on him from a veridical angle) and his DJ gun is firing wrong, on green it fires canon ball, not shot gun to when it's on the low level when he shoots one of the Banda in the dick. The fight ends with 15 takes Shuu and 15 can summon open gates like in HelHaven even tho you need a Lock Vehicle or the power of the Golden fruit to do that and Tsukasa say that they need to get the rest of the Heisei riders.

Then were back at the beginning of the movie NNNNOOOO!!!! No silly just a now at the proper time of the movie and now WAIT WHAT, GENERAL SCHWARZ!? THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE AND HOW IS HE ABLE TO FIND THE BADAN EMPIRE? And not I must get into the full tittle of the movie; I mean the time he is in here is tetchily considered to be a cameo. And what does he bring to the table while the shadow liner can go thought time to fight the Den-Liner. SERIOUSLY IF THEY COULD TRAVLE THROUGHT TIME WHY THE FUCK HAVENT LIKE THE DRKLINER GONE BACK IN TIME AND KILLED OFF ONE OF THE MOST BLANDEST SENTAI TEAMS IN HISTORY! and yah he kills Den-o and the Den-Liner but remember what I said earlier that the Den-O Lock Seed was in Emperor of darkness base AND DEN-O WASN'T KILLED YET! and why is Schwarz is he BECAUSE HIM AND DEN-O ARE FUCKING TRAIN THEME, GOD I HATE THIS MOVIE!
Back with Tsukasa another show and Heisei rider fight and Agito and Super 1 kill each other, and this is pretty much how the rest of these fights go on for the rest of the movie just battles where it ends in a draw. This could have been the live action Kamen Rider version of freakin DEATH BATTLE (you know that online internet show where they analyze the charter weapons armor and skills) but no just fight where the plot says so. And I already know someone is going to say this "but Digi-Ranger what about that other show that is just like DEATH BATTLE One Minute Melee the show where all the fights are settle in 60 seconds! And their tagline is 2 fighters and no research." true but as you soon see that augment is invalid.

