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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New ToQGer Scans 4-22-14 & AC Knuckles Preview

Some new ToQGer toys have been announce today thanks from Tokunation and we already see the ToQ 6 Mecha and he movie exclusive too and this years past sentai gimmick. 
First up is HD pictures of ToQ 6 Mecha called Build OH which can combine from 2 Resshas and can also combine with ToQ Oh & Diesel Oh to combine to make Cho Cho ToQ Oh (awesome name by the way) and the price is $85.00 Dollars 

We are already seeing what the Summer movie Mech will look like and it is Safarai Ga Oh which has 5 different Resshas that can transform into an Lion and a Mech and price is $95.00 Dollars.

And finally we have the Legendary Resshas which are Resshas from the older Sentai seasons but the Red Ranger Mecha is the Ressha and form a new head and body. the only ones available as of right now is from Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Goseiger and Gokaiger and they are all $17.00 Dollars.

Pictures from Tokunation
And now in some new Gaim Scans their is an Preview for AC Knuckles and he is AC PB-04 and that means he is the 4th Premium Bandai AC. OK I have a question like why are like a bunch of these Gaim AC figures are Premium Bandai Exclusives, if some one do know why then please tell me?

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