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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim movie scans and Kikaider crossover

pictures from TokuNation

With the summer being here soon their are new scans are starting to pop up for the new Kamen Rider Gaim movie and the main thing about this movie is that it takes place in an alternate world like the Kamen Rider Kabuto movie God Speed Love. The main telling on why that is because the charters Yuuya and Hase are in this movie (because they die in the show),one of the obvious things we see are is a Kurokage trooper leader with a Genesis Driver and Genesis Lockseed (E.L.S. 5), also their are rides in shadows (they are purple, blue, and green, so assume which fruit it might be) which might be movie exclusive riders. And this movie could first show off the Kiwami Arms before the show (which was also like the Kamen Rider Kabuto movie and may even have latter pictures with the next Kamen Ride show just like other rider movies).
Pictures from Tokunation
Gaim VS Kikaider
And another Kamen Rider Gaim crossover is also here with this time Kikaider  (from the reboot movie), this crossover will be in may and will be an 1 episode thing. My assumption is that this crossover excites is to promote the new Kikaider film coming soon (that I have not said on this blog sadly until now). But I have 1 question, in the Kamen Rider OOO's movie "Let's go Kamen Rider" it had a cameo of the original Kikaider not the new Kikaider, their will be an explication on why I am sure.
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