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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Review Part 2

Case File 29: New warrior of Fire

A brand new Enemy type is introduce to the show and they are called the Hell's Gate prisoners the most ruthless criminals of them all. And wow do they show you just how cruel they are, in the first episode where they were introduce they show killing people, and we do in fact see just how gory the deaths are (so yah that’s kinda hard core for what is basically a kids show). But the Timerangers get a new weapon called the Assault Vector which is one of the few toys added into the show and there is not that much toys ads in this show. Also Sino creates a new robot called time robotawhich I only bring him up only to mention they did make a toy of him (again #LegacyCircuit). Anyways after Liria was on vacation at a hotel she is attacked by a group of people called the city Guardians, the City Guardians are basically these policemen who attack the Lorenze family whenever they attack (me personally I kinda like to think of it as a foreshadowing to the Rio Troopers from Faiz since they are a bit similar to each other being anyone can become one and also take on the enemy) but they come at a price line no joke you have to pay them to protect you. And on the city guardians is an old friend of Tatsuya and his name is Naoto Takizawa. We then learn about Naoto from Tatsuya that both were in college but everyone treated Naoto like an old Dirty Rang because he was poor a very poor person that no one respective (because it is all about that green) and so one day Naoto quite College and Tatsuya has not seen ever since that day until today. Shit gets real when not only Tatsuya’s Helmet get broken but also when Tatsuya’s dad find out who he really is, and his dad ask him can he help join my company but Tatsuya no to them since he still charge the people to protect them. But things get more real when a time flux happens, what comes out of the time flux? A giant robot dinosaur with FREAKIN LAZERS ON IT’S BACK (who ever thought of this idea should be rewarded handsomely for their idea). Takku says it is from the future and it was being tested out something went wrong and it was lost in time forever till now. The robot proves to be more powerful than expected and is more powerful then both Time Robo and Time Shadow and Takku say that the only way to control the robot is to get the command unit to control it… BUT the rangers shot it in the arm where the Command Unit is and it is lost. When the robot T-rex goes off and self-heals himself while the other rangers go and try and find the Command Unit. Gien is also trying to get the Command unit as well and as well as Naoto, and the whole episode is a fetch quest but in the end it is Naoto that gets the Command Unit and the command unit tells him to put his arm in the box, and with that Naoto activates the device by shouting TIME FIRE and Naoto becomes the show 6th Ranger Time Fire. 

The Time Fire suit looks really awesome with Black instead of the white and silver, and ever more impressive is that this is the first time we have a red ranger as our 6th ranger and that is pretty cool to see and also Time Fire holds the record of having the longest time in a show before appearing with the other Rangers. In his Debut fight Time Fire appears with him banging his arm on his gun which makes a tick sound like what you would find in a watch. His weapon is the DV Defender and it is a mighty kickass gun blade, while being simple in design it does a lot better than other sword guns that are simple, mainly it has an extended part for the sword which helps it a lot. I also think that his theme “Shinku no Doushi~TimeFire” helps describe his charter “A person that makes me think completely for eternal rival”, “The warriors chosen by the time”, Exceeding the danger zone. When the robot Dinosaur comes back and attack the people again Time Fire then uses the V-commander and now has control over the robot Dinosaur and since he has control over it then I can finally call it by its true name the V-rex.
The V-rex to me is me my favorite 6th ranger mecha of all time, just think about it the design of this awesome it is a giant robot Dinosaur that transforms, has freakin lazers on it’s back and shoulders, and shoots a giant laser from its mouth and finally have both a rocket launcher and rocker fist, if this thing had buzz saws and also had blood in some way I swear a 8 year old created this thing. Time Fire is a very unique and different 6th ranger from others in both the past and even the future. You see for the rest of the show Time Fire would not be a part of the main team but he is actually a rival being a part of the Asami Corporation and would mainly fight with the City Guardians and even be the head leader of the City Guardians. And well that makes him unique and well actually makes him more of an antihero 6th ranger then anything and you know what it works for him and it is cool to see him well basically him being a antihero. But he does have a heart of gold in 1 particular episode which for the main part of that episode was basically Groundhogs day and at the end of the episode appear as Time Fire to a kid who needed surgery.  Time Fire is a good 6th ranger and it is just cool to see an Antihero for a ranger. Now keep in mind Naoto being a 6th ranger is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY IMPOTENT AND WILL MAKE MORE SEANCE NEAR THE END OF THE SHOW.

Now before I continue theirs an Elephant Zord in the room that I have to mention (and if I don't people will tell me I forgot to added it in) and that being episode 32 of Timeranger, which is a special episode because it talks about "racism" except that it does not really and felt like a 1 time thing. Basically here is how the episode went Naoto calls the alien a monster and has to destroy them but Shino protects the alien and also says he is an alien and he is an alien too and then Naoto misses on purposes. Now if they did more episodes on this and or also did things like repression for the aliens then maybe yes this show could have had talk about racism but as it stands it is only a 1 time thing.

