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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kamen Rider Black Review

STORY: on the 19th birthday of Minami Kotaro and his brother Nobuhiko they were abducted by the evil cult Golgom and turn them into cyborgs so one of them will fight to be the new Creation  king and wipe out humankind because humans have polluted the earth and are not fit to be the rulers of earth. But before the process is completed Minami Kotaro breaks free and escapes from Golgom, and so Minami Kotaro must fight as kamen rider black to fight the evil of Golgom from destroying humanity. This is a kamen rider series that was well written and well acted, this grab the attention and gave great suspense.

CHARTERS: Minami Kotaro (kamen rider black): Kotaro is a rider that i would describe as a man who would do anything to stop evil. he always stop to save who ever in trouble it being children or adults. now to me he is kinda like spiderman, think about it he lost a love one, given this power and he use since to to fight the creature. this proves my theory when he has superpowers like hear faraway places, see what normal people can't see combine those two together you got spider sense, and obvious super strength and agility, and finally has a belt that shines a bright light.

SOUND: As far as sound goes the soundtrack has a lot of 80’s techno, rock and a bit of brass and the opening has kamen rider black (Tetsuo Kurata) doing the opening and a great soundtrack over all, song i recommend is Battle theme

  • COSTUMES: i love how the monsters look the all look they were in a Godzilla movie and the my favorite one is rat mutant just how gross it is.
  • ACTING: everyone gave a strong performance and put a lot of “heart to speak” and sad moments were sad.
  • FIGHTING: a lot of today’s riders fight using the gimmick of the year (i am talking to you kamen rider wizard!) but back in the old days it was just the might of the rider and how everyone fought was great.
  • VILLAINS: i am talking about shadow moon being the brother of the main hero and he was a total badass like nothing could stop him and even in death he get the last laugh, as for the other villains that for you to judge

this is consider nitpick from me
  • TOO MANY FILLERS: it was like watching the first season of power rangers it got interesting near the end i didn't skip
  • SEIZURE GRAPHICS: if you are a person who get seizures then you are worn because they hurt my eyes.

this rider series was fantastic to watch and love the plot.
i also recommend the Bio Booster Armor Guyver if you like action great looking design and from the 80’s. and kamen rider Black RX if you want to continued the story, so see you next time of what ever i do.