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Friday, September 30, 2016

Guyver Live Action Movies DVD Re-Issue

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OH MY GAWD YES! BREAKING NEWS the 2 live action Guyver movies are now available again on DVD. YES I mean WOW just... WOW. now if you don't know New Line Cinema were the one's to put these movies out both DVD in 2004. Until now where both movies are getting a re-issue now for a limited time offer making the 2 very rear movies that were only available to the masses on VHS now obtainable on DVD. And here I will give you the link for the movies Guyver 1991 Guyver Dark Hero. YES FINALLY these 2 movies will finally be out for the masses once again and I LOVE IT and the movies too (YES I DO like the 1991 Guyver movie Faults and ALL).

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