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Friday, January 17, 2014

Digimon Tamers Review

One day a boy named Takato got a blue Digimon card and when he scanned it turned his card scanner to a Digivice and brought to life a his drawing, and him with other Digidestined Henry and Rika must fight Digimon that comes to the real world. Now Digimon Tamers is the first Digimon season that is not a continuation of the first 2 seasons but rather a different season. Now Tamers is looked as being the BEST SEASON EVER or the WORST SEASON EVER. Mainly it has to do with the D-Reaper Saga. Is Tamers a great break away from the first 2 seasons? Is Tamers that good or bad? and is Tamers worthy of having the Prodigious Award (unless you skip to the final verdict)? well let's be real with Digimon Tamers.
Episode 1: "Guilmon Comes Alive", the series begins with 2 Digimons fighting but we see that it is 2 kids playing Digimon cards and in the Tamers universe Digimon is a card game and cartoon just like the real world. We are also introduce to are goggle headed leader Takato and he finds a Blue card and when he scans it turns his card scanner and it turns into the D-arc the Digivice of this season and it is currently my favorite Digivice, and it scans a picture he draw called Guilmon and when his D-arc scans it and it brings Guilmon to life. and Guilmon is like a baby and thinks like a new born would, we then meet along the ways our other protagonist Henry with his partner Terriermon and Rika and her partner Renamon and the plot starts out slow and the monster of the week. Episode 14: "Grow Mon Grow" Hypnos the villain for the first arc of the season explains that Digimon were programs that became advance forms and was not able to be control but then shutdown and became a cartoon/ card game. And then the man who in charge of the Digimon district Yamaki is now had enough of these motherfucking Digimon in the motherfucking real world, with the Digimon and activated the juggernaut project to overdrive and delegating all Digimon. and it is stopped and out from the portal is a Digimon named Mihiramon who is one of the 12 Devas and they are model after the chines Zodiac, who are here to kill the humans. The blue card comes back and shows the ultimate evolution, and latter on we see  Biomerge Elevation where the Digimon and the human becomes one, and this was done before frontier did it. Episode 28: "Blame it on Ryo" Now after calumon was taken back to the Digital World (which I am just saying this the Tamers Digital world is my lease favorite, it is just to chaotic) and when Rika is separated from the others she then meets Ryo who is another Digimon Tamer. Now many people have argue that Ryo is combining the first 3 season because Ryo was in Ken flash back in Zero Two and even in a quick scene in Digimon "Our War Game", I have a link to show what I mean (, also Ryo's Biomerge elevation is a homage to Kamen Rider with the scarf and design that looks like showa designs and his right hand is like Rider Man. Episode: 38 "Azulongmon Explains It All" when the Digimon Tamers meet the solver Zhuqiaomon (who is races to humans) who been sending the Devas to earth, and why he dose this and the final enemy a virus called the D-reaper created by humans. and in the final Arc the D-reaper Arc, and calumon is the secret to digivolution. and all Digimon turns to Mega level, and the tamers going back to the real world so that the Digimon can fight this. But Jeri after Leomon die (O MY GOD they killed Lemon YOU BASTERS) became depress and the D-reaper fed on her sadness. And then the plot for the rest of the show is trying to stop the D-reaper. Episode 51: "Such Sweet Sorrow" In the final episode the D-reaper is defeated by Terriermon with a chip to revers time and stops the D-reaper and Jeri is saved by Gallantmon crimson mode. And has a sad ending which I will not ruin for you and you should see for your self's. also in the final scene where Takato sees a portal to the Digital World, I have always consider that for Takato going to be in Digimon Hunters.
The Charters
Takato: Takato is a bit of a cry baby, he gets emotional a lot and cry's sometime at the point where it makes you laugh, but to be hones given the realness of the show you do understand it, and latter on in the show he dose show become more braver. Now I want to say something impotent him and Guilmon have so far the best relationship out of any Digimon and partner because Guilmon is Takato creation, he is like Guilmon's father. He is voiced by Brian Beacock who voiced Mr. White from Tenkai Knights and also would latter voiced Agumon in Digimon Data Squad.
Henry: Henry is calm and a pacifist. He doesn't want Terriermon to fight because in the Tamers world when Digimon die in the real world they are not turn back to Digiegg but stay DEAD. and over time he lighten up, he is also more logical. His partner Terriermon is just fun loving and say momentai (means relax) a lot where it annoys you so much. he is voiced by Dave Wittenbers who also did the voice of Kefka form FF12 and Doc Sailto from Tiger and bunny.
Rika: Rika is the first female lone wolf, she starts out as cold blooded and wants to kill Digimon to get stronger and becomes the Digimon queen. But near the end she becomes open up and accepts people, you can tell from that since she wares a complete heart. her partner Renamon is to guide her. She is voiced by Melissa Fahn who was also Gaz from Invader Zim.

Side charters : Side Charters are kazu and kenta, Jeri, calumon, Yamaki and Ryo. With some voice actors like  Bridget Hoffman, Derek Stephen Prince, and Steve Blum just to name a few

The Music
The music for Tamers was amazing with the Biggest Dreamer as a great opening, Slash is good to listen to, EVO is a rocken song to hear, and One Version is pure awesomeness, My Tomorrow is the nieces end song to listen to, my only complaint with the soundtrack is Days (the 2nd end song) is not my favorite. I can not say the same for the American soundtrack since it is the same as the first season just remix but the biomerge transformation song is good to listen to. Digi-Ranger jukebox recommendations: One Vision (Gallantmon matrix evolution version)

The Good
The Premise: For Tamers the premise is it is real life, with some things like referencing the show, creating your own Digimon. This show is the most realistic Digimon season that can exits.

Beelzemon: Beelzemon is a AWESOME charter, starting out as Impmon (who was a troll) who resented humans since 2 little kids treated him badly but they were kids and brother and sister and  wanted to Digivolve  badly he pretty much makes a deal with the devil and he becomes Beelzemon and he is a killer in a horror movie just kills everything in his path. but he then turns good and is even more powerful.
The Bad
The Pasting: The pasting for this show is super slow, I mean the begging just drags, the middle is more coherent, and the final episodes just drags out for filler till episode 51.

Jeri charter during the final arc: during the final story arc Jeri becomes the biggest Emo in history. I their were chances where should could be saved and end the show but she would not except Leomon death. she pretty much becomes Shinji Ikari from Evangelion.
The D-reaper Saga

I have mix feelings about the D-Reaper Saga. On one hand this was something different and new for Digimon as a villain. but on the other hand it is more syfy and would be in like a since fiction story and not a Digimon story, I see DR. Who fighting this thing then Digimon.
Final verdict
It has a lot going for this series, but it dose drag.
Tamers is looked as the best of the best, but for me it good but defiantly dose drag. but if you want a slower and realistic show then this if for you. For reconditions if you want another show done by the same animator then I recommend The Big O. And if you want another show that is more like the D-reaper Arc then I recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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