With 7 Heisei riders (Faiz, Kiva, Decade, Joker, OOO, Wizard and Gaim) and the Legendary & show Riders (black replacing Stronger) we finally learn the truth for why the Shows are fighting the Heisei and it is because of this where the movie is Unreadable, that's saying something because everything I said so far has been yes bad but this is where the movie becomes irredeemable. The Showa Riders revile on why they’re fight the Heisei is because the Heisei Riders care too much for their dead love ones, I will let that sick in for a second.......... WHAT! SO YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT ALL THIS TIMES THE RESON ON WHY THE HESHAI AND SHOW RIDERS ARE FIGHTING IS BECAUSE THE HESHI RIDERS CARE TOO MUCH FOR THEIR DEAD ONES? Words cannot describe on how much this is wrong so I will break it down bit by bit. first of all IS THIS IS RELLY THE BEST THEY COULD DO I MEAN RELLY CARING FOR YOUR DEAD LOVE ONES I MEAN REALLY THEIR A LOT MORE YOU COULD HAVE DONE LIKE say that they were brain wash, or these are not the original riders but robots that stole their belts, or get a love or a friend that the riders know like Tachibaina who was basically like Nick Furry to the Showa Riders, and also say if one of the Showa riders told any Heisei Riders they would kill him. Next up it is bad to care for your the ones that die, at least 1 rider have that one person that they could not save in time from death, it has have t lese happen ONCE to any number of riders. Also on the subject not being to attach to dead ones, that is most WRONG YOU CAN SAY. I can and will list off a bunch of charters that have cared for dead ones and it has helped them. Kamen Rider Kuuga, when he wasn't able to save the MANY killed by the Grongie in the show (both on and off screen) what did he do he sacrifice his smile in order to protect everyone else’s smile, and this also moated him go get his Unlimited form. Kamen Rider Ryuki, when Kid did what happen next Len got more courage to fight Kamen Rider Odin and to get his wish. Still on Ryuki what happen when Len die in that special? Kid got his deck and with his denervation he continues to fight and or destroy the mirror world. Kamen Rider Black yes one of the SHOWA RIDERS Killed his own brother and then in RX he saw his brother die all over again he still feel attach to his brother in the end. and it's not just even Kamen Rider Power Rangers is also one to, Lost Galaxy when it looked like Leo lost Mike what did he do he picked up his brother Quasar Saber and him and the others became the Lost Galaxy Rangers. And also in Lost Galaxy Kendrix die also and what happen from their Karone who use to be Astronema one of the greatest villains in Power Rangers of all time became  power ranger. Abaranger Asuka when he doubted the Cursed armor he killed his own tribe and still he has the burden on him and he still try and forgiveness from everyone. Even Digimon has done this as well when WIzardmon die what happen next it finally gave the courage for Gatomon to finally become Kri partner and she also became Angiwoman. Digimon Frontier when Koji lost his brother who was trying to protect everyone from dieing he took his brother power and from that fusing with Takuia they Became Susaomon, a GOD LIKE DIGIMON. even in none Tokusatsu shows Rodimus Prime He became the leader of the Auto bots, DBZ when Android 16 die it gave Gohan the power to become a SSJ 2 and when his father die to protect his again he use the last of his powers and was able to defeat Cell, even Batman, yes even FUCKING BATMAN! the point I'm trying to make here is no matter what happens in any media a charter caring for the Dead is something they should do, not become caring less beings, the first time I saw this line I thought this was just a stupid line really but going back and the shows I've watch this really, really, really piss me off. And lastly “What is a Kamen Rider?” for my definition a Kamen Rider is a HERO and what does a HERO do protect people from harm’s way and always caring bout others before their own that is what  HERO does and watching this movie the Showa Riders are not Heroes or even Anti Heroes they are VILLIANS! they let their own personal goals get in the way and stop anyone else who try and stop them, the conflict basically bowls down to this, the Showa Riders are mad at the Heisei because their dead love ones came back, so they are instead of asking of help from the Heisei they kill the Heisei. And yes Badan are evil ones but The Showa Riders are also not the insolent ones either; I’am sure Shotaro Ishinomori rolled in his grave when Ichigo said that line. Are you peopling seeing Why I hate this film, and there is  There is only 1 bastered to blame for this movie, SHOJI YONEMUR  & Osamu Kaneda I hate you, I HATE YOU I HATE YOU, AND I HOPE TO GOD TOEI FIRES YOUR ASS AND YOU NEVER WORK ON ANOTHER TOKUSASU EVER AGIAN BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORST WRITTER OF ALL TIME, SCREW YOU! You also wanna know something there are (no joke) actual people that says this is the best example of the Showa Riders, and here is what I say to that. 
Ok so after that just happens they Heisei and Showa Riders fight each other in poorly fight with Rider man taking out OOO (OOO IS A 1 MAN ARMY AND AN ARMY IN, RIDER MAN IS A HUMAN WITH A ROBOT ARM, THIS WOULD NOT WORK IN A MILLION YEARS! now you see why the One Minute Melee would be invalid) and the only one left is Gaim badly wounded.

The main evil of this movie shows up Generalissimo who is a rock, a BIG ROCK and Ambassador Darkness reviles to him that he is Murasame Ryou AKA Kamen Rider ZX (reprise by his original actor 30 years Shun Sugata). he destroy the Mega Reverse Machine (coolest name ever I say sacristy) but he had a backup because he knew this would happen and show it off and it looks like a rip-off of Astronema ship Power Rangers in Space.

