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Monday, March 24, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion DigiFuse Mailbirdramon

The final Figure in the first wave of the DigiFuse line is MailBirdramon, a robot version of the original Digimon from Digimon Adventure. Another well officially redisign for Digimon Fusion is this figure his name is spelled mail not in like Letters but Mail back in the older days like chin mail so it means like Armor which is pretty cool. Time to see how cools this guy is.

 Design wise it is basically Birdramon but turn into a robot. as I mention before this a redesign of Birdramon but with armorer but with the American Fusion toy line he has a blaster (use your imagination to pretended that the ball joint is an ball lazer) another design choice is that he is blue instead of red like the original Birdramon, his wings are now plain wings, and the 3 claws are sunspots to be tail feathers, he also has the MetalGreymon head on his back.
For his Articulation on this figure is limited his neck and head are on ball joints, wings are on ball, Tail is also on ball joint, and the legs and feet are also on ball joints.

Like all the other Digimon Fusion toys he also comes with his Digimon Fusion card with # DF-037.

And here we have MetalGreymon and I am speechless. Where do I began, well it dose it's another redesign of MetalGreymon form Adventure, it dose retain simulates with the original MetalGreymon like having wings, a metal claw on his left hand, a metal chest, and having a metal skull head (and from 1 review I heard the head looks like a truck), his left hand is just so long looking and it is just bazar looking, the Mailbirdramon feet are so outward (I personally would just put on the front) it is just more weird, and the most weirdest thing is he had the Greymon head on his back, and also the chest is bigger and makes this more just weird.

The articulation for this figure is similar to Greymon with the mouth opening and closing head can move on ball joint, left arm can move all the way, right little outwore and the legs can move but lilted with the tail
 all that is left over is the left hand of the Greymon figure
 Pictures from DigimonWiki
 Alterations it a lot for this, I give the toy this no color alterations on the toy (the closes you could get is the darker blue on the Xros Wars toy and the lighter blue on the Fusion toy). but it's molding is super different, the neck had hinges to look forward and backwards, mouth could open on the Xros Wars toy, and the legs had ratchet joints on it.
For the MetalGreymon toy the claws could move in and out, on the MetalGreymon head it just slide on but it did not fit on it and was shaky and was a mass release problem, while on the American toy it was a connecting port with a ball joint, and finally and the obvious one on the American toy it dose not have the MailBirdramon legs on it's back for cannons but on it's legs for the American toy.
Should you buy this?
You should because it's not all bad. If your a fan of MailBirdramon in either Fusion or Xros Wars then You Should buy it, if you like this version of Birdramon then you should buy it, if want to make MetalGreymon then you should buy it. Overall this is a nice toy and is insetting but fails with his body looking up, but that is a bit of how he was in the show. And as for MetalGreymon it's ok, some people like the US version some like the Japan version (some people like this more ther the japan version) but it is ok , main turn off is the giant left arm, the leg,s and back cannon not being show accurate.
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