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Friday, December 19, 2014

Supero Hero Taisen Z review

I'm starting this by saying I have never seen any Metal Hero series and know very little about Metal Hero series as a whole and that is the same about Beetle Borges and VR Troopers so I have little knowledge of the franchise other than them being more police base shows. welcome to the 2nd week of Super Hero Taisen Movie Month with Super Hero Taisen Z. Z is declared an actually good by the fandom, many were skeptical about the movie because when it was announce the question was "WHY?!", "WHY IS SUPERO HERO TAISEN GETTING A SEQUAL?" because the answer is it was a success at the box office by Toei which means that it did financially good it wonted a sequel, and this time it is not only Sentai and Riders but also Metal Heroes. Backstory first in January 13 2012 there was a movie called Gokaigers V Gaven which had a team up with the Gokaigers and Space Sheriff Gavan and it did well and revitalize the series and there was a sequel to that movie called Space Sheriff Gaven the movie having a new generation of metal heroes with new 3 users get the old metal heroes armor. The movie bomb, however but there are also more movies like this like Space Sheriff Shriven the next Gen and soon Space Sheriff Shaider the next Gen that that is the backstory of thing and now the review.

The movie begins with a man under water with obvious green screen is obvious green screen being suck through a magic portal and we see more magic purple portals open everywhere teleporting people, we then see Haruto and Koyomi from Kamen Rider wizard seeing all of this (Kamen Rider wizard is a good series overall but it is a series that do drags, doesn't help that this is the longest Heisei Rider series to date at 53 episodes). Then who appears Geki AKA Space Sheriff Gaven type G saying to that Haruto he must be stopped because of the magic portal they believe it is done by Wizard and Beast who are the magic users (mind you there is also 3rd magic user White Wizard who as of this point in the show is training a mage just saying). 1 could also say they could what normal police do and say why you’re being arrested instead of gung hoing it, but no we wanna see hero’s right uuuuuhhhhhhh. We then have our first fight between both Wizard and Gavn and it’s kinda of an drag lasting 4 minutes byr is does showcase both of their skils with Wizard showing off his many different techniques while Gavan again just gung hoing it. The fight ends with Wizard saving people, Gavan wondering about this so he retracts back to base.

Were then cut to Yoku and Usada Lettuce camping when an unknown object appears near them they go and try and see what it is and when they find it it's the holding container for the Omnitrix? NO its a small robot droid that is called Psykoron who is a main plot devise for the movie (also before I continue things Yoko is one of the main focus of the movie, I bright that up because she has more charter in the whole movie then the show, you see now why Go-Busters did bad now) also when it comes alive and then farts and I die a bit inside (this should not be in a Tokusatsu UUUUHHHHHHHHH........).

On the Space Sheriff home world Geki is being reported by his officer the original Gaven Retsu Ichijouji on why he did not arrest Wizard and Beast, Geki saying that both Wizard and Beast are good guys and are not doing anything wrong and he needs time to intestate this. But since Geki not following orders Ichijouji revokes Geki of his powers and is off the case and now sharivan is on the two bring both wizard and Beast in.

Back on earth Koyomi detects another teleporting portal and Wizard goes and see and it's again Shocker grunts and Shocker is the ones behind all of this but this time they are calling themselves SPACE SHOCKER! Which is like the 4th or 5th time Shocker rename them? Also is the reason why they renamed themselves that is because Space Sheriff because if so that’s stupid, the fight ends quickly the Space Ica devil throating Wizard into a baseball stadium where he meet the Kyoryuger (now Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger while being like by the fans of the show it is the Sentai that has gotten worst ratings then Go-Busters, and Go-Busters had the worst ratings of Sentai at that point). And for what ever reason Daigo mistakes Wizard for being a Deboss monster (even tho their monsters have faces on them) and both Daigo and Wizard sword battle both in civilian form and it is a good fight, and fight is then broken up by Gai AKA Gokai Silver.

More of Space Shocker appears to get Psykoron from Yoko but Yoko teammates come and they transform but Red and Blue Buster are then suck through a portal. Gai explains to both Haruto and Geki who just appears that the portals are popping over everywhere and it's even worst on the Galactic union since this is destroying their home and even plants clouding with each other.  Nitoh comes in with a quick joke it’s him but not rally is the one doing it he just joshing with them and saying it's not him, Sharivan appears to bring both Wizard and Beast but they fight back with also Gai and a un Henshin Geki. But one of Harutos Plamonsters informs him that a new portal has open up and it is the Genmu Fortress form Space Sheriff Sharivan.

Geki goes in too the portal and we see who the ones in charge of everything are and it's Raider and Shadowmoon. This time Shadowmoon is not screw up like last time this time he is more like he is in the original show but still no Nobuhiko seems to be in him.

Both Geki and Gai (who went and save him) arrive back in earth and meet up with Wizard and his base which is an antic shop. Geki says that earth may have to be sacrifice to stop all of this, then Gai punch Geki, Gai the super happy person including when he became a Super Sentai and he just K.O. Geki, I love it.
In the morning Geki explains to sharivan on the situation on what's been going on but sharivan says he has only 1 hour till the Galactic Union use a plant destroyer weapon to destroy the earth which does raise the stakes of the matter. Now Geki, Yoko and Nitoh are going in to fight this while Gai goes and get more help. But the magic portals try and put political in the way which separates the 3. Geki is just about to look like he going to die but thanks to a quick cameo from Hanaori Kotoha AKA Shinken Yellow and using her Shotophone kanji powers unlock Geki Powers and Geki has his powers back.

