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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Digital-Ranger Review Special, Gridman anime short

all pictures are from Stuido Triget
Hello everyone today is April 30th which means for everyone else it is just a normal day and the end of month (or waiting for 1 more day till Age of Ultron is out which by the by I'm seeing it tonight) but not for me today is my BIRTHDAY, and it is my day and is always a great day for me. And for today I want to do something special, that being I want to review something I've wanted to do for quite some time but forget to do because of time, and that is a first reaction to the Gridman anime short. I fell in love either the Gridman anime short or I forget to do a first reactions because of horrible timing that was on my plate at the time and some reviews I had as well. Some background on this, this was created for the Japan Animator Expo and that is really all the info I got on it so YAH T.T. BBBBUUUUTTTTT what I do know is that it was done by Studio Triget, the guys that did  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill LA Kill. The reason on why I wanted to do a first reaction on it is because I loved superhuman samurai cyber squad as a kid and it was a fan favorite of mine.

The short begins a telephone line moving along and seeing a monsters in silhouette attacking the city and the tittle of the short appears boys invent great hero (basically what Denkou Choujin Gridman is translated to) and a man is walking up to a TV (more on him latter) and when he arrives their a TV goes off and the anime short begins.

A thing that I must complement on is that it recreates what is in the show perfectly in the show to a THEATH; I mean this hits me in the neoplastic spot, with some great animation. That scene when Gridman grows big, it is exactly like when I was a kid and saw servo grows huge. And a bunch more stuff is recreated like his state bar, that tube he travelled through, the background, the monsters dyeing, and his annoying beeping from his head, it was annoying as a kid and is still annoying as an adult. The rest of the short is a montage of scenes from the show like him using his final attack (and sadly does not use his sword/ shelled/ axe/ sword axe shield combo in it).

What also is next is God Zenon or just known as Zenon from samurai which does not form exactly like in the show and it is cool to watch, and in the back of the head it is a translucent block with a screw, WHICH WAS IN THE TOY NOT THE SHOW and now looking at him after so many of not looking at him I now realize he looks like Optimus prime, and when I ask that question I was told that it was done on purpose SO YAH >.> and it is great seeing him transforming into thunder Gridman/ Synchro.

The part where they recreate Dyna Dragon/ Drago is AGAIN just like in the show, and still looking badass as ever, and Phormo/ King Gridman are also BADASS.

The final battle between Gridman and Gigantic Kahn Digifer or Kilokahn (which now looking at him again looks like the shredder from TMNT look, the 2003 Ver.) and King Gridman is destroyed. But then thinks to the power of (it is either Deux Monica or friendship already calling it now even though I have not seen the show) and defeats him.

When that fight ends we then cut back to the man who is named Takeshi Todo and after seeing that he get the Henshin device that turns you into Gridman, and when he get it he shouts out "Acces Flsh" and for the first time ever never seen before until now Gridman Sigma and he looks incredibly BADASS, don't get me wrong I like Gridman design a lot BUT Gridman Sigma is badass in comparison. And the short ends with Gridman Sigma and he is going to kick some giga butt (could not help it :P) and the awesome Gridman opening plays.

Instead of my normal review ranking you know 10-0 or 5-0 I say you should just watch it, it is up on YouTube  a hair over 5 minutes and has a lot of great animation, and if you want to see Super Human samurai cyber squad for nostalgia sake it will satisfice you. Well I hope you guys enjoy this little review of mine and now I'am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday.

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