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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Ballistamon Figure

The next figure to be review by me is Ballistamon, Ballistamon the one who makes up about most of the combinations as we will see latter. Ballistamon is to me of the more funnier ones on the show and one charter I do enjoy to see. Now time to open him up and see if this guy is worth your money.


Ballistamon main design is a robot with a bit of beetle (but to be honest mainly why I say beetle is the horn on his head with a Rhino beetle head) the chest is fitting with the music theme with the chest being a speaker (it shows it better in the show since the toy has a ball joint on it's chest and gold pipes around his body which you might say it is from a pipe organ. Arms on him are more longer and hard to be all the down and he has a grill on his mouth and you could loosely say it a harmonica. Ballistamon is decently more compact and when you really get to it he is just a block with squeals and rectangles.

The articulation is  head is on a ball joint arms can go 360 arms can go in and out and finally leags are a bit limited and but can move.
You can tetchily make Shoutmon X2 but it is not like it is in the show. For starter the visor is not colored in, the V on his head is really big (but that may also be in the show too) and the head too low, but X 2 is possible to make.
The only thing he comes with is his card DF-013
Picture fom
Alterations between this figure and the Xros Wars figure is that of course this is an American mold and completely different. First the Xros Wars figure was much bulkier and bigger, it had ratchet joints on it's arms  and shoulder the legs had a swivel, had no gold or yellow paint on it's arms and the silver grill was more of a lighter gray like a silver, the eyes had some space outside the eyes while the American one were just the eyes them self and are gold, and could open up for the Shoutmon X2 combination. And finally the Xros Wars Ballistamon Figure came with the Guilmon DigiMemory and the Fusion toy came with the Ballistamon card.
Picture from Digiwiki
For the X2 combination it was mainly the Ballistamon body and you put the Shoutmon figure in it and theirs a part in the body to lower it in the moans slide the Ballistamon head. 
Should you buy this?
you should but you could wait to but it. If your a fan of Ballistamon in either Fusion or Xros Wars then you should but it, if you want to complete the Digimon Fusion toy line then you should buy it To be honest the Xros wars is more show accurate since it has white arms and looks bigger all around. But either way both the Fusion and Xros Wars Shoutmon X2 are not accurate what so ever. It's obvious with the Fusion Figure why, and the Xros Wars toy Shoutmon head is so obvious sticking out.
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