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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digimon Fusion Toys

Steaping away from toku for this one we are doing digimon fusion toys that were feature at Saban licensting expo 2013(all pictures are from RANGERCREW.COM)
Role play toys:
Digivice or the Xros Loader: i am worried about this one because i do have a G1 Digivice and it is a electronic toy and this one dose not look like a electronic toy but i have no idea what it dose so this one is a mystery toy for now, and price TBD (guess $30.00)
Shoutmon Staff
Price TBD (Guess 30.00)
Basic Figures:
Shoutmon, Shoutmon Xros 3 (Shoutmon Xros 4 is with the sword), Greymon, Metal Greymon, and Bllistamon
Price $7-10.00


Mini Figures: Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Bllistamon