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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Digi-Action - Shoutmon X4

Leave it to Bandai of America that we the people in the U.S. to get something that Bandai of Japan did not get and this is the battle action gimmick figure that is usually in the Bandai of American line. With a lot of these Gimmick battle figures their is at lease 1 glaring problem with them and this one is no exception and to be honest I bought this guy for 3 reasons 1. it was on sale, 2. I been really wanting the Shoutmon X4 card for my Fusion Loader, and 3. I wanted to make another Youtube video (I am honest). time to take him out of his box less package and see should you buy him.

As you can see this is a new model of Shoutmon X4 and you can tell just by looking it looks incurability off, the reason on why is that the arms are way more bigger then they need to be and the same can be said for the chest to (I do want you to Google search Shoutmon X4 now to see the correct proportions on this figure) now comes to the other obvious one the sever lack of paint. it is missing paint on the Ballistamon head with just being white and not silver and his eyes are not painted in, and on the Dorulumon side he is missing the gold on his gold on his horn, and his eyes (but to be honest it makes it more show accurate since in Shoutmon X4 Dorulumon don't have eyes) and his legs is missing the gold paint on the drills and his legs and the black on the Star Sword (but I will get on why their is none on their latter). and his Star Sword that is both all red and gold and his sword is flimsy safety plastic and can bend.


The Articulation for this figure is severely limited for this figure, on his left that is angled a bit down worse his soldier and arm have a swivel (and his hand is presently left open) and on his right it has a bit of what looks like a ratchet joint on it but dose not lock in place. His waste can only move to the right and can't stay in place or turn to the left. Finally his head can turn left and right and his right shoulder pad can go up and down.


How the Gimmick works on this toy is that you take your thumb and put it on the back of the thing that makes it go back and go back and forward. And that is all! also it can glow in the dark.

He comes with his Digimon Fusion card DF-010 
Demo Video

Should you but this?
If you got some free money and really want the card then Yes go a head. This is not a perfect figure, like I said I wanted to have another video and needed that card. if you are good with paint then this might look like an great display peace. Other wise you might as well save your money because this is a pretty easy skip, but if you have kids this is good for them.
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