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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kamen Rider #1 the Movie first look

OK GETTING THIS OUT OF THE WAY FIRST, it has come to my attention that we are indeed NOT getting a brand new Taisen Film but instead we are getting something different. We are getting the first in the new Superhero Year project BECAUSE SOME ONE AT TOEI FINALLY REALIZE THAT THE TAISEN MOVIES ARE SHIT! And with this we are having Takeshi Hongo with his role reprise by Hiroshi Fujioka or Segata Sanshiro as most people known him as in the U.S. Ichigo has a brand new Suit and WOW is that 1 hella bulky suit, I mean just look at this. This makes the original suit look scroungy and this is just... just... Do you even work out bro? 

With a new Suite also comes new Villains with Nova Shocker which is made up of Ex Shocker monsters like  Igura, Urga, and Buffal and their plain is to NOT take over the world but to control the worlds  Economy. Also in the movie is the Original Shocker because they seem to like never die. Being the first of this brand new series of movies I will have low expectations so if this sucks it sucks but if it doesn't yah something good for once who know Kamen Rider origins and also Super Sentai as well. 

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