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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Greymon Figure

  The next figure to be review by me is the Digimon Fusion Graymon and yes people another Graymon is in Digimon season again. Now before we begin this review I would like to say that I am a HUGE GREYMON FAN and I love just about every Graymon, so time to open him up and see if this Graymon is worth the buck. 

  The Fusion Greymon or Xros Wars Greymon is different from the original Greymon because 1 he is more T-Rex and that is what he is based on is posing, a bit of his head is similar to GeoGreymon (with spikes on it's lower jaw and upper head) the insetting thing about this Greymon coloring is that it has the Vireos colors Greymon. He has molded in head phones on his upper head, also have a blade front horn and finally has an blast Tail.
Articulation for him is a bit hindered, Arms can move 360 and go in and out to an extent, legs can move again to an extent, head can move side to side with the mouth opening, and the tail can move some what.   

 He comes with his DF-0029 card
Picture from DigimonWiki
Alterations were huge for this figure since this was in a new mold. The Xros Wars Greymon toy was one of the most articulate figure out of all of the other Greymon toys, it had 2 joints on the tail, the legs had ratchet joints (and can move in and out to an citron extended)  and also had ratchet joints on the feet. The arms could also move in and out and 360, and had different molded hands then the US toy could, the neck could move and so could the head, and the mouth could open more then the US one did and had pegs on the back while the US one had the back spikes. The head was an brown but on the us one it was silver making it more show correct (Same is said for the head spike) and on the US toy it's an different shade of color then the Xros Wars toy making it look like an shade of purple or gray then being blue, and the toe nails were also painted gray while on the Xros Wars it was blue (If you looked at the prototype of this toy it looked liked the horns could popes odd and the body looked had the correct colors). Finally on the Xros Wars toy it came with the Leviamon Digimemory and the US toy came with it's card.
Should you buy this    
I personally yes. If you are a huge fan of Greymon (and like any version of any Greymon) then you have to buy it, If you are looking for a pretty pose able Fusion Figure then you should buy it. The 2 cons ageist it is that it is bad shading and 2 still lack of posing. But still if you are a Die hard core Greymon fan then you buying regardless since I do think Greymon is the mascot of Digimon.
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