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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Review part 2

The Charters
Yousuke/ HericanRed: Yousuke YOU KNOW JUST the name of this guy the look of the this guy and even voice of this guy (trust me) you can tell that this guy is going to be the hot headed brash guy who always causes trouble for himself and is well is that idiot red ranger. And Yah that is who Yousuke is a very brash hot headed guy that does get into trouble for his actions. But to be fair he does have his shinnying moments like it was his idea to use angry arrow against a powerful monster, and it is only half way through the show where he was hot headed he cooled shown and was thinking more of his decisions latter on before just rushing into things. So he is a fine ranger overall, also he is not like Right from ToQGers where that that guy is nothing but an annoyance from start to finish.
Kouta/ HericanYellow: Kouta is probably my favorite charter because I can relate to him the most because he is he is like the older brother for the other 2, he is more careful and more of calmer to Yousuke. And I can relate to that because I've always been mature then most people my age and I do have quite a few brother and sisters. He’s a charter that is well rounded to say the least.
Nanami/ HericanBlue: I honestly could not find anything on Nanami and in all honestly she was just there. I’am not saying she is totally forgettable or bland or just their all I’am saying she had the lease to do. Really all o got from her was she wanted be a singer which she did at the end of the show and got a total of 2-3 episode of focus episodes.
Ikkou/ KabutoRaiger: Ikkou started out bad as well a villain to the Hurricangers because of his father and what his father wanted him to be the next Gouraijer with his brother. When he did turn good he was more open to talk and actually have friends.  He is the older brother and he is stronger and knowledgeable then Isshu is which gives him an edge when it came to enemy's like Mammaruba but when the threat came and speaking of that. It confuse me on why he did not tell anyone he was infected by scorpions, if he did not want people to worry odds are they will find out soon epically when he dies.
Isshu/ KuwagaRaiger: Isshu is the younger brother and he is the one who has the more daddy issues to say the lese. He was not as strong as his older brother so his dad decides to punch him more which did not work out well since his dad made him feel week as well, GREAT DAD AM I RIGHT. But when he finally stop with daddy wish to becoming the next ninja we see he is the one more caring for his brother and in a morality making sure he is fine, yes the younger brother is better at protecting his older brother is go figure.
Shurikenger: As said before Shurikenger is always Shurikenger and really that the type of guy he is, he is mainly come out when it is time to fight and not that much time spent with other rangers in the beginning. I court Shurikenger more as a mentor then the actual mentor we got in the show (more on that latter) since well he did teach the rangers to use the new things he gave to the rangers taught them lesions and more to becoming a ninja. Just like us the other rangers want to know exactly know who this guy is and it was a cop out on the guy was truly never given an identity but was still fine and nothing to get angry about.
Oboro: is the daughter of their master and she kinda act a bit still like a kid in with having a temper and acting stubborn, but she does act more adult and adult as the show goes on.
Hinata: he did JACK, i could not name a single thing he did he helped out like once or twice but other then that he is on od those mentors that did not help the rangers in the slighteset. 
The music 
A thing about the music is that it is full of energy and is up lifting most of the time and all of the songs keeping a more or less same kinda of beat through the whole songs and most of the songs were just pretty catch with overall, like the opening for instances. But a problem with the songs are a lot of them are in the same melody through the whole time,  there is no more upper tone of almost awesomeness near the end but that does not have to be in every song this is a personal preface. When it comes to Gouraijers it goes for more of a serious approach with sounding lot of beat, in my option the bet name of the whole sound track goes to Shurikenger Hi dee ho Shurikenger with also sounding like an old school western with some flute into it and also having the Hi dee ho in it because he does uses English phrases. Digital-ranger jukebox recommendation goes to Kaze Yo, Mizu Yo, Daichi Yo for being pretty rockining and catchy
The Good
The Plot
I love the plot for this show; I just love on how it all connects tougher from a simple journey of youths trying to become ninjas to pretty much defeating evil itself. And while all the porphyry stuff and conscience meteor showers are kinda of a lot to keep track of this show plot continues to thicken greatly and keep the watcher more invested from start to end.
The Gouraiger
The Gouraijers were something new for Sentai at the time with our first ever evil group of rangers that were not under mind control or created from the villains of the show and the best part I saw was they were not part they were not a part of the official villains for the show but doing their own thing taking no shit from anyone, my kinda only complaint is it would be villains more in the show and heroes when Shurikenger was introduce so all can be heroes, but hey that is me.

Mammaruba I thought was great as a villain; he was the one that was the most productive with what he did. He poised 2 rangers and just about killed one he Pratley killed about a bunch of people, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, he even clones himself in case he die, this guy does a lot in the show and I love every minute of it. and also his forms are really awesome as well his floating larva form is unique and quite cool, his 2nd stage looks really nice and menacing, and his final form I do admit is a creepy and a form to be reckoned with. 
The Bad

the final battle
I've already talk about the final battle so I won’t go over to much, it is just that if you fight the embodiment of evil itself it is a little hard to try and up the anty isn’t it.
 lack of devolpment
The biggest thing that is wrong with the show, there is really is just not that much development with the show. A good example of Namui like not that much is with here, or Oboro or the master themselves; the other charters themselves get fine development. The Worst offender of this is the villains themselves because other than Mammaruba and Sandaru are the only ones that do things in the show and we’ll all the other villains are either A do JACK or B make a very little impression. Master Tao while looking cool get absolute no reason on why he decide to take over the world in the first place or any of the others I even forgot most Sargain name till he did something, or other things like the revolver Mammoth where did he come from and even more things that I did forget because AGAIN NOT TOO MUCH DEVLOPMENT I FROGET. I know why the development is not that huge tho, it because of the really good plot and it is a give and take sourta thing really.
Final Verdict
This show is fun but it also needs more Development
Hurricangers was a good beginning into the Experimental era of Sentai. While I do wish that there was more development with pretty much everything this is again not a bad show in the slightest, I do see why people like this show from good charters (that can also act really well), a very fine plot, and also very badass villains. I do recommend this show for all that can see it because this show is good just good overall. I take pride in the fact that the Experimental Era for Sentai would improve and be more developed with the next season which is also my favorite season Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.