Case file: 43The History Revision Order
In the Timeranger's Christmas episodes (Christmas episodes in Sentai are always really good no matter sometimes how bad that season is) we get the back story on Gien, Gien was a doctor who never went to school and had the social skills that of a preschooler but was a really good Dr., when he meet Don Dolnero, Dolnero would help him with his like social skills and in return Gien would help heal Dolnero. Until 1 day where Gien was heavy injured and was injured so badly he needed a new body and when he does get his new body he then suddenly have a desire to kill all of humanity just because, like no good reason is given why he wants to destroy all of humanity now, this like something that Dr. Insano of the year 3,000 would do. In case of him going crazy there is a device added in him to stop the crazy (WHY WAS THIS NOT BUILT IN HIM FROM THE START?!?) well for whatever reason why that was not implicated in the beginning is anyone guess but Dolnero use it since he almost kill everyone from the 20th century, until a mysterious figure comes in and undo the sane state he is in and tells him to go to the Asami laboratory and steal a Lorends 2000. Dolnero then reach the Rangers and tell them to stop Gien and let them make a new sane devise for Gien to stop his rampage but then it is shot from the ranger’s hands and then Gien escapes and the person who did shoot the device from the rangers is Captain Ryuuya and on a Side thing when Tatsuya sees Captain Ryuuya for the first time he looks just like him and that is because Captain Ryuuya is a decent from Tatsuya and both played by the same actor (but that still raises the question of why, why did he use the gun to save Gien?). He tells them that since being here in the year 2000 they have had alter time like the City Guardians, rami and more impotent the Lambas 2000 were never supposed to exist in this time line, and their surprise there is at least 1 thing that still stayed true to the time line and that is Tatsuya becoming a Timeranger. So all this time him thinking he was changing his future and thinking he had control of his own destiny was suppose too happen, and he has ever more dreed news about this will happen with Tatsuya’s father will die tomorrow and Tatsuya becoming the CEO of his father company. He tells the other Rangers on why he came here back in time in the first place that another Time Vortex is opening just like the same one that the V Rex came from up and another thing is coming and that thing is a robot Dinosaur called the G-Zord (now an impotent thing to talk about here since this was called the G-zord and this was written by Kobayashi she would latter do Go-Buster which they were called Zords as well, I’m not saying it but I think she may could have had done that on purpose and the Go- Buster Zords were prototypes of the G-zord, a little food for thought there people). And the G-Zord looks well like a lot like mecha Godzilla just with a funny looking head and in all Bronze, and the Rangers with Captain Ryuuya as Time Red, and then when the Rangers are about to finish off the G-Zord Gien is there as well to intervene and when the Rangers are about to finish him off Captain Ryuuya protects Gien and then the G-Zord escapes (BUT why did Captain Ryuuya stops Gien from being destroyed?). Tatsuya is now feeling confuse and sadden by all of this and questioning his life now, the only decision and choice he has had ever made was decide by him already, and his mom is there to basically tell him what I said in the opening of the review of the fact that his dad wanted to be separated from the family name but could not. In the morning Tatsuya is now the new CEO of the Asami family and the rangers go back and then try and fight off the G-Zord again, but Gin comes and then creates a device in and then powers down everything and the now the Rangers are now dimorph. And then the Rangers start then giving Captain Ryuuya all of the crap he deserve whey they almost had a chance at finishing off Gien again and saying that Tatsuya is a much better ranger then him and he did not treat them like tools but actual people. And speaking of that Tatsuya then comes charging in as he starts wrecking up Gien’s machine. Yuri then takes the Chrono Changer from Captain Ryuuya and gives it back to Tatsuya so he is the Red Ranger now. And then the G-Zord comes back and then Tatsuya has a plain also involving with Naoto (who has well just been jealous this entire time and was hoping he would become the next CEO) and BY GOD this is the most awesome thing of all time.

A GIANT ROBOT RIDING A GIANT ROBOT DINOSAUR. HOLY SHIT THIS IS BALLS TO THE WALLS AMAZING.  After the Rangers defeated the G-Zord everyone goes and celebrate Christmas and Captain Ryuuya then tells the rangers to come back to the 30th century for that the 20th century will disappear soon. Captain Ryuuya is a DICK all I have to say about him for now. For a Christmas episode this was different because this was serious and well more plot heavy then most other Christmas episodes are. So why did go so heavy in detail in this part instead of just skimming this part? Well I wanted to list all of the bad that Captain Ryuuya has done and despite all of that that is not the worst, what is the worst he has done, we’ll let discuss that in the final of Timeranger which will be release on Thursday (because this is my longest review by far which surprise even me).

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