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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Shoutmon Figure

In the Digimon Fusion Toy line the first one that will be review is Shoutmon the mascot for Fusion. Now time to open him up and see is this guy worth your money.



Out of the Package Shoutmon is in 10 pieces with his star sword. Shoutmon Design is a small Dragon type Digimon. Some notable details on Shoutmon is he has Headphones (because Xros Wars has a Music theme) with some white and some dark Gray.
The articulation is head can move but can easily come off, arms can move but is a bit hinder, and legs have a good monition.

The only thing he comes with is his star sword made up from the Starmon and the silver Pickmonz. And his Shoutmon Card even tho it says StarSword (DF-003)
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  Alterations between this and the Xros Wars was first that this is a different mold and not the same as the Xros Wars figure and the American toy have ball joints. The Xros Wars Shoutmon was super small, like some where around his wast and the American version is bigger have some holes in his V, he did not have silver on his belly sand his feet (I added that myself). The Xros Wars could only move his arms but a pro is that it could open close his mouthand had a Shoutmon combination head. As for the star Sword the American one it was just the StarSword with no paint and was flimsy plastic and has a hole in it. For the Xros Wars it could have the Starmon with a hole in it, and also have 2 silver Pickmonz, 2 white Pickmonz, and 1 Red pickmonz, they were all yellow and had pegs on then so you can connect them. And finally it came with the Shoutmon Mic and the Agumon DigiMemory while in the Anerican version it came with a card and no Mic.

Should you Buy This?
I say yes. If your a fan of Shoutmon in either Fusion or Xros Wars then you should buy it, If you never got the Xros Wars toy and want a Shoutmon toy then the Fusion one is a great alternate. Over all this is a nice toy that just needs some paint and it's Fun, BUT I DO STRESS THAT YOU CHEAK THE BALL JOINT SOICKS FOR ANY STRESS MARKS.  
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