ZX Henshin which is a great redone of his original Henshin BTW (after he get a sword thrust through him and the wound is magically heals) and take all of the Rider Lock Seeds and they all Digi Xros into Gaim and all the Riders were in HelHaven and when the portal opens all the riders appear ("Just Like In The Last Movies"). no it docks on him like a arms on him would, and Ichigo says that this was his plain all along, OK STOP what if like a also let's just say for the sake of asking what if a monster kill one of the riders because it looked like that earlier on in the movie so Ichigo your plain is SUPER SMRT. Also what about the Den Liner that exploded how are you goanna revive that Ichigo, O yah it magically appears. The Mega reverse Machine activates and they all attack a bunch of Showa Rider monsters (and here's something that always bug me about these movies "Just Like In The Last Movies" it's always, ALWAYS more Showa monsters more the Heisei monsters, is the reason why is because if Toei put the Showa monsters fighting the Heisei monsters they know they won't stand a chance and will have a defeat and Toei can't handle that.... looks like I answer my own question, Toei treats the Showa Kamen Riders just like how Saban does with MMPR) also BTW worst fight scene in the movie like you can't see nothing and it's to blurry to see a thing and it feels like it goes on forever.

The Generalissimo appears and he is a giant flaming fossil T Rex with a skull head and he looks fucking god offal with the worst CGI in the movie (also on a side note HOW DO YOU SCREW UP A GIANT FLAMING T REX MADE OUT OF FOSSICALS YOU MUST REALLY TRY YOUR HARDEST AND DARNEST TO SCREW UP  THAT BADLY!), and hit them with a giant brogue of explosions that feels like forever and none stop falling down "Just Like In The Last Movies".
Daigo appears, yah just him no other Kyoryuger just him because, I don't know he wants to take out another army again or something like that, but it's really just a cameo by him at the most in the rest of the run time. I would not be surprise if he took out Generalissimo ). I really wanna finish up this movie now so I'm gonna summarize a lot now.

Barron is still alive even tho that thing about HelHaven I just explain earlier happen and stupid with wizard arms braking chains even tho it not grabbed him on the arms docking area. and from the ghosts and well is still a dick dead, but then I realize something KASAKA IS THE ONLY ONE STILL IN CHRTER, look at everyone else Kouta is a Dumbass, the Showa is a villain I mean I can't believe this the black sheep of the whole franchise is the only one in charter here, this saddens me to no end.

Then the ToQGers appear, yes now I must talk bout the full tittle of the movie because the full tittle of this movie is called "Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai" so that is also why Daigo are in the movie, UUUHHHHHHH I HATE TOQGER ARE REALLY HOPE SABAN DOES NOT ADAPTE THIS INTO POWER RANGERS. it will be yes (like about 3 years) before i talk about how bad this show is from it's horrible charters, BLAND HERO DESIGNS, and just how much bad Right is (and since it will be a while before I talk about that show I hope my fellow blogger buddy Dived from his Blog "On Daivid's Brain" I hope he let me use this joke to describe Right "SHUT UP RIGHT, YOU STUPID JAPANESE JUSTIN BIEBER!"

Gabutera turns into a Ressha (BECAUSE TOEI just want to sell more toys and could not wait to do it in the ToQGer V. Kyoryuger crossover) and it forms Toq-oh Kyoryujin featuring Den-O (in bad CGI) and it looks terrible and my big complaint here WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A SENTAI MECH KAMEN RIDER J WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT TO DO THIS, BUT NNNNOOOOOO WE WANTED THINGS TO BE "JUST LIKE IN THE LAST MOVIES"SO THAT IS WHY WE HAVE A SENTAI MECH HERE INSTED OF J. also what happen in the last movies with the Mecha finisher a giant kick and rockets from a spy robot, a fiery kick with the power of all T Rex robots there is. And here trains just trans from a crappy looking robot and that what finish him off (also while editing this review I just realize that Daigo technically finished off Generalissimo which I guess means that Daigo is the most powerfulness Sentai ranger in history).

