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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Digital- Ranger talks about: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger; a underrated Sentai?

Today February the 6th, it has been a few days since the 40th Super Sentai Season Doubutsu sentai Zyuohger has ended, and already people are hyped for the newest Season of Super Sentai Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. But before that show happens I would like to take a moment and talk about Zyuohger 1 more time before because everyone talks about Kyuranger. Now let me start by saying I like this show... A LOT and feel it's severely underrated. In this blog post,  I will not be going into as much detail as I normally would (because I would like to talk about this show more in an in-depth review). But rather talk about me and some things I felt about watching Zyuohger now that it has ended. Also, another reason why I'm not going hyper detail on this show is because there is a difference between watching a show in a few weeks compare to watching it on a weekly basis for over a year (some saying there will be things I will miss is an understatement). Let's begins with their leader Yamato

-Yamato: In the begging, you would think that Yamato would get just like the previous Red Rangers from the las few seasons, bing praised for everything he does, he is always right, always get the victory, get all the powerups, and also THE IDIOT! BUT NO he's actually good. For starters, he takes responsibilities for himself and the other rangers (especially when the others screw up). He is almost like the big brother of the group looking after everyone.

I mean sure he still do get power-ups in the show but in the show BUT... It feels like it is earned and it makes sense story wise it make sense. At the very lease, Ide says that after 2 seasons of having crappy hot-headed idiot Red Ranger this was refreshing to see.

-Sela: Sela did felt like a 2nd in command with here also being a responsible one who could be a capable fighter since and can handle her own. Early on Sela was also felt like a big sister at times with her taking care of her brother and her the one missing Zyuland the most out of everyone else and I like her.

-Leo: you can either like Leo with his outrageous humor or hit him with his expressiveness/ his obnoxious personality. For me he is OK but I can see why people both like and hate the guy. I will at the very lease give him this, I thoroughly enjoyed that 1 episode where he fought aginst a monster that took bully pants. YES, that was an episode.

-Tusk: Tusk was the smart one, he's sadly the one in the group where I go "Tusk! Where did you come from?". At first, he was the one who defied Yamato but goes nowhere because he quickly becomes buddy-buddy Yamato. Tusk was sadly the weakest one for me and almost just like all other green rangers are just seen as Souji from Kyrouger. although I still haven't seen Kyrouger yet.

-Amu: Amu is so precious. I mean Amu's a charter that is at first more inserted in the human world compare to Zyuland since she lived there her whole life. She works great with everyone else while also being independent. When she got an episode for herself she shined. Also, she is the better girl than Fuuka.

-Misao: When we first saw Misao as a big bad guy he was a pretty badass guy, but when he turn good he was a bit of a disappointment. For the arguably 4-5th time in a row (if you count Beet J Stag) we've had a comic relief 6th ranger who was always the butt of the joke! But I argue Misao is better than at first glance.

Before he joined the Zyuohgers

He was a friendless loser who never had any confidence in him what so ever. So when the Zyuohgers became his friends he became very passioned for his friends. I mean the very next episode he makes them little stuff animes of themselves and them a basket of fruit. He's still the butt of jokes at times with his low self-confidence. But he tries to better himself, and in the end, he has people that he can call his friends.

I mean haven't you been that guy never had friends at 1 point and had low self-confidence who then try every and anything too impressive his friends to show he is a good friend? He... He... He...  let just move on to what this show did well.

What it did well
The Episodes early on were somber compared to shows that had a flashy begging. One episode had this guy getting his hand hurt which made him unable to play guitar which was his dreams. so now his dreams were posted-pone. Or Amu helping out this guy who the sister is sick and needs some help but he still does not have the money for his sister surgery and ends ambiguously. I can latch on to doing something different somethings like that, I am a fan of the slower begins in shows anyways.

Another good thing I can commend the show are is their designs. Which is totally ironic if you saw my first thoughts (don't see it) when I first saw the design I was not kind to them... AT ALL! But I quickly changed my option when I saw the suites in action. The suits themselves are better than I thought, both the suits and helmets are different from one another that it works fantastically. I heard what makes a good Sentai suite is that you take a sentai suit into photoshop and take out the colors and you can tell who is who that makes for a great Sentai suite. My personal favorite suite design is Zyuoh Whale because he looks like Protoman from Megaman.

I also personally enjoyed the mecha, I mean Zyuoh King is not the best-designed mecha STILL. But the other mechas are suspended to look at. Zyuoh Wild is awesome with its Rocket fists, Tousai Zyuoh is pretty awesome in his own right. But by far the one to take the cake for me is Wild Tousai King, the design of this mecha is so awesome and just practical it works on so many levels. The auxiliary mecha this year were is weapons, which was ironic since in my Hurricanger review I wished Toei/ Bandai would go back to using weapons for the Megazord gimmick, and look at that it happened again 1-year latter (your all welcome).

The thing I love the most about this show would be using its disadvantage budget to its advantage, what do I mean by that? You see when Kamen Rider Amazons came it took a LOT of both Kamen Rider Ghosts and Zyuohgers budget with it. Which Led to Kamen Rider Ghost to be a pretty terrible show starting at the 2nd half of the show, and is one of the worst rider series I saw in quite a while (which is weird so many people still like the show (even if the 2nd last episode had incest in it). Which answers people's question of "why is red the only red has the helmet gimmick?" and that is why (and spread that around so more people can know about Amazons). But Zyuohger managed to handle the problem with my next point.

Bangray, Bangray is an awesome villain! Bangray was the solution for the lack of budget when Amazons aired. You see he can get people's memories and bring that person back to life which is what they do for reusing monsters suits. It's a cool idea and concept which is fleshed out, what do I mean? Well in 1 episode he brought back Yamato's dead mom to then kill her right in front of Yamato's eyes, DMAN Bangray is evil! His powers make him such a memorable charter that you just end up loving to hate him, differently Top Tear villain for me.

Now it seems like this show is pretty awesome what could be wrong with it, actually quite a lot. for starters.

What it did wrong?
While I praised Bangray for being a fantastic villain, the other villains suck. They really don't do anything at all in the show. I mean they are not trying to rule the world or anything just trying to play their incredibly hardcore game. also weird enough you could also give a good explanation on why the villains only attack 1 week with that being Genious is watching a new episode of his favorite TV show. it also takes time fo this show to start going  (but that could also be said about a lot of shows first airing as well). and  Genious did not do a single thing in the whole show up until the end of the show which makes him a boring villain. 

I will not list off complaints in this show which are relevant but don't have more to expand on.

The begging of the show did not also appeal to everyone. some of the designs really never grew on people (even the monster of the week). This is another one of those Sentai Shows where it is red ranger focuses series because #AllHailRedRanger, and even then the other main charts are nothing really all that special compared to other previous Super Sentai Seasons. This show was also Safe (but I need your help on that people to explain to me why that is). There was never really a good answer where the Zyuoh cubes came from. Nothing happened until Zyuoh The World came in. 

The most glaring problem the show had was Bard, I also found out Bard actor is also played by Kusaka from Faiz. Goddamn KUSA... actually, he is pretty OK! I KNOW COMMING FROM ME! despite him being played by Kusaka from Faiz he is still pretty OK. But his charter for the whole show was just to be a red hearing just so that the other Zyuohgers can try to get home. The last few episodes near the end weren't not really all that good.

BUT probably the biggest thing people will point out about Zyuohger is that this show will go down as possibly one of the worst set shows in recent history... AGAIN! I know that keep being said over and over again with exactly each new Super Sentai Season. but it's not as black and white as it may seem about sentai rating just watch this video.

With that being said I personally like this show. This will most defiantly be a show that will get overlooked because of the bad that was Ninninger and how insane Kyuranger looks. and even more so when Saban will adapt Kyuranger over this show. But this show will have a nice place in my heart, it kept me watching through the lacklusterness that was Dino Super Charge and the just plain awful Ghost, and even in the rough start Ex-Aid also had. I mean I modeled my persona after this show suits, so that has to mean something.

Will I feel the same way about this show 3 years from now when more shows come out? Most likely not BUT I am at the very lease gave this show a fair chance and ended up liking this show. But I am personality excited that Kuranger is the next season we are getting. Unless Amazons Season 2 steal most of the show's budget with Ex-Aids. BUT THAT WON'T HAPPEN A 2nd WILL IT (I HOPE NOT)! Come back next time where I will be doing this format again to another show a really like and I want to express why I like it as I do

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