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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Figma Guyver set to be release this November

announce a long time ago their was going to be an Figma Bio Booster Armor the Guyver set to be release in April but their was nothing listed for buying it like Amazon, BBTS, CS toys and places like those but not it has been announce that the figure will finally be release this November. for those not knowing the Guyver is my favorite Anime of all time (I did wrote an review for it and you can see it here it was an awesome anime with it's plot, writing, I love the designs I hope if he figure sells well their could be release of the Dark Guyver, Guyver Unit 2 and may be some Zoanoids too. Also listed in this picture is Figma Terra Formers which I know nothing about and if you know let me know.

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