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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Figma Guyver Official Release

Sources Firestarter blog

Some time ago an atical said that the Figma Guyver will be Release some time in November for $50.00. The Guyver 1 unite is controled by Sho Fukamachi who 1 day walking home from school got the GUyver armor and was given the Power of the Guyver. The Figure comes with a Figma Stage, different amount of hands including hands for his Pressure Cannon, his High Frequency Wave-Vibration Swords, a Guyver 1 unite, and also chest pieces for his Mega Smasher. Also if you Pre-order it from an online shop you will get an Diorama stage. THis is looking to be an great looking figure and i will defenlty review this figure when ever I get my hands on it.

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