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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ninninger 3rd quarter toys

Sources TokuNation

new Ninninger scans have appeared for the 3rd quarter toys of the show (in some poorly rez scans, which NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE SCRENE CAPTURE?) first up is the Chozetsu Changer a changer which is basically a stick with a Shuriken which can give the wearrer heavy armor which would probably armor which is like Shinkengers and, scratch that tradition armor for 1 ranger at a time. the final mecha for het show (REALLY ALREADY SCANS FOR THE FINAL MECHA AT THIS TIME? seems a bit odd since the show has not reached EP 10 yet, and I do mean final mecha since this thing is around the $100.00 final mecha price point)  Lion HaOh controlled by whoever has the Chozetsu Changer. Lion HaOh is a giant lion mecha that (well looks like he is from the brave series, and also on that note the Chozetsu armor looks like it is something from Madan Senki Ryukendo) ShuriKenJin sit in it also help with Bison King (a mecha controlling a bigger mecha, controlling an even bigger mecha, with also another mecha apart of it, mechaception!) which it is Lion HaOh a fortress mecha. And finally when the summer time comes for the summer movie * which will kinda suck because the rider movies tend to get more attention then the Sentai movies lately, now it’s just their because they needed room) and it is an orange dinosaur by the name of DinoMaru. That also has a drill tail. Already what i assume final wave stuff (assume, and also really no DX pink Shuriken? girl rangers are really getting screw over lately haven’t they in recent years) 
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