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Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Diego Comic Con power rangers Exclusives

Pictures from RangerCrew
their have been some exclusives San Diego comic con Final Victory Ranger pack (power rangers super samurai), and Explosion Godzilla last year and now we have a lot this year.

Exclusive Gosei Morpher

  • it's all chrome morpher (on a personal note i do not care about chrome on a toy)
  • only 300 made
  • comes with 10 exclusive foil cards 
  • price $50.00

  • Green Dragon Ranger Figure

    • 4" metallic green ranger (looks it is from the 2010 figure line)
    • comes with tribe logo for legacy power morpher
    • 500 made
    • price $25.00

    power rangers super samurai S.H. Figurearts
    Pictures from RangerCrew

    • have 4 samurai rangers and red super samurai in 5 pack
    • metallic repaint
    • comes everything that the samurai/ Shinkengers Figurearts come with 
    • price $ 200.00

    MMPR Tamashii stage
  • Tamashii stage for MMPR red
  • Tamashii stage for MMPR green 
  • mystery stage (want to say MMPR white)
  • price $ 15.00

  • Gold Legacy Power Morpher 
    Picture from RangerCrew
    • quote from Bandai "Mighty Morphen Power Rangers fans, be the first to own the Legacy Power Morpher in  a green/ white Ranger Edition! This Limited Edition is 24 Karat Gold...plated and comes with two Diecast medals
    • comes with Dragon ranger coin and kiba ranger coin
    • may or may not play dragon ranger theme
    • only 1,000 made
    • price $100.00