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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Dorulumon Figure + Shoutmon X4 Figure

The 3rd main Digimon from the Fusion Fighters is now up for the review and here he is Dorulumon. Now for me I think it might be an homage to Garurumon from Digimon Adventure. It sounds and spell very similar Garurumon, Dorulumon, enough of that it is now time to see is he worth the money?

Yah as you can see Dorulumon dose look a bit odd and weird. it has some cool white and orange decals and the orange on him look like a bit of a fire effect. his head makes him look like he has head phones. Cool thing it has a multi segment tail and nice gold drill tip. For articulation, forget about it, you can have a pose but it would it fall down, head can barely move, but the tail can do it.
He just comes with his Dorulumon card with DF-016

Shoutmon X3
And combining the Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon figures you can make Shoutmon X3. Now Shoutmon X3 look similar to 2 things, 1 it looks like Omnimon with having a orange side and a blue side and the head. and also looks like an Gundam  with a enormous amount of white and looks what a Gundam look with feet and shoulder pads and head with head guns that almost all gundams have.

You get a lot of movement for this guy. shoulder and arms are on ball joints waste and tail can move on ball joints too, and legs can move to but the leg can't move outwore.   

Shoutmon X4

With the Star Sword you can make him Shoutmon X4 and you can even do his boomerang attack, just take his V on his chest and put it on his hand.  
Pictures from Digiwiki
 Articulation between this and the Japan Xros Wars Versions were staggering. the Xros Wars had some more paint on the side of his face and the Japan Version main had a shorter Maine, the spikes on the back and on the American one it dose not have it on. It had many ratcheted joints on the legs and the tail could only go up and down and more little but on the American one can move a lot and bigger. 1 major point on the Xros Wars could do was the Drill cannons but on the American ones you can't but toy could if you really did. And finally he came with the Garurumon Digi Memory.
And as for the Shoutmon X3/X4 you could see the Shoutmon head the arms could only move. The head was more like putting a hat on and it looks weird, but the American toy is an complete head and is more better.
Should you buy this?
You should buy this if you want Shoutmon X3/4 but on it's own may be. I am not going to denied that it's better with better articulation in both the it's Dorulumon and Shoutmon X4 mode but what is really hindering it is the lack of body and missing paint aps. I do want you to know that be genital when making Shoutmon X3/4 because on my Ballistamon shoulders it has stress marks and one of my Dorulumon tail pieces have did brake already so please be note of that.
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