Decade saves Shuu and both X and Wizard is about to destroy the machine but Faiz stop them because of Kasaka then Jin punches Takuni and then I laugh. Also Harouto live actor is here also. I personal think that punch Jin gave to Takuni made him remember the true events of what happen, and they all Henshin, Faiz Blaster mode does not work like that it work when you put the Faiz phone into the Faiz Blaster. Then all the riders do a Rider Kick to destroy the machine ("Just Like In The Last GODDAM MOVIES"!). which is actually more easier to do really, I mean of they wanted they could have just got Kuuga since again he can destroy the freakin moon with a kick also X have never been able to do energy attacks before and why is he doing one here, because it was advertise in the trailer).

Gaim get the Showa Rider Lock Seed from Ichigo who pull it's out from his ass and Gaim is now Gaim Ichigo arms and it also looks fucking bad (even tho it slightly looks better then Drive arms, that one just looks bad. but Zangetsu would make both of these arms look good because that base body makes any arms look awesome) And he defeat 15 and Toei secretly saying the Showa Riders are more superior the Heisei riders and he turns back into Shuu father.

So by the power of DEUS EX from the Showa Riders Shuu reunites with his mother and his father is less crazy now and I do admit it is  sweet scene where Shuu reunites with his family and saying he loves his mom which I do like. This scene is quickly ruined in approximately15 seconds.

Hongo with the other Showa Riders appear and while they did wanted to defeat Badan they still mean what they said earlier, they still feel the same way as they did in the beginning. Which means that the Showa Riders are COMPLETLY IREDIMAL ASSHOLES! Hongo Henshins (and you can see the very first version of his suite when he does) and they fight in a poor fight scene and GOD I WANT THIS MOVIE TO JUST END ALREADY! And another POINTLESS FIGHTS INSUES with it looking bad. And now we get to the most know about this movie, this movie having 2endings, there was a poll and people got to choose rather they would wanted the Showa Riders or Heisei Riders to win. there was a 1,000 person difference and the Heisei Riders got the theoretical release.

Showa Ending
Gaim is charging up but then stops because he says I lose, because Ichigo could attack but waited till Gaim was still at full charge and uuuhhhhhh Gaim then says the straight is based off of kindness, WHICH ICHIGO HAS NOT BEEN THIS WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE, but I already said about that.
Heisei riders ending/ Theoretical ending
In this ending when Ichigo rider kick Gaim but instead of Gaim running he protects a flower (yes A fucking flower, FUCK YOU NATUR) and Ichigo says he lost because straight is based off of true kindness and SHUT UP ICHIGO this is already know by ALL PROTAGINEST RIDERS. FACE IT BOTH OF THESE ENDINGS SUCK!

The Movie FINALLY ENDS with all the riders dispending and now Nartaki thinks Riders are cool now? (THIS IS WHY I KEEP SAYING HE IS A TROLL, and this is also contradicting Nartaki charter, I'll explain everything wrong with that when I review Decade) AND FINALLY THIS PIECE OF SHIT MOVIE ENDS (also I just love everyone is doing something in the end credits except Takumi who is just doing nothing).

Overall 0/5
Despite the fact that the score is out of a 5 doesn’t change the fact that I hate this movie a lot with all my soul, this movie gets everything wrong. The story the story is a absolute joke if the story isn’t recycling previous Shoji Yonemur productions (it’s not just the first 2 Taisen films it’s also “Let’s Go Kamen Rider” and “All Riders V. Dai-Shocker” it feels padded as hell, boring and feels like an entirely (seriously it feel like 2 hours - 2 hours and 30 minutes when the film is just barely 1 hour and 30) when really nothing was accomplish overall and nothing new was added to the table. The Charters (it makes Kouta like a Dumbass, all the Showa Riders irredeemable Dicks and Villains, they screw up a lot of the Heisei personalities. The Action, other than the fight between stronger and Kabuto all other Fights are bad, the worst one is all the riders just appearing after returning. The Villains, all of the villains are stupid and are not from the underworld; Shuu Father could have seemed like an inserting villain but was overall stupid as a villain and winey. The Designs, while 15 looked cool with the Legendary Rider Arms it is invalided with Gaim Kamen Rider Ichigo Arms, Toq-Oh Kyoryujin featuring Den-O and finally Generalissimo T-Rex design. The charter interactions, the only good charter interaction that was good was only Faiz and X everyone else was just bad, does not help with most of these rider suites being lifeless and just being suites (which by the way furthers my dis like for Crossovers now a days) and it could have ended Faiz, X, Decade, and ZX story arcs but failed, and the worst thing to come from this is my rant I already did. The effects are bad, other than some really good remake versions of the Showa Riders Henshin sequence all the effects are bad with the worst being the purpple cracks in the begining and again Generalissimo. The sound, YES EVEN THE SOUND IS BAD, you could barely hear a thing and the background music is more notes able then the charters talking. So this movie fails in everything which is why people I have created a new ward. Ladies, Gentlemen and others may I Digi-Ranger present to you all my newest award on my blog.
The X Virus Award Seal of Failure™ an Award reserve for only the worst of the worst NEVER BE SEEN BY ANYONE, WITH A BEATHING HART PULSE.
I truly do mean this when I say it Kamen Rider Taisen is the WORST THING OF ALL TIME TO ME PEROID. Movie Wise it's worst then both Batman and Robin and Dragon Ball Evolution combine tougher (and I’am not taking it back either). At the time of this blog post I consider this movie to be worst then Ressha Sentai ToQGers, Kamen Rider Faiz and even worst then Power Rangers Operation Overdrive which areall show I hate. ToQGer has at least decent villains in the show, and Faiz actually did have a good legitimate reason for a hero truing villain something this film does not have, and for as bad as Overdrive designs were decent with the Sentinel Knight ghost form, Mack's Battlizer and Flurious design which are a total of 3 good degians over the 1 only design made. And in that reguard this means kamen rider Taisen really is the worst thing ever period. I could have just said this movie sucked and called it a day, BUT No I went into full detail explaining and giving my hatred on why I hate this movie so much because well Kamen Ride is my favorite show and well this movie shits all over it. I really do hope you people spared this review/ rant to everyone you know so that we can show how much this movie sucks. I’am really not looking forward to the next movie, even if they got back Kuuga (and Joe Odagiri has said in the past he will not come back to do anymore Rider shows anymore) and the Abarangers I will not be excited for it (and I just listed my favorite Rider and Sentai shows to this tells you how much I’am not looking forward to the next one). And if you’re a fan of the movie, I’am sorry but change your option on this movie it’s just bad. With it being announce that there is going to be another Kamen Rider Taisen (and yes Rider Taisen not Super Hero Taisen) Toei would have to do either 2 things, 1. Completely CANCLE these Taisen Films forever or 2. Fire Yonemur and get new writer, a writer who does understand both Heisei and Showa Riders and give them proper respect as they should. Me personally if I had my pick I chose Naruhisa Arakawa, WHY you may ask? Because the man knows how to write he did Kamen Rider Kuuga (my favorite Rider series) and Abarangers (my favorite Super Sentai), he also Dekarangers (a VERY POPULAR SENTAI THAT ALMOST GOT A 2ND SEASON) and finally the most impotent of all GOKAIGERS a show that did nothing but give respect to the older shows and he also a lot of crossovers movies , if Toei continues this same repitive formulia I’am sure in the future there will be another movie that will totally alienate fans in general and they will turn their back on this franchiese. The only good that came out of this movie is I will never see it again and I’ve only seen it twice, and now to end this review I will just sum up on how I feel about the movie (take in a bit of air)……
Come back for updates, Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube Chanel, subscribe to my Blog, and let's forget this movie ever exist. Happy Holidays and a have a happy new year and maybe next year I could do something like this again.