For all 3 it seems like they are out number epically Yoko taking on both Rader and Shadowmoon, but Gai sparingly quick gathers other heroes to help, for beast his back up is Liveman, Gingaman, Gekirangers, Kamen Rider Amazon, and finally Kamen Rider Hibiki (being all nature theme). and for Gaven he get help from Kamen Rider Fourze  and meteor, Super 1, Decade, Flashman and Dekaranger (all being space/ dimensions theme also I swear when you here the Dekaranger about to announce who they’re I think I heard someone crofting). When Fourze get trap another cameo and its Inazuman (watch the Wizard Fourze crossover movie to see).

When Gavan is almost finished off again the Gokaigers come in and save him and Gavan pulling it out of his ass (no seriously where else would he have gotten it from) give the Gokaigers Metal Hero keys. This make no sense at all for OOO his core metals somehow became ranger keys which make sense but here the past metal heroes do not give them their grand power. Well anyways the Gokaigers turns into Metal Heroes and just like last time just do it to have a movie exclusive Gokai gallon charge (also those keys Premium Bandai exclusive).

When Yoko team mates are back fighting with her the main cast comes to help the GO-Busters and we then have our giant fight with all the main heroes (and OOO comes because?) and villain grunts. Kyoryugers take out Shadowmoon (and I accept it here because he did got weekend by the Go-Busters and did use his lighting attack which did I assume use up a lot of energy so here it's fine) also Faiz Orphnoch king is back, and no I still will not let that go Faiz fans.

Wizard in flame Dragon style and the Kyoryuger Kentrospiker finished off Raider but at the same time the Galactic Union weapon heads to destroy earth which is what Raider was planning and then dies. The 3 next gen space sheriffs go and destroy the blast and it looks like they were also taken in the blast as well. Things get worst when Psykoron remember his original programing and revives the Daemon kind (upgraded suite BTW) but also reviles many past Sentai and Metal Hero monsters. Then we get quite possibly one of the worst scenes in the movie with, the action have ranged from good to ok but here is a giant 1 minute explosion happens, and it’s nearly 1 minute long but feels like forever, hack a 1 minute review from Projared. After that happen Kamen Rider Ichigo and Akaranger with a bunch of different Rider and Sentai appears and defeat the monsters.

Kyoryugold and Beast fight and for Kyoryugold and since Kyoryuger was still in the early part of the show it feels like more of a cameo for him. Suddenly Beat J stag, no seriously he comes out of nowhere just for a quick cameo.
The Kyoryuger then summon Kyroujin to try and defeat the Daemon King with also Wizard being inside the cock pit with them and even also getting a custom wizard stage to. Yoko try’s to save Psykoron but that fails but Psykoron then snaps out of it and save Yoko in the process but Psykoron dies in the process. Then for no reason at all the Daemon King Head out into space because? But luckily the 3 space shares survive and transform their space ships to make sure that the Daemon King does not get through. Wizard summons his Dragon the size of Kyroujin and then Kyroujin does a Rider Kick with that dragon (then with another movie exclusive ring) then have the powers of EVERY MOTHER FUCKIN T-REX MECH IN SENTAI THAT THEN FORMS A GIAND T-REX HEAD AND DESTORYS THE DRAMON KING.THIS IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME! This is made even better by a super badass shot with Kyroujin intron of the other Metal Hero ships and Wizard dragon IN SSSPPPAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE.

The movie ends with the team’s dispending, Yoko promos to repair Psykoron; Geki saying to Gai earth is now in his hands, Kyoryugold and beast getting a bit to eat, and finally a talk between both Wizard and Kyoryured having similar beliefs in both Hope and Bravery.

And just like a Marvel movie there is an end credits scene with Kikaider and the announcer saying "They're not the only heroes on Earth!" which a lot of people thinking this was next year’s Taisen film would be with a bunch of miscellaneous Tokusatsu heroes but no it's a preview for the Kikaider reboot film which has not been sub yet tho I do believe it bombed since there is no word of a sequel or new show, and look at like Godzilla 2014 which got a sequel the same week it was in theaters. Also grittier show remakes like that would be 2013's live action Gotcha man which also bombed (don't belive me heres a review).

Overall I give Supero Hero Taisen Z  3/5 it's a passable movie

This movie does feels like  legitimately good movie that did have more thought and time spent in. the charters having good relationships and some having development with a miscellaneous of charters coming back and not some obvious names, same thing can be said for the suites as well not all the Sentai and not all riders fighting in a battle. There are reasons on why some charters fight instead of fighting for no reason just to fight likes how the last one was (that’s even how they prompted the last one). You have to admit that the final scene with Kyroujin was freakin AMAZING. Since this was not a perfect movie it still had some glaring flaws like mainly the fact the pasting is kinda bad with the film dragging a bit and something could have been cut.  The fight scenes are kinda of a miss and hit, the fight between Haruto and Daigo un morph was cool but lasted only a minute, and some other fight scenes are kinda shot a bit off. but this is still a pretty watchable movie overall and should at least be given a watch.

The final Taisen Movie in Taisen month will be Kamen Rider Taisen is what I consider to be one of the if the WOST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!

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