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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kamen Rider Ryuki Review- Part 1: The Overview

Kamen Rider Ryuki is a show that is known for some really good things that helped change in Kamen Rider franchise some bad thing that hurt the Kamen Rider Franchise as well. First off Ryuki is the 3rd show in the Heisei era of Kamen Rider and yet the ratings for the show were really bad that it almost canceled Kamen Rider, and both the kids’ at the time did not like this and adult fans of today do not like this show either. Now granted Ryuki is also known for having some revolutionary things too that are in most modern Rider series like this was the first series that CGI monsters became a thing that the rider fought (and yah the CGI is a bit dated to today standers, and also ironically it is still better looking CGI then like say the ones that were in Kyoryuger V. Go-Busters (HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?). Or the fact that Ryuki was at the time to have the most Kamen Riders in one show a, a total of 13 of them, Granted tho that only 10 were in the actual show, 2 were movie exclusives and 1 was show special, and there is also one that everyone forgets when they talk about this show but I will get all into that when I reviewing the show. And of course what many people thinks about when someone mention this show they think of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight the only other adaption of an Rider series for America other than Saban's mask rider. Also this was the first series that used TRADING CARDS, aaahhhhh TRADING CARDS for when you want your gimmick to work. The writers for this show are 2 really well known writers as well known in the Toku fandom and have produce a lot of really great shows in the past. The first writer is Yasuko Kobayashi, Kobayashi is a writer that many fans lover her work and a lot she has written, she give this human side to her charters and how a human would express to her writing style and she does a good job at things as well and this was her first ever Rider series she worked on. And the other writer is Toshiki Inoue; it has been forever since I have talked about, I like briefly talked about him in my Hibiki Review for like a paragraph but ever since then I have realize something HE IS A VERY CRAPPY WRITTER. I’ll talk more about him and his writing in the review but just letting you know this now he’s not that good of a writer. So how come the ratings for Ryuki so low, how was Kobayashi first rider series, and also Ladies gentlemen and other May I Digital-Ranger introduce you all to the my first ever review playing The Toshiki Inoue Drinking game!!! YES the Toshiki Inoue Drinking game is the only drinking game where a man can pretty much die of alcohol poisoning in just a mere 5 episodes and die faster than just playing the Stephen King Drinking Game, you will get hammered off your ass that you will pretty much every time you play this game you will black out. When I have "Take a Shot" that is when you do actually take a shot and there will be variants on this as well. For all the rules on how to play this game click here  (Warning no one under the age of 18 should play this, or play this game in general if you value your brain cells). 
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