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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Power Ranger Ninja Steel for 2017

Sources: Tokunation
a few months ago IGN reported that the new Power Ranger season would be a adaption of Ninninger and on Netflix (but it was IGN and reliability are mix at best which gave phrase to "well you can't spell ignorance without IGN") but believe it or not they were right (GO FIGURE). This means that we will not get a adaption of ToQGer which is more mix for me since well yes I did not like ToQGer and considered it the worst Sentai at that point (till Ninninger) but it Judd Lynn was apart of it, it would have had worked since no matter how something looks if it is still written good, with good charters and villains it can work, just like Kamen Rider Gaim (a series which is said to be one of the best Kamen Rider seasons) this will be airing next year so this will be our 24th/ 25th Power Ranger season so this is both yes and no a anniversary Power Ranger season just like Ninninger itself this aired during the 40th Year of Super Sentai but this is the 39th Super Sentai Season, so Ironic. For me Ninninger was not good and it is just bad and dare say the worst Super Sentai Season thus far for me with being the most amateur thing ever but with the right writers this can be something great.

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