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Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 SDCC Power Rangers

Hellow everyone SDCC was this weekend and their was a bunch of things announce and their was some very good news and i will be talking about all of them.
Ranger Keys

Getting the imporent news out of the way first it was said that bandai is now making more Ranger Keys with Femals and 6th Rangers, It was shown to us already with Keys like White Alien Ranger, Phatom Ranger Wolf Warrior Ranger and more and even word of Dairanger keys. Many people before were pissed off because that we would not have complete ranger key set but now it looks like we will have complete set of US Ranger Keys.

Shout Factory Release ZyuRangers
Now Shout Factory has said that they are going to be Releaseing Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger in America, which is alright for people who never saw Zyuranger and it dose make sence because MMPR and all. And hope that we can get more sentais that have not all be sub like GOGOV, Gingaman, and Kakuranger.

Figuarts Zero Tyrannoranger
Another Figuarts Zero for sentai has been shown and it's Tyrannoranger and another win for people who have been a part of team ASJ (like me).
Legacy Whiteranger Items
More Legacy items have just beem announce with a preview of the Tigerzod, Saba, and Movie whteranger morpher.
First the Tigerzord and it looks great and also with moveable arms, it dose not light up but it still looks great tho.
 Next up Saba, Saba is a big toy from the size you can see from the picture. and also have crome that the orignal toy did not have
now we have something something usless and that is the Legacy White Ranger Movie Mopher i say usless because this could have had been a chance to get movie morphers and not just whiteranger.
Dino Charge preview toys
And now we come to the new stuff for Power Rangers Dino Chage and it all looks good, the Morpher not opening anc closing the mouth still looks good and it is comfirmed to be the moroher, and the American Zyudenchi it just i size down and also no number now, the figure looks nice. Anow we come to the zords, Gabutyra is the bes one out of the 3 because it has more better looking proportions and dose look in general, Stagochi is the 2nd best, it is just a smaller version of the japan toy and just missing paint, and what everyone has been talking about and that is Dricera is purpple and not pink, esphically when Bandai change a white zord to pink. Personally I think it might be an prototype and it maybe pink down the line.
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