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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mega Man V. Astro Boy end results

So the Death Battle between both Mega Man and Astro Boy happen and if you could not tell by this picture Mega Man lost and Astro boy is the one who has won the battle. My personal thoughts are I'm bummed out about this but again more of a Mega Man fan here (you know a good friend told me that all the Death Battle wins are the ones who you don't think will win). But unlike a bunch of people who get mad at Death Battle wins (I'm of course referring to that 1 minute melee of Naruto V. Luffy, I MEAN THEY SAY "no research" in the begin of their battles) I get it and well get it and understand if my charter did not win. Overall I did enjoy this and things like the sprite animation, the fighting itself, and also learning more about Astro Boy (except for the fact on how he refuels himself, BUT I DIGRESS). The Next Death Battle is between Green Arrow and (OF COURSE) Hawk eyes (who else would it be), BUT I’m personally excited for the day when they do either something with Digimon or Guyver, ESPHICALLY GUYVER just because I love Guyver so MUCH.

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