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Friday, December 5, 2014

Super Hero Taisen Movie Month

So Your all probably all wondering the same thing "What is Super Hero Taisen Movie Month?" well I can explain, I am spending the whole month of December by reviewing all 3 Super Hero Taisen Movies. The idea first came when I was Going to review Kamen Rider Taisen but then realize I needed to explain more with the past 2 Taisen movies and then got that Idea from like the Nostalgia Critic January them month  and Linkaras Secrete Origins Month. and starting next week i will be reviewing all movies. Your allsking why next week because thei has not been a 4th one out yet so I decied to go ahead and put this announcement this week and all other movies next week. Also I wanted to bring this up to, crossovers are not what they use to be for me and I mean crossovers have gotten so out of hand and so much of them happen this year that it’s out of hand. I mean back in the old days it barely happen and was special since we never seen it. But this year had so many crossovers that it is insane and I don’t even care for crossovers anymore.

Power Ranger SMF had their meet up with old Rangers, on the Very first, THE VERY FIRST EPISODE of Kamen Rider Drive it already had a promo for Drive and Gaim’s Crossover The Simpsons and Family Guy finally had their crossover (and a few months later it happen with Futurama), the newest Smash Bros for 3DS, Spiderman and Attack on Titan had a crossover (latter with Guardians of the Galaxies too. and also the Spider Man spider verse crossover is happing). Even commercial (yes even FUCKING COMMERICALS had a crossover this year) with the Geico Gecko, the chocolate M&M girl and the Hump day camo had a crossover tougher. AND THE FINAL THING I WANA PUT OUT THERE ANDOTHER FUCKING TAISEN FILM! (And I really don't feel like putting up any more crossover news on my blog, no matter how many views it gives me). And if it wasn’t shown for crossovers this year it was announce crossovers like Avengers 2, and Batman V Superman and their probably more I didn’t announce that did happen this year, so you people can see why I’m not big on crossovers anyone. So starting next Saturday is when I will review all 3 Taisen films and on the last day I may show something new on my blog. And if you are reading this in the future then here are my reviews and I hope you enjoy them. and who knows if this does good next year this could come back in a differenf form.

 Super Hero Taisen
Super Hero Taisen Z
Kamen Rider Taisen
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