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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Power Ranger Legacy Falconzord and Communicators

Sources Tokunation

With this year announcement of the Thunder Megazords at this years SDCC but now we are already getting a Legacy Falcon Zord and also Legacy Communicators. already people are going to complain about the price about both, yes you could get away with sealing a $80.00 Dragon Zord since it was already mostly a zord but the Falconzord, EEEEEHHHHHHHH......... it feels more like it could have had been with the core 5 Ninja Megazords not it's own thing, maybe with electronics but we have had already seen their is no electronics, SO YAH. and for communicators that is a more of a tricky one to do, I mean they could do a things with like Legacy Saba and new Audio by David Fielding then Yah the price is justifiable. awesome Legacy things announce sucks of over pricing things but Life i'am I right? also does this mean that we will get no like Legacy Serpentera and or Tor? it's ok if we don't cauz it might have sold like crap in the first place if they did.

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