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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Digital-Ranger Reaction to Digimon Adventure Tri 2 Trailer

Sorry this took a bit longer to do but I was Finishing up Digimon Savers and also just finished it now and the review will be out some time in March no clue when in March but it will be release in March. and now on to the main topic at hand talking about the Digimon Tri 2 Trailer, If you have not saw my Tri review or my Tri review with my friends to sum it up we basically praise it and for it being amazing and now we have Tri 2 and here we hope that there is some more story put into it but regardless let analyze what is in Tri 2 trailer.

So the Tri trailer goes with a flash back of a fight between Ogreand and Leomon (and I want to say that while it may be a flash back they are still gonna show Leomon dyeing because Lemon always dies, always!)

We then cut to a fight with Rosemon against Imperialdramon (now some people speculated that in the blurry trailer some people assumed that it is actually BlackImperialdramon I am here to now state that is wrong because this Imperialdramon has green eyes and not red eyes that BlackImperialdramon has). 

And then for like the first time ever we have Vikemon in an Anime series I think. 

Then we get a shot of the Digimon Emperor makes his return (yah Tri is bringing back the best part of 02, and this also means that the 02 kids are alive still).

After that not much else of note except for the Digimon girls in skimpy clothing (so fan service I guess)

So yah not that much stuff here of that much here or that grand of a thing except for that the Digimon Emperor is returning. And most of this trailer is just shots of the movie and what we shall see, I know that is what a trailer is but we really can’t make out what the plot is going to be which I guess is a good thing to keep us surprise). Still very, very, very excited for this and really can't wait for this to come but next month.

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