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Monday, February 8, 2016

Zyuohger 6th Ranger Zyuoh TheWorld suit reviled

I'm The Sources Tokunation

With Ninninger being over (SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT) Zyuohger will begin this week and we have our Suit for our 6th Ranger for the Show Zyuoh TheWorld. Zyuoh TheWorld (and yes he has "THE" in the tittle) is a mixture of being the colors Orange, Black, and silver or Gray color and also has a Wolf, Crocodile, and Rhino because of 2 reasons. 1. is "The World" tittle and has animals all over the world and 2. is because he will be a lot like Gao Silver having 3 for his mecha.  Now Zyuoh TheWorld is a lot like Zyuoh Eagle where he has a Face Visor that changes the animals and it's pretty cool, in fact the suit itself is pretty cool to ( my favorite helmet of the 3 is the Rhino and weird it looks a bit like Tomica Hero: Rescue Force helmets). Still excited to see Zyuoh TheWorld in action (do you see how repetitively annoying "THE" is?)

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