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Monday, November 23, 2015

Digimon Tri Movie 2 poster

Sources: V-mon Facebook page

Over this pass weekend we were so graceful saw the first of Digimon Tri and right now I really like it and will be giving my feather thoughts next week (and well because of that my GP, Youngou, and also Faiz re review Sourta will be delayed and also go into next year I think) . here we the trailer for the next movie and first the best part the next movie will be release in march and since anime work seasonally the movies will come out every other season and late 2017 is when all of Tri will be out. In the poster we have Rosemon and Preciomon fighting against Imperialdramon (which explains the advertisement for new D3 Digivices being release soon enough) which gives us some clarification on the Zeo 2 cast since as of now we know nothing of them as of now the are MIA and some theory have been said that Imperialdramon has been corrupted. Digimon Tri episode 2 I'm glad that it is getting release very soon (ARE YOU HEARING THIS EVA MOVIES WHEN WILL THE LAST ONE BE OUT?) and well just excited for the next movie and hope more info will come like early next year.

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