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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger DELUEX: Abare Summer is Freezing Cold the movie Review

I love Abarangers, I have made that clear in the past with me reviewing the show and also saying how much love I have to worse the show from it's charters, plot, and of course AbareKiller. Also added to the fact Naruhisa Arakawa is the head writer of this show and he is my favorite waiter. And now I'an here reviewing the movie for Abarangers which makes me which it was summer, it is getting warmer but still it’s still February and still cold outside.

The movie begin 15 years ago on Dino Earth with a man reading a story to some kids about some time ago where Bakuryuus trying to freeze the plant and kill other Bakuryuus (NO I will not make the obvious joke here) and they were sealed away by a princess named (OK I can can’t help myself :P)

Named princes Furijia. She was the one that sealed the Bakuryuus with a sword, also one of the kids is a baby Asuka. Cut to present day in Antarctica with 2 pilots (that speak English BTW) find an iceberg that appeared a year and a half ago and the iceberg suddenly breaks open and we see 2 Bakuryuus release from the iceberg (more on them latter).

After the opening tittle of the movie (also gotta love the fact that the movie has deluxe in the name) the rest of the Abarangers are enjoying themselves when the princess appears and ask them for some help.

The movie exclusive Torinoid appears to try and get the princes, now the Evolian have always been these crazy designs and themes to them but this one takes the cake because this one is part fireworks, bikini, acne, Venus, eggplant, and part bees called Hexanoid Firebikinuac, after a very fan survives shot of Emiri and Ranru looking hot is bikinis (and the guys in bikinis if you are into that) They get away.
The Princes explains that the 2 Burstosaur are release from the iceberg when Evolien sent them to earth a year and a half ago, and the only thing that can sealed them is sword of the seal or aba blade called the BakuLaser. Now if you say it looks like the normal Abalaser then you are right this is just a remold/ repaint of the original Abalaser, but it looks awesome in color sceme and bigger looking blade. The only way to find the other half of the sword is using the Dino Guts and Ryouga is the one to offer and is the main provider of doing this and find the other sword is located in Tokyo.

Also in one scene I swear this one sailor looks like Kyoryu Cyan, I mean he speaker English, have brown hair, he's wide, so yah, also the Bakuryuus are scared of the Burstosaur so you know that the Burstosaur are the real deal when the Bakuryuus start calling them the devil.

On the way to Tokyo Hexanoid Firebikinuac Venus reappears and Ryouga and princess go to get the sword while the rest of the Abarangers go to fight Hexanoid Firebikinuac Venus. Hexanoid Firebikinuac Venus unleashes her most powerfulest weapon and “what is that weapon?” you may ask while it is a DEADLY BEE WEAPON, MY GOSH! And I do mean that her bees shrink Yukito and creates a bunch of Ranrus (which she gets them to go away by say to them there is a sale proving that girls really do want to do nothing but shop (apology to my female audience). They defeat Hexanoid Firebikinuac by Yukito changing (saying Mini Mini Change and that’s adorable) and going into Hexanoid Firebikinuac stomic and killed her from the inside with also changing Yukito back to normal size.

Ryouga use more of his dino guts to find the other half of the sword but then Jannu appears in the Cursed Armor and attacks Ryouga. And we see another movie exclusive thing for this movie, that being a rope from the Dino Brace.

Furijia and Ryouga find the 2nd half of the blade is located at Tv Asahi (I would say they just broke the 4th wall but they did that already with Emiri).

Ryouga and the princes then find the 2nd half of the sword and they fix it with Ryouga giving more of his Dino Guts which makes him really weak in the proces. And  now who shale appear AbareKiller being well AbareKiller wanting the sword to seek some thrills.

When the BakuLaser is fully restore Furijia says she wants to help Ryouga and saying she want to help protect the world BUT… it’s not the real princess but a monster insted (There is a scene where the monster is poping out of the body of princess body and it looks really messed up and sick and I LOVE IT).  He call himself as Dimensional Drifter Galvidi (I will continue to call him D.D. Galvidi. The rest of the  movie since that is shorter to say, also lets me  get away with making a Yugioh reference). D.D. Galvidi design looks really good and I want a Figuart of him, for that matter Tamashii give me Abaranger Figuarts NOW. AbareKiller then ask him to allies with him and then use arrows to attack him. But the BakuLaser makes D.D. Galvidi is powerful enough to actually take down AbareKiller (YAH THEY ARE TOTALLY SCREW NOW).

In the morning the 2 Bakuryuus finally make it to shore and the 2 Burstosaurs are Burstosaur Chasmoshildon and Burstosaur Chasmoshildon, now both Burstosaur Chasmoshildon and Burstosaur Chasmoshildon are a simple repaint/ remold of Bakuryuu rex and Bakuryuu Triceratops but the dinos are now change, Triceratops is now a Chasmosaurus (same thing as Triceratops but smaller horns and bigger shield head) and Rex is now a Carnotaurus. The toy for this was even release in the US changed all the purple and light green to red because BOA think that purple and light green is too much of a girl color and then just changed it to red which gives it the colors of the American flag which is obvious this was done IN AMERICA. Also it came with the green VER. of Bakuryuu Pteranodon for some reason.

Now what makes the Bakuryuus so power full is that they have the power to use ice from their mouths. D.D. Galvidi is planning to make the Burstosaurs his puppets and freeze earth.All the Abarangers arrive and morph (and just like all Sentai movies it is not till the last fight where the team do there group Henshin tougher), what happens next is awesome with a shot of all the Bakuryuus marching to fight the Burstosaus what is even made better is that AbareKiller is letting his Bakuryuus fight as well so this just tells you how serious this is. It's sad that this is only a few minutes we do see the Bakuryuu fighting the Burstosaurs, with the Auxiliary Bakuryuus and Brachiosaurus getting frozen.

The Abarangers fight D.D. Galvidi but we see he can pull a wolverine and Kamen Rider Gills by growing giant claws from his body (also he has a side laser on him are BAD FREAKIN ASS) which gives the Abarangers a tough time until they go super mode with Ryouga being first and a totaly charging at him while being shot by lasers but does nothing to him.

The Abarangers are about to finish D.D. Galvidi with the Super Dino Bomber but he then quickly attack them with the sword and get's away and then combine both Burstosaur Chasmoshildon and Burstosaur Chasmoshildon to make Bakuren-Oh. It looks awesome just that just that purple and teal make that mecha looks so well done I like it a lot,just the light green frails on the side for the chest is what really helps this make this different from Abaren-Oh, also what is helped he is using his weapons more like a shield and sword which makes this more different in the process and they also in transformation they freeze the whole plant. The Abarangers form Abaren-Oh with some re done CGI to match the sounding area which is a nice touch, both Bakuren-Oh and Abaren-Oh fight and Abaren-Oh just get WRECKED completed and other defeat. It gets worst when Bakuren-Oh get Abaren-Oh drill arm and pretty much defeats him. AbareBlack then uses his Fire Inferno from his sword to free the Auxiliary Bakuryuus from there prison and Abaren-Oh get his arm back.

Then both AbareKiller Bakuryuus and Abaren-Oh combine tougher to make Killer Abaren-Oh, it’s nice looking but OoAbaren-Oh still looks more awesomer but still nice looking. HOWEVER what I will say is the final attack from Killer Abaren-Oh is freakin awesome being able to use every single Auxiliary Bakuryuus and “finishing Bakuren-Oh” with a flying drill spin (but of course Bakuren-Oh comes back again in the 3 episodes before the end of the series).

D.D. Galvidi is still alive and then Ryouga get the sword and then what happens next is the most BADASS THING EVER DONE, Ryouga gets on Bakuryuu rex then Bakuryuu rex spins Ryouga on his tail then Ryouga Kills D.D. Galvidi there is only one way I can describe that, Ryouga YOU ARE THE MOST BADASS MOTHER FUCKER IS SENTAI.

And then shows another awesome shot of all the Bakuryuus being tougher, SUPER BADASS!

The movie ends with their actually being a princess and saying thinks and glad the Abarangers help and then gives Ryouga a kiss and the sword vanishing to never be seen again and the Abarangers off too enjoy the rest of their summer vacation. AND THEN We are the ONE ~Bokura wa Hitotsuin plays and as I said before I love this show BUT GOD THIS SONG, just THIS SONG.

There are some end credits of Evolien finally having Bakuren-Oh but then Rije breaking the 4th wall and saying the movie is over and it’s time for the Kamen Rider Faiz movie (AND NO I will not be reviewing that next because 1. look at my review list, and 2. frankly since I still remember Faiz actions from the GOD AWEFUL Kamen Rider Taisen Movie it will still be a while before I touch anything Faiz for a while, also FUCK Kamen Rider Taisen (I had to put somewhere in this review).

Overall 5/5
This movie was a very fun and enjoyable
I did really enjoy this movie a lot and even working on this review I enjoy writing this as well and also this movie does a lot of good as well. For the charters they are all well define in the movie instead of the modern Sentai movie where it just red 1 or 2 other just going on the journey and selling the movie exclusive toys. Ryouga is awesome as always, Yukito was himself being smart and knew how to defeat the first monster Ranru sadly did do not too much but got her clones away and hew she was in that Bikini that made her look hot which is a point from me, while I did not bring it up it was nice to see some more of Asuka and his background and was probably shocking when he saw the princess was not really the princes and also probably pissed at Ryouga he got the kiss, and Dr. Nikita is always AbareKiller but know when he had to help the Abarangers. D.D. Galvidi I personally thought was a good villain since he was not a part of Evolian it made sense why he would be stronger then the Abarangers and with the BakuLaser he was a mach for AbareKiller since that sealed 2 dinosaures. also where he came from, the only thing that I thought was well to his charter is his motivation or LACK there. Bakuren-Oh was hyped and was totally worth it the have the power to basically freeze everything and could even take Abaren-Oh parts and probably even forced the Bakuryuus to combine with them, it was not easy defeating him either the Abarangers had to use ALL THE BAKURYUUS to defeat him and even then he still came back just before the final episode and it was piloted by the big bad of the show. The pasting started out slow in the begging but wanted to get everything like charter and stuff like that, and finally the comedy was Abaranger funny. I really did not have a problem with the movie that I could have had think of the only thing I guess is Voffa trying to make a monster and that did not happen because he did get the Bakuren-Oh in the end. And I guess since this did get a 5/5 this movie is worthy enough to get the

The Prodigious Award Seal of Approval™ an award reserved for only the best of the best and must be seen by all.

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