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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger Review part 1

Abaranger is the 2nd Dino Sentai besides Zyurangers and Kyoryugers this on an over look at first seems to be an light hearted show but when you get down to it it's really a serious show in general. This is another Sentai like a lot more post Zyuranger seasons not sub and not too many people have seen yet as of now. And as such it is hard to say if many people will like it or hate it. So is this a good Sentai? Dose this deliver to be good? And how good id this to the other Dino Season? time Roar into action with Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger.

The Show
Episode 1: Abare Dinosaur Big Charge!

The series begin with Abare Black Asuka running away from a giant manta ray spaceship and while running he is hit by a lazar which makes him loses the Dinosaur eggs he was carrying in to a portal called Another-Earth or our world. In our world Asuka follows after the eggs and then dinosaurs starts destroying the city also if you watch the Nostalgia critic you will see a" BUT WHAT ABOUT BOOMER MOMENT" (Also BOOMER WILL LIVE"), From that 6 people hear a voices in their head and 2 of them come (Emiri and  Ryunosuke) come and get the changers but they do not become Abarangers because they do not have the Dino Soul, the ones who do are Yukito Sanjyo who is a snob in the early part of the show, the very cute looking Ranru Itsuki who is an EXTREME biker, and the leader Ryoga Hakua who gets eaten by one of the Dinosaur. And when Ryga pops back out of the Armor he changes in an Abaranger, and all 3 tougher we have our team. The Abaranger suits themselves is off looking with the white spikes on the sides but I do like the symbol in the middle of them and the helmets with their changer called the dino bracelets which are cool looking and can commutate to the rangers and of course being dino suits there are 3 of the obvious dinos the triceratops, the Pteranodon, and the MOTHER FUCKING T-REX, with this a warrior in black armor appears (latter on it would be called the cursed armor) and summons the grunts of the show The Barmia Soldiers and we then see the weapons the Abaranger have, the standard weapon the Aba Lasers which is cool looking and can turn into a gun and sword, their personal weapons Red's Tyranno Rod, Blues Tricera Bunker , and yellows' The Ptera Daggers which all can combine into the Super Dino Bomber also they can also grow the white on their suits into spikes and it looks absolutely ridicules. When the warrior retreats back into the manta ray ship the dinosaurs destroying the city went from being green to their respective ranger colors become the Mechas the Bakuryuu with, Bakuryu Tyrannosaurus, Bakuryu Triceratops, and Bakuryu Pteranodon to creates the Abaren-Oh which I do admit is a pretty awesome looking sentai Mecha with a giant drill probably to Pearce the heavens with, and with that they defeat their first enemy. And then awaken the rest of the enemies for the show The Evolien, making up of Evolien is Mikela and Voffa the creators for monster of the week, Jannu who would be the wielder of the Cursed armored for the majority of the first half of the show and Rije the little girl that kisses the monsters of the week before they attack and torchers them if they do something wrong and is also posted by the main villain of the show Dezumozorlya. The Evolien being the villains for this season want to destroy the our earth and make our earth like their earth being a giant desert, and we have our monsters of the week called Torinoids which are 2 fractions both being weird, with 1 fraction creating monsters with animals, objects, and items, and the other being monsters. These first 2 episodes would paint a good picture on how the show would be Good, filler moment, and then good again which I will go more depth to.

Episode 8: Abare Black, This One-Shot!

When Asuka went to earth his key for his changer was destroy and then he fixes like that no joke that's how it's like in the show. His weapon the Dino Thruster can also have the powers of fire, water, earth, and wind, also his key for his changer can also be played as a harmonica. And his Zord Bakuryu's Brachiosaurus is a carry Zord for all of the Bakuryu despite the proportions of mechas sizes epically near the end with Oo-AbarenOh, and I do admit that Abare Black design is cooler then the main 3 suits if only because of the combination for black and gold. And the Abarangers find the other mechas like Bakuryu Bachycelonagurus which the toy of him was never release in America, Bakuryu Dimenokodon which got a red repaint for the Abaranger audio drama, Bakuryuu Parasarokkiru which I think is the only Spanish speaking meach there is, Bakuryuu Ankyloveilus who is an annoying shit, and Bakuryuu Stegoslidon who's is a surf board, no joke even they call it out to with Asuka using his sword to create a title wave. Also I wana bring up something a bunch of the Bakuryuu' voice actors are pretty famous with a bunch of them being in Dragon ball Z, Google it for yourself.
Before I continue with this reviews for the impotent parts there is one episode to mention, in episode 10 Abare Leaguer Bind it's notable, the Power Ranger Dino episode "Lost & Found in Translation" wads the very first time Sentai footage was in Power Rangers mind you it was a Meh episode in my option but it was cool to see Sentai footage in PR and this was the first time we ever saw Super Sentai in Power Rangers.
Episode 18: Who is It? It's AbareKiller!
In Episode we are introduce to possibly the best thing about this show, so it begins with the main Abarangers to try and stop a Torinoid but found that he is gone because there is another Abaranger in white called AbareKiller. AbareKiller is decently the most inserting Ranger in Sentai because his a villain in the whole show and a hero in just in only 2 episodes, he treats everything like a game and is rootless, always a winner and is super op. when the Abarangers got their powers a man named Dr. Mikoto Nakadai who arrive late while trying to see the Bakuryus but then another egg with his Bakuryu Bakuryuu TopGaler (which is based off an Tupuxuara dinosaur) who wanted to destroy the Dino Earth and gives him the Abare Killer powers and the Abare Killer suite is probably my favorite suite of the Abarangers and AbareKiller does not have a transformation sequence he just instance transformers into his suite. Now the AbareKiller suite is also called the Zero suite because it is untested and use it to much it will have enough power to destroy everything. The Abarangers try and stop him but are easily beaten up the Abarangers with ease. His weapon the Wing Pentact is a sword pen (suck on that Perce Jackson what is a real sword pen) what can create energy arrows too, his Abare mode is less ridicules then the others, Mech Killer oh (which is pretty cool looking) which the main weapon being a spear of death is comprise of Bakuryuu TopGaler and Bakuryuu Stegoslidon which he said can give Stegoslidon more power and yes he to control of the main Ranger mecha and even did the same for Bakuryuu Bachycelonagurus and Bakuryuu Dimenokodon, and he continues to give the Abarangers hell. Their seems to be no hope except for 1 thing.
Episode 31: That Abare, The Ultimate
When Asuka gets a vision he sees another Abaranger in and then with a shield, mean while AbareKiller is now the leader of  Evolien and first thing to do is destroy the Abarangers by creating his own Torinoid Killer Ghost and it's really cool looking including some pretty laughable wings. He decide to lure out the Abarangers with their capture allies and the Abarangers come and then Killer Ghost captures Abare-Oh and heavily injuring the Rangers and inside of Killer Ghost he is slowly melting the Bakuryuu's inside him. Meanwhile Asuka is carving a shield and putting his power into it, the Abarangers try again but very little is done except for Ryoga which he has a better chance at. It looks like its gona end but Asuka gives Ryoga the new weapon he has been making the StyRiser and with AbareBlue and AbareYellow giving their dino courage to the StyRiser AbareRed becomes AbareMax. Now AbareMax this would be the 2nd time a red exclusive power up would be used in a dino themed Sentai and saying this AbareMax is my favorite power up out of the 3 Dino Sentais Armed Tyrannoranger is a basic structure and just basic and Kyoryured carnival is just too wacky for my taste and AbareMax is subtle but also dose some more detail like the shoulder pads and the helmet with a gold and blue and 2 more claws on the chest. now you are probably wondering something and "why does the shield look like a Styracosaurus when it could have been a gold T-Rex" well that's because AbareMax was going to be the 6th Abaranger but for whatever reason it became a power up for Abare red and a Homage for Armed Tyrannoranger. with this new power up AbareMax using the StyRiser that is both a Shield and Sword which is a great combo of both offence and defense and assume gives him more strength also my favorite ability he can transport his foes to another direction that's looks trippy as hell and AbareMax is more powerful there (you see why I like this power up). And with that AbareMax defeats Ghost Killer and rescues the trap Bakuryuu, but then the Torinoid newest creation to attack the Abarangers (it's a shellfish tank that can also turn into mini jets). The Abarangers then summon the Abare-Oh but is then defeated but then a new Bakuryuu appears Bakuryuu Styracosaurus. The design for Bakuryuu Styracosaurus is like a chariot being pulled by a hoarse which is cool looking and it's warrior mode Max Ohja is a bit bland all things consider with weird proportions a bit show wise and major toy wise. And combine with the auxiliary Bakuryuus can form the final combine Mecha of the season Maxryuuoh that does look cool, also anyone can be the pilot of Max Ohja as long if they have the StyRiser. But that is not the only thing to happen Asuka fights the one who is in charge of controlling the ship and that's Jannu his wife before she was control by Evolien. Asuka tries to reach out to Jannu it seems all is gone so he blows up the ship and takes both Asuka and Jannu with it and it is assume Asuka is dead with his key the only thing that was found was his key. Also what happens is that Jannu is still alive and is free of Evolien and is normal but I will still continue to caller her Jannu for the remainder of this review for consisted sake.

 Episode 38: The Blooming Abare Pink
So Rije got a new look and it looks very stupid and I decide to show you all how stupid it is to you all and the main plot of the episode is Emiri becomes AbarePink and that happens.

So what does happen is that the curse armor is still alive and Asuka is alive to, what happens is that Asuka asks the armor that he can be the wilder if he frees Jannu which dose happens and we also learned that this was not the first time Asuka wailed this armor before and on his own home world he killed all of his tripe because the Cursed armor is just destroys everything in its sight. Jannu tries to confront Asuka but getting hurt herself and even goes back to Evolien and become her old self in the process, and also Abare Killer want's the Cursed armor to so he can be more powerful to. The Abarangers try to stop Asuka by playing his harmonica but the Curse armor has more control and attack the Abarangers. Jannu and AbareKiller gang up on him and take the armor for themselves with AbareKiller having it only for it to be destroyed when Jannu attacking it earlier and destroying the curse armor. Asuka is now free and becomes AbareBlack again and Jannu is now an inside help for the Abarangers. Also Killer ghost is came back and the Abarangers kill him by pearling him then using their drill till he explodes (see it to believe it) that is pretty hard core.
Episode 44: AbareKiller's Immortal
We find out more about AbareKiller and that when he was a kid he was alone and not loved and also when he was born a part of Dezumozorlya was born with him from our Earth and now Dezumozorlya wants to get it back so he can cover the earth in plants, this was probably the precursor to Gaim in a way. Also at this point Dr. Nakadai morpher starts overloading and it is estimated he has only 1-2 more times using before it explodes (I counted he use it 6 more times before it explodes) and is now defeated by the Abarangers and Bakuryuu Stegoslidon returns to the Abarangers. Abare Killer gets his own Evolien mecha which he can control using thought and movement that Dr. Nakadai dose, it's like the same type of control that the Gundams that Gundam G does but with less standing up. From this the Abarangers try to stop Dr. Nakadai before he dies and 2 defeated Evolien come back to try and defeated him and AbareBlack is able to rider Killer-Oh while the others try and save Dr. Nakadai. once in there he easily defeat them but Ryoga says to him he does matter and he dose like him and form that secerns that is legitimacy a strong one Dr. Nakadai agrees to now fight alongside with the Abarangers and then they form my favorite mecha for this season Oo-AbarenOh (which roughly translate into Great Riot Union King) to defeat the Evolien mecha and it is sad that this is only shown 1 time in the whole show.
Episode 48: The Final Abare Game
The episode prior before this is Rije is completely taken over by Dezumozorlya and there has been this subplot with girl in white that looks like Rije and appears to both Asuka and Jannu is to believe that she was born when Rije was created and when the Abarangers defeat him Rije is turn back into a baby and is reviled that she is Asuka and Jannu daughter. Dezumozorlya is not defeated tho and comes back and fuse with both Mikela and Voffa into 1 being. Also the movie Mecha Bakuren-Oh suite is use in this episode, the Abarangers come and for a seconded it looks like AbareKiller is dead with a giant tentacle Pearce him but because of Dezumozorlya inside of him and takes him inside the Bakuren-Oh and takes his Dezumozorlya power and it is here that Dr. Nakadai turns into Abare Killer for the last time. him and the other rangers defeat Dezumozorlya but it is to late Abare Killer is dying and there is no time to save him and it looks like the japan is doomed with AbareKiller morphed going to explode but TopGaler comes in and takes Dr. Nakadai away into space and then AbareKiller learns how good life is before his changer explodes taking him and TopGaler in the process (and would not be seen again till Dekarangers V Abaranger and then again when he met Gai in Gokaiger). This was a strong scene and is sad to see this happen to a man who didn't care about his life and now sacrificing his own life so many others can live.
Episode 50: The More We Rampage
In the final battle between of Dezumozorlya comes back a 3rd time and thankfully the final time and this time he is headquarters of Evolien what looks weird and he brought more of his forces from the other earth and starts the 200 day of destruction to make our earth an into his earth nothing but a desert or Arizona (kinda weird of me to say that since I do live in Arizona) and now the Abarangers must finished Dezumozorlya off once and for all. It’s done by AbareRed and Blue fighting in the Mechas and AbareBlack going to save Jannu with AbareYellow coming in to assisted Asuka. Then the cursed armor comes back with some red stuff added to it, near the end it has Yellow and Black defeat the armor once and for all, and for Red and Blue with all Bakuryuus fighting against him. They do defeat Dezumozorlya once and for all with it first looking like Red and Blue dead but they are not and then Asuka Jnnu their baby and all of the Bakuryuus going back home
6 months later we see what the Abarangers have been doing like Ryoga travels the world with his sister (because), Yukito maries Emiri (because), Ranru becomes a race car driver (because) also Asuka and Jannu come back with their baby that looks like about 9 and AbareKiller is alive (BECAUSE SCREW YOU THATS WHY). In all serious now this ending is rather bad in a sense because this is out of place for the charters with none of their personalities matching this, some it does work for like he Ryoga wanted to show the world more to his sister which does works because he did work in a park during a visited In America, Ranru dose loosely make sense because she is an extreme sports person and she could be wana be a racecar driver, and for Abare Black time could be more different tin the other Earth then our earth. But Yukito marring Emiri came out of left field and HOW DOES ABAREKILLER COME BACK TO LIFE. Also in the final battle it was nice with them separating to face off the final boss but I wish there could have been a final battle on foot or in the Mechas with all of them and a ghost of AbareKiller could have support them. This final scene is a bit bad but hey it's better than the ending from Kamen Rider Faiz which also ran the same year (weird).

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