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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Digimon Tri DarkKnightOmegamon


With Digimon Tri airing in japan already we have something new in stored for the next movie and that is DarkKnightOmegamon. And HOLY HELL IS THIS EVER SO AMAZING I mean the original Omegamon was so badass before but this WOW, just WOW I'M SPEECHLESS to describe the amazing picture in front of me. I mean everything just works here with the main color of this design being all black, the muted colors in the weapons, the cloak (you can never go wrong with a cloak)  and a personal thing battle damage for his face, this I think could probably be my new favorite design Digimon I... I just can't praise this design enough it is perfect and I can't wait for a much clearer image with more detail on this and also dome new info on the 2nd Tri movie.

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