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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Best and Worst of 2013

Happy 2014 my blog readers it is now 2014 and the end of 2013 and this wa a good year for many fans of tokusatsu, toy and a year to talk about. and since i havent done many own option things i thought i might do this, and i will be posting 10 good things and top 5 bad things about 2013, also i may have not seen some of these things and this is things i have seen and looked at.
Honorable Mention befoe we begian i should say this first, JEFusion founder GekiDan resently pass away on December 30th 2013 and it is a shame he die but he did leave a legacy so he should be rember.
#10 S.H. Figuarts Renewal Figures
Picture fom TokuNations
 This year was the year that Figuarts got a new mold and a lot more show accurate. And it can be said for the Kamen Rider Bike too with both Kamen Rider Black and Battle Hopper being release and also Bluefin has given those a release. And the Next ones to be release as I am writing this is Black RX with Acrobatter and Kabuto.
#9 Kyoryuger
 I will admit this have only seen 15 episode of Kyoryuger but it was a nice sentai show for parts I have seen. the toy line is really cool to with the batteries, but their is a problem with the Mecha line and that is the pins break easily but the batteries and other things are good. 
#8 Legacy Power Ranger Toys
 For a long time people have complain about not getting sentai toys in the US some time in Samurai and we now have something like that with the Legacy toys also celebrating the power Rangers 20th anniversary.
#7 More Power Rangers Legacy toys
Picture fom TokuNaions
 It is still great that we are still getting more Legacy things even if they cost $80.00 (BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES TOMMY) and we may even get Legacy toys from otter seasons, picture it a Legacy Quasar Saber, or even a Legacy Crystal Saber.
#6 The Legendary War
Picture from RangerCrew
 With Power Ranger Super Megaforce being this year it is great that we have some recurring actors with even the Titanium Ranger being in the battle. and nice having vitrine rangers being in the Legendary war.
#5 Power Rangers Megaforce
I liked Megaforce it was a good season, we had nice charters, a effected villain with another effect villain even if Metal Alice did not have that much scream time. and it was good with some great toys by Bandai of America. but if you don't agree with me can we at lease compromise that this was a HUGE step up from Samurai and Super Samurai because Samurai SUCKS.
#4 Shout Factory Power Rager DVD
Picture from RangerCrew
It is great that that Shout Factory is still doing the Power Ranger DVD's and al the other content the DVD's have. I do hope it can be said for the Big Bad Beetle Borges DVD's and hope they do get attrition
 #3Kamen Rider Gaim
 So far Gaim is a awesome Kamen Rider Show, the Lock toy is awesome, the charters are great to, and over all a good Kamen Rider for this year.
#2 Titanium Ranger Day 
Picture from RangerCew
This was mainly a promotion for the new Power Rangers ACG but this was also fans changed their avatar to the Titanium Ranger and I do hope in the future we do get a Titanium Ranger US key  and may even get a Titanium Range Figure art soon (or even Lightspeed Rescue Figuarts soon).

This blog owes a lot to Digimon Fusion, I get a lot of my numbers on this blog without my Digimon Fusion episode reviews, it is great because Digimon fusion made me rewatch the whole franchise and became a fan of Digimon again. So that is why this is #1 on this list.
#5 S.H. Figuarts Renewal Figures
Picture fom TokuNations
I know that I put this on my top 10 best for 2013 nut this is also worth noting, if you are a completes for Figuarts then you are back at square 1.
#4 DaiRanger Figuarts & Wizard Figuarts
 Their are some Figuarts in the line that dose not do well like the Bokunger Figuarts for example but it still is descent but in the wizard line their was only 1 good mold (white wizard) and the Wizard line suffers from bad proportions and the figure looks awful. And for Dairanger Figuart it is also awful to look at in the arms and it is not all that great.  
#3 power ranger toys not release in stores
 Their was a bunch of things that was not release in stores like the Vrak and Loogies figures not being release, one of the ACG was not release till November or December, and their was no Gosei Jet Megazord anywhere to be sited.
#2 the none stop wizard rings
Picture from TokuNations
 Their was A LOT of rigs and also A LOT of wizard forms and they did not stop 1 bit, it is a con I have with Wizard in general.
#1 the none stop Ranger Keys
picture from TokuNations
It was announce on ToukNations that their was even more Ranger Keys to be release soon and I am now tired of so Many Ranger Keys like this, at lease with Super Megaforce it will be different.

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