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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digimon Tri 5: Symbiosis Summary

Today the summary of Digimon Tri-Chapter 5 has been released today which goes like this

After witnessing her partner Mochizuki Meiko is hurt by a mysterious man who dresses like Gennai, Meicoomon begins to rampage once again.
“It would have been great if you weren’t born…”
Meicoomon disappeared into the Real World, who’s the distorted itself. With her holding such overwhelming power, it’s the key to destroy the world…
Hackmon appears in front of Nishijima Daigo and Professor Mochizuki, and reveals the truth.
He says Homeostasis itself is trying to maintain the harmony of the worlds, it considers Meicoomon has become way too strong, a very dangerous existence right now, they are trying to cut it down.
As the rampaging Meicoomon appeared, the count down to collapse of the Real World has begun.
Everywhere has incidents occuring one after another. Digimon who appears through the Distortion has been waiting for that time to come…
The Chosen Children return to the Real World, alienated the abnormal state of the Digital World, but they and their partner Digimon are being chased by people. While they are isolated with no support from people and desperately looking for breakthroughs, Meiko continues to worry alone.
For a girl who’s overloaded with too much burden, the voices of her comrade and the Digimons can’t reach to her.
Then harsh fate approaches to Yagami Hikari, who has the lightest and most delicate soul than anyone…
Right now, the adventure evolves once again.

This was translated by bokutachinodigitalworld.blogspot and it looks like things are starting to ramp up at this point in the story. especially with Kari and we now know why Ophanimon Falldown Mode is in the film and also what will be the main focus of the film is. Still no release date on the movie but it will be this year and maybe the final episode this year as well.
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