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Thursday, March 16, 2017

I don't like Kyuranger

Going to be blunt here BUT I do not like Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, I really, really, REALLY don't like this show like at ALL! Look I understand that I am probably upsetting a majority of people by just the title alone BUT this show is not good... at all. Never before have I seen such a show that is so beloved already by the fanbase while also being so incredibly STUPID. It makes me question WHY?! Because of that, I'm voicing my thoughts on the show so far and why it's not as perfect as everyone else does. Spoilers ahead so I can go into detail on why this show is bad.

I gave Kyuranger a proper 5 episode chance and it FAILS in every single way, shape, and form imaginable, and all because of Lucky! Lucky is an awful Red Ra... Awful Char... Awful everything! In the first 5 episodes, he was always right in front and center while the other charters were merely just the B-story of the episode. The worst part about Lucky is that Gary Stu with him always defeating the bad guys, using the weapons without anyone telling him how to use it, him summing his own Zord and also him summing the Megazord without anyone telling him how to do it, and as he says himself he is the luckiest guy in the universe. So from that, I gathered no matter what he never has to go through any struggles as a charter.

The worst of Lucky was in Episode 4 where he encourages Raptor to live out her dream of becoming a fighting the villains, the thing is she would die. Because unlike the other 2 robots of the group she can not be repaired and when she is dead she is dead. BUT Lucky keeps encouraging her to do so and when she does become a Kyuranger she is STILL endangered of dying and not being able to be repaired, and she still fights knowing this And it is ALL BECAUSE OF LUCKY! I'm saying it he is WORST than Takaharu. At least Takaharu waited at episode 5 to show how bad he was while here less than 5 for Lucky.

But Lucky himself is not the only reason why this show is bad, Hammy is feeling like a Fuuka 2.0 with here being annoying and even worse encouraging the Red Ranger being dumb and just overall just annoying. The mentor Xiao Longbow is a funnier mentor which OK funny more comedic mentor which is a change up from the norm fine idea. BUT if you have a comedic leader with a comedic Red Ranger and already an already more comedic bunch of Rangers this presents a problem with this show not taken seriously when this is a show needs to be serious (I will get back to that).

(nitpick at this point here but) What's more infuriating is that Kyutamas the gotta catch 'em all toys of the show is mishandled poorly. In episode 1 they were presented to be a mystical object. Episode 3 happens are shown to be made by machines with powers. This baffles me you screwed up trying to see the gimmick toy to kids when others shows have done a better job at that.

But by far the single worst thing in the show (besides lucky of course) is that WE HAVE 9 Rangers, WE HAVE a show with a space theme, WE HAVE so many beings from different parts of space, WE HAVE underdogs as our main heroes, and despite EVERYTHING I just listed off this is your basic 5 team Sentai protecting the Earth from aliens with everyone praising the idiot Red Ranger! The universe is under galactic threat which should make this show should be taken more serious and maybe even at times be grim but no just dumb and happy go lucky average show. I have not seen a show like this with a wasted potential and awesome suit designs ever in my life watching any show.

With all that being said I can not sadly say I hate Kyuranger, YEAH I just can't. The reason why I just don't flat out hate this show is because of Executive Meddling. You see what happened to Kyuranger is that Tv-Asai (the airing program for Super Sentai and Kamen Rider) has Matoi Sazaki as a producer. Matoi Sazaki is infamous because he is the one responsible for Go-Busters 2nd half, meddling with Kyoryuger, and also a producer on the TAISEN FILMS! SO while I can not say I HATE this show, I at the very least can say that I HATE Kyoryugers popularity.

As you can see I don't like this show and think it's pretty dumb overall and not worth its hype. Initially, I was going to write how despite this show being so hype another show will take its place in hype later on. BUT when I found out this had corporate meddling involved I realize that I could not stand for this and not support Kyuranger because of it correct meddlings. To further showcase this I will never watch a new Rider and Sentai live ever again. Because Honestly, I had it up to here with people praising a show so early on so fast that I just can't take it anymore. Well, that and also do I just see crap?

LIKE no SERIOUSLY! So many people I see online praise not only this show but other shows that are just bad like Ninninger (YES NINNINGER), Ghost, Kyuranger, and even some of Ex-Aid (which I am meh on Ex-aid) and of course THE TAISEN FILMS! And for whatever reason more and more people seem to latch onto these shows despite how moronic, terible, writing and idiocy of said shows. Where something like Zyuohger had good merits and had smart/ clever moments at times, was just overlooked or ignored. It's starting to get to me more lately and just wanted to get these pent up feeling out. When I first started this blog I felt like I was the person with the less popular options, as the years go on I proven right on this with whatever the next big thing is.

Disagree with me and my thought if you feel that strongly to worse Kyuranger is so superior, I encourage it so I can know what I am not seeing. Maybe years later people will feel the same way I do and say "I don't get it?" or maybe not but regardless the only show I will be keeping up on a weekly basis is Appmon because even the bad/ Dumb Appmon episodes put a smile on my face.

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