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Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys

in just a little bit of 2 weeks when Toy fair begins we got images of new Power Stuff already which I hear is a norm, but regardless here is what happen last night and the images that were shown. and special thanks go to  @razzle1337 on Twitter who brought us these pictures. 

Sources Tokunation 

for Figures we have a Purple male ranger figure who maybe could again be back in the show again, and Doomwing or Dark Torian form Kyrouger. and throwing this out their with my fan theory that maybe Torian could be the Silver Ranger but me giving my fan theory here is all. 

Sources Tokunation 

2 new made American Zords the Archelon Zord and Oviraptor Zord and also a Limited Edition Ankylo Zord (which is just a place holder in this picture because this is some pretty amature photo shop right here)

Sources Tokunation 

Finally what we were all waiting for the Titano Megazord with is SO MUCH SHINER then it's Japanese counter part but also less colorful then it's Japanese counter part as well. still not bad looking and I so called it, I SO CALLED that Titano could have the arm swapping gimmick just like the other Zords, SO CALLED IT. With toy fair not being that far away we might get some more info on these Zords and even some Legacy stuff